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Trader Joes... Please, just ring up my groceries.

I wouldn't mind the chattiness of the staff/clerks if my usual TJ's (Union Square) was a more pleasant shopping experience. It's not through any fault of the staff, but the place is always a cluster_ and after spending a half hour climbing over people and another half hour waiting on line, I just want to get the heck out of there.

I wouldn't even mind so much if they ever talked to me about my food. Maybe it's because I'm usually close to their age (mid 20s) but they're always asking me what I do for a living and where I live (Brooklyn, I have an hour commute ahead of me so please put my peppermint bark in the bag!) and what my plans are for the weekend...and it's honestly none of their business. Not to be mean, but my relationship with them should only last as long as it takes to check out in a busy place like that. They're not my hairdresser.

Dec 17, 2007
indiemaven in Chains

Rec for Veg Mom - Union Squareish

Thanks for all the great recs - I think we'll probably hit either Republic or Galaxy Global.

Nov 30, 2007
indiemaven in Manhattan

Rec for Veg Mom - Union Squareish

Meeting my mom for dinner on Friday (on the early side, 5:30ish)- I'm down at NYU, she'll be around 24th Street. She's vegetarian, I'm mostly veg, and we need a place that will have a final bill of $60 for both of us, tops. Anything yummy, preferably healthyish?

Nov 27, 2007
indiemaven in Manhattan

Near NYU Cheap Healthy Lunches

He's all over this board, but I'd like to recommend the Dosa Man (he has a stand on Washington Square South near MacDougal) for great cheap Indian. Little Atlas is also great for salads and sandwiches for reasonable prices (W. 4th between Broadway and Mercer).

Aug 22, 2007
indiemaven in Manhattan

Crown/Prospect Heights suggestions

Hi -

I'm moving to the Crown Heights/Prospect Heights neighborhood (for reference, I'm moving about 5 blocks north of the Brooklyn Museum - St. Marks and Classon).

I'm vegetarian and relatively low-budget. What's good in the neighborhood? Any halfway decent groceries (I'll be getting a bike, so this is not a huge issue)? I like all types of food, so local ethnic is great too.


Mar 27, 2007
indiemaven in Outer Boroughs

Quick lunch, take out or delivery around the Washington Square area

Dosa Man! Washington Square South, closer to the West.

Oct 04, 2006
indiemaven in Manhattan

Saving the BEST bite of food for last ?

For Belgian waffles, my plan of attack is to syrup one-quarter at a time (then eat that quarter) in order to reduce soggyness.

Oct 03, 2006
indiemaven in Not About Food

Vegetable Teriyaki

Anyone know of a place that has this? East Village area preferable. I am a hungry vegetarian craving great veggie teriyaki!

Sep 26, 2006
indiemaven in Manhattan