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A.C. Bachelor Party - dinner for 10 - 12 - private room?

Gambling, strip club (could use a recommendation here as well), steakhouse? what more could a man want? private room would be great. does not have to be at a casino. needs to be nice, and the food has to be excellent, the very best--this bachelor works at a michelin-starred manhattan restaurant. good and plentiful cocktails. does NOT have to be a steakhouse per se, but this at least seems to be the proper vibe for a group of dudes heading out for a big night. HELP!

Aug 09, 2011
tron in New Jersey

NY-PDX hounds looking for Seattle's best for NYE

thanks again to all for the recommendations and guidance. have settled on union. 6 course tasting menu. food looks great. will report.

Dec 12, 2006
tron in Pacific Northwest

NY-PDX hounds looking for Seattle's best for NYE

doing a little research myself here...

anybody know anything about Union in belltown?

Nov 29, 2006
tron in Pacific Northwest

NY-PDX hounds looking for Seattle's best for NYE

Thanks for all the responses so far!

Looks like Cremant, Cafe Juanita, and Tulio are popular choices...(Nishino will certainly not go over well with my mother, though i'll have to give that a shot sometime myself.)

Any other word on Place Pigalle, Le Gourmand or Campagne?

I know my parents have been to Canlis way back in the day, but I've never heard it called the best restaurant in Seattle. Used to know the old chef at Maximillian's and have dined well there. Forgot to mention that we are all former residents of Seattle. Looking forward to the good eats...thanks again!

Nov 29, 2006
tron in Pacific Northwest

NY-PDX hounds looking for Seattle's best for NYE

Big-time foodie family looking for the best Seattle has to offer. very familiar with the dining scene in New York and Portland, not so much in Seattle.

Looking for a memorable New Year's Eve at a fun, new restaurant featuring northwest cuisine. price not an issue. good wine, whiskey, and raw bar a plus.

restaurants we like:

in Portland:

in New York:
Blue Ribbon

Nov 28, 2006
tron in Pacific Northwest

restaurant DAN on upper west side

broadway and 69th.

japanese izakaya-type place: some sushi, some tempura, some donburi

am planning to try it myself, but was wondering what other hounds had to say about it.

looks like it would be great for lunch. good set menu? suggestions?

Oct 30, 2006
tron in Manhattan

oysters at BLT fish?

was looking at the menu for the upstairs dining room and did not see oysters (or shrimp, or chilled lobster, or...) on their menu. are these items only available downstairs?

if so, would you recommend stopping off downstairs before our reservation to have some oysters or maybe hit aquagrill of schaffer city instead?

also, recommendations for dinner upstairs?

Oct 25, 2006
tron in Manhattan

burgers, burgers everywhere burgers!

had the Telepan burger for lunch today. might only be on the lunch menu, though. $28 prix fixe. delicious. comes with a ton of house-cured pickles and great fries and onion rings.

but the burger: almost identical to the spotted pig in texture, quality, and taste. brioche bun. cheddar and bacon. definitely more of a restaurant, of course, and a bit stuffy at that? but great burger.

also, the smoked trout app (available for both lunch aand dinner) is phenomenal. would go back for that anytime.

Oct 25, 2006
tron in Manhattan

Help! German sausage needed ASAP!

where in manhattan can i get fresh German sausage?

Oct 21, 2006
tron in Manhattan

Looking for new Lonesome Dove reviews

wondering if i should keep my reservation...

it all sounds good, but the latest reviews don't look so hot. any first-hand experience?

Oct 18, 2006
tron in Manhattan

Restaurant ideas for my all-potato diet?

Potato pancakes at Zum Schneider are good, and i've heard they are at Blaue Gans as well.

Pierogi at Veselka.

The mashed potatoes at Daisy May's are wesome as are the sweet potatoes.

Love the french fries at the Spotted Pig (garlic and rosemary)

Goose fat potatoes at Strip House.

Oct 17, 2006
tron in Manhattan

wine/cheese/beer in Hell's Kitchen?

i remember walking by a wine/cheese/beer shop near port authority a week or two ago but i can't find anything on the internet about it. i think it was newly remodeled/expanded. looked nice from the outside. wondering if anyone can help me out with this. thanks.

Oct 17, 2006
tron in Manhattan

Ushi Wakamaru v. Blue Ribbon Sushi

my understanding is that these two places are of roughly the same caliber. have been to BRS, never to UW. BRS seems to have the edge on atmosphere.

looking for a quality/price breakdown and maybe an alternate suggestion in case i've missed something in the neighborhod.


Sep 26, 2006
tron in Manhattan