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The most vegetarian-friendly restaurants on The Strip?

Any kind of cuisine is fine (I just confirmed this with the guest of honor). As far as atmosphere/price, I'm hoping to find something nice enough to keep the hordes of drunken frat boys and sorority girls at bay but not so nice that a suit and tie are an absolute must. Does that help at all?

Nov 02, 2006
misterdoog in Southwest

The most vegetarian-friendly restaurants on The Strip?

Can anyone recommend Las Vegas restaurants that would be good for a mix of vegetarians and carnivores? I'm looking for someplace relatively subdued in atmosphere, where it's not hard for a group of 7 people to have relaxed conversation. Thanks!

Nov 01, 2006
misterdoog in Southwest

Indian food on or near Capitol Hill (Seattle)

I've enjoyed India Express many times in the past, but since the new owners took over I've been somewhat disappointed. What do people consider the best Indian food on or near Capitol Hill? Thanks for your help!

Oct 18, 2006
misterdoog in Pacific Northwest

Birthday dinner in Vegas

I could use some help finding a good restaurant for my sister's 30th birthday dinner. Here are the relevant details:

Date is Saturday, November 11th
7 adults total (parents, siblings, and spouse of the honored guest)
10:30 pm seating (one sibling gets off work at 10:00 pm)
Strip location preferred but not essential
Decent vegetarian options required (honored guest is a veg-head)
Upscale but not stuffy or pretentious

Any suggestions? (Thanks in advance for your help!)

Sep 26, 2006
misterdoog in Southwest