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downtown foodies- but with extended family: Decca 77, Beaver Hall, Dominion?

thanks for the info; I now see the Dominion website says 18+. I never know if a place is restaurant with bar license or bar with food license- and hence whether kids are allowed. I know we have gone to pubs on Bishop St with kids before- are kids allowed in pubs generally?

downtown foodies- but with extended family: Decca 77, Beaver Hall, Dominion?

Hey All,

I visit Montreal several times per year and look forward to the food- we are big fans of Osteria Venti, Liverpool House, and Quartier Gneral to give an idea of our tastes. This time though, the inlaws (i.e, old and potentially cranky), and a 15 year old (fairly adventurous) will be joining us Saturday night. Trying to figure out a downtown dinner- quality food but choice for the diversity within our group. Thinking of the Dominion S. tavern or Beaver Hall or Decca 77 (Braserie) for the location, menu and price points (haven't been to any of these but seem to have reasonable reviews and menus). Or maybe put everyone in taxis and head to Holder? I welcome any input, opinions, please!


VISITING BOSTON? One Hound’s Guide to Historic Areas and Restaurants

Wow, that description of Aquitaine sounds fantastic- the exact type of experience I am after!

Aug 24, 2012
weinerdog in Greater Boston Area

VISITING BOSTON? One Hound’s Guide to Historic Areas and Restaurants

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. What a great resort for visitors- like us! In reading other sources (TripAdvisor, Yelp) , I have seen reference to La Voile as a great French resto, which I noticed is not on your list. Any thoughts about this place? We are thinking of French Bistro style for one night of our upcoming visit- we were thinking Aquitane based on your post (also convenient because we will be staying in the South End area), but now wondering about La Voile ? Cheers.

Aug 23, 2012
weinerdog in Greater Boston Area




Wondering what some current recommended Chinatown spots are. We have enjoyed some Concordia area resto's from these boards (Cuisine Schezuan, Q.H. Dumplings) but this time I will be at a conference by Chinatown so looking for a quick walk with a group for looking for variety including tofu options to please a crowd.

In Quebec City for our anniversary, looking for some resturant recommendations!

So many choices in Quebec...I also am a fan of L'Echaude although note that it is more of a Parisian Bistro setting- can be loud, classic dishes rather than inventive- but solid. I find it is one of the few places in that area that actually seem to have locals eating there and not just tourists. Not so sure it is "romantic". Pain Beni is much smaller and more intimate, but 100% tourists and we found the service lacking (but may have been a bad night). Toast and Cafe du Clocher Penche are at a higher level in terms of creativity and local ingredients and would definitely be "special occasion" dinners. I would go as far as putting Clocher Penche up against any restaurant, anywhere. More casual- Le Hobbitt is also very good (and outside the walls but a nice walk). Enjoy!

400 coups or Liverpool House

Hi all,

Having an anniversary meal out next week and have been wanting to visit both Liverpool House and 400 Coups (and they both have a reservation available for our night). Any input on comparing these two choices ? (enjoyed Salle a Manger, Le Comptoir and Osteria Venti last time in town if that gives any reference to our tastes). Any input is appreciated.

Spring Trip to Montreal - Suggestions?

Personally when I am in Montreal I like to spend at least one of my nights at a local neighborhood BYOW establishment. I love to stroll the neighborhood streets of the Plateau area and then enter what looks like an apartment or corner store- and have a nice meal for a reasonable price, bringing along your own wine. We have had great evenings at La Colombe, Quartier Generale, and Les Heritiers. Might want to give them a search- they, in my mind, are very "Montreal". I would also travel many miles for the hangar steak at Holder in old Montreal.

Garde Manger, Au Cinquieme Peche, Le Bleu Raisin, or DNA?

I will add my comments to the chorus of negative Garde Manger experiences, had during a recent weekend in Montreal. Mediocre food at a very - very high price. All wines come from private brokers- which means you will likely not recognize any- or know that they are charging 75$ for a 20$ bottle. We were so looking forward to going there and left so disappointed- and $250 poorer. THe next night we went to Quartier Generale, BYOW, and for approximately 40$ per person had an amazing evening.

French Onion Soup?

Thanks for the link; M sur Masson perhaps. And yes I do make french onion soup at home- actually I would put my version (combination of Julia Childs and Delia Smith's) up against anyone's! But when I travel with my daughter, it is a dish that she readily likes and if I can find a resto that has it, and allows me to sample steak frites or duck confit, then everyone is happy.

French Onion Soup?

OK, so not everyone shares the love for French Onion soup I know. But it certainly makes my family happy, which allows me to enjoy a night out! Last time in town we went to Holder and I loved the hanger steak and the soup kept my daughter busy. But now the menu on the Holder website shows no french onion soup! So I ask of the Chowhounds, any recommendations for french onion soup for the family? Please help!

Quartier General?

Anyone been? I'd be interested in some CH reviews (Saw the Mirror and Voir ones). IS it still a popular place?

Need dinner/ brunch recs for weekend with McGill student

If they are typical students, they might be up for some familiar food- like pizza- then Amelio's in the "student ghetto" area is a must. A depaneur across the street, so you can purchase some beers to bring in with you. Then take them to Romados (Rachel Street) for some take out chicken and fries- they should really know about this place if they don't! If they are adventurous at all, bring them down to the Concordia area- Cuisine Schezuan has a great lunch special : see Avoid Prince Arthur; search previous posts on BYOW if you want to treat them- but you will be looking in the 25-45$ per person range for the better ones.

201 Rue Milton, Montreal, QC H2X1V5, CA

au petit extra- anyone with recent experience? Alternatives?

Sorry- for some reason I though AU Petit Extra was a BYOW- not that it matters that much. I have also read positive reviews of O'thym- which i do believe is in thesame area and is a BYOW- and see a new one Quartier General shows up in the new resto thread. Any reviews/feedback re: these places?


Dinner in Quebec...which one?

Last visit went to Le Clocher Penche in St Roch area- about a 20 minute walk from the lower port. By far the best meal we've had in Quebec; superb but limited menu. Can't wait to go back, it's worth the trip out of the old town. Also enjoyed the Hobbitt- much lower scale-and cheaper- but a great meal for the price. Let's face it- a mediocre restaurant in Quebec city is like a very good restaurant most places!

au petit extra- anyone with recent experience? Alternatives?

Hi all,

Am looking forward to an upcoming trip to Montreal. In the past ( I visit 2-3 times per year), we have hit the plateau BYOW establishments, loving the neighborhood, independent feel of places like La Colombe, Les Heritiers, and the Petit Plateau. A friend recommended Au Petit Extra- but then said it was several years ago that they were there! Any recent reviews or feedback to share? I'd love to hear from some CH's who have been recently. Or are there other neighborhood style quality places we should be considering?


Cambridge/Somerville report- thanks ChowHounds

Greetings all,

I had posted a while back looking for recommendations- we were staying in Cambridge, going to a fairly early show at the Somerville Theatre (Nick Lowe- amazing show and what a beautiful theater; I hope people realize how lucky they are to have such a beautiful theater being preserved). Following recommendations we booked a table at the Bar at Gargoyles. First let me say how much we liked the vibe of the Davis Square area. Having visited Boston several times, I had never ventured into Somerville- and we were really taken with the positive feel of the area. Ditto for Gargoyles. The service was the best we had anywhere on our trip- knowledgeable, honest, friendly- but without being annoying. The atmosphere was warm and lively- but I don't get that back dining room- rather stale and convention center like. The food was great although again the bar vs dining room menu seems odd to me. I had a "buffalo duck" off the bar menu- amazing, although I wish it had been served with some home made fries instead of soup- which seemed an odd paring to me. This was in the $10 range- a tremendous value. My wife had the duck confit off the dining room menu- for $25, and about the same amount of food. I do think they would be better with one consolidated menu that was consistent in pricing. Also found some of the main courses just too big- the Osso Buco was great, but no need for all that pasta for example. Oh- and as recomended on CH we started with a pick plate- perfectly excecuted and that truffle honey......mmmmm. Cocktails were right-on as well. Overall a great spot and start to the night. Tried to check out the Foundry for a drink after the show, but far too crowded with young "beautiful people" and no signs of enough serving staff to keep up.

The next night in Cambridge we ventured by Hungry Mother but the atmosphere and menu didn't appeal to everyone, so we opted instead to go to the Blue Room. Nice place, more straightforward cooking than Gargoyles. The Lamb, skirt steak, arctic char, and roast chicken were all winners, although the steak was served with polenta and brussell sprouts--when it was crying out for french style frites and some green beans. The only let down was the service- nice enough guy, but completely incompetent. When asked about some unfamiliar ingredients on the cocktail menu- "I'm not sure" was the answer. When asked about menu items, the same reply. Not his fault perhaps- but a restaurant at this price point should not be putting untrained staff on the floor on a Saturday night. But with enogh wine and the comfort of good food, we had a great time.

Later that night we dropped by the Hungry Mother- as it was open late and we thought we should try a snack perhaps. We found the atmosphere rather discomforting- an overly well lit space, a few people at the bar, an overall weird vibe. This wasn't helped by the waitress who was borderline Aspergers I would say- very odd mannerisms. This was topped by another server who delivered one of the plates in a most awkward fashion, announcing the dish as he arrived. Weird.....We had a few "late night savory" items, none of which were really any good. An absolutely over salted and spiced homemade sausage was terrible; deep fried chicken skin- as decadent as that sounds- was bland. A chocolate cream pot dessert was also very lackluster. Maybe it was an off night, but couldn't see what the hype was about....

Anyhow that was our trip. If I lived in that area I would be a regular at Gargoyles and the Somerville theater for sure! Also enjoyed the feel at Atwoods- great scotch, beer and wine selection for a hole-in-the-wall bar. Great service there too. Cheers.

Hungry Mother
Cambridge, MA, Cambridge, MA

The Blue Room
Hampshire and Portland streets, Cambridge, MA 02139

Oct 22, 2010
weinerdog in Greater Boston Area

Cambridge low key recommendations? Best Pub food perhaps...

Wow- thanks again for all the suggestions! I have posted on other boards before when traveling but never have I seen such great- and informed- response. Cheers to Boston! Just found out I have to return to Boston again in early November so will definitely check out more than 1 of these rec's!

Sep 08, 2010
weinerdog in Greater Boston Area

Cambridge low key recommendations? Best Pub food perhaps...

Thanks so much for all the suggestions- I really appreciate it! I had read about Highland kitchen and was thinking about that...I don't mind a 20 minute walk- so long as it's safe! Otherwise I like the sounds of the repeated rec's for Russell House, Lord Hobo, and Cambridge Commons. We will be at the marriott- the one closet to the bridge and right on the t-stop we can walk, eat, and then train it, or train it and eat closer to theatre. Either way...And I see the rec of Joe Sent me says it is within walking distance- haven't read much about that place or Gargoles?


Cambridge Common
1667 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

Lord Hobo
92 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 02141

Sep 07, 2010
weinerdog in Greater Boston Area

Cambridge low key recommendations? Best Pub food perhaps...

Hi all,

Am looking forward to an upcoming weekend trip to Boston (October). We are staying in Cambridge (just because of hotel prices!), and will be catching the train for a 7:30 Friday concert at the Sommerville THeatre, so.....looking for something fairly low key that we can get in early- and out in a couple of hours- but still want to eat well. Was thinking maybe gastro-pub or fresh creative eateries? Any suggestions- best pub food or other ideas? Cheers!

Aug 29, 2010
weinerdog in Greater Boston Area

any recommended restaurants in OTTAWA?

Bekta is probably the most consistent- innovative yet not over the top or pretentious- choice.

Not cheap but worth it; balance that out by saving money on shawarma- Marroush, 309 Elgin St- down the stairs- often referred to as the Shawarma Nazi (after Seinfeld's soup nazi); Pho is also very good and cheap in Ottawa- many places on Somerset- the Vietnam Palace is a little nicer than most- and no MSG.

Vietnam Palace
819 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R6R4, CA

Best thai and pub food rec's? Anyone?...

Thanks everyone! I have posted on other boards before and never had such fast and detailed responses. It is much appreciated. I'll let you know how it all turns out...still a few weeks before the trip.... Cheers

Best thai and pub food rec's? Anyone?...

OK a weird combination I know. I am actually looking for recommendations for 2 different nights. I am not familiar with Toronto at all and will be staying in the Entertainment district without a car. I was thinking one night of Thai, one night of beer and pub food- as in seriously well executed pub food not processed or greasy (more gastro-pub style or market type menu). Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Cheers all.

the single best restaurant in Quebec City

I have posted before about L'Echaude as I love it, but I should qualify that this is a Bistro- not necessarily Haut cuisine or overly inventive...just solid bistro fare. I love their onglet...and that is why I go. Toast is at another level- perhaps one of the best meals I have had...much more inventive, smaller plates, a dining experience. But I return again and again to L'Echaude; having been to Toast once was enough. So it depends what you are looking for...a Paris style simple Bistro done right or a special night- best to do both ! You say the most "memorable"- that would definitely be Toast; the most authentic simple Bistro- that would be L'Echaude.

PS if you are there longer, I recently went to a neighborhood resto just outside the walls on St Jean called Le Hobbit. Much cheaper and better than 99% of the resto's in the old town. I had a duck confit for 19$ that was perfection; the best french onion soup at 7$ as well. A true neighborhood gem!

3 days with family- Chinese, thin crust pizza, and Bistro requests?!

Thanks for all the input so far; when I was in Montreal a few months back I actually had lunch at Cuisine Szechuan (based on Chowhound comments) and loved it- also went to Oui & Oui which was equally good but a little less friendly service. This time we will likely be meeting up with another family who are not as adventurous so probably need a menu with Cantonese options. As for pizza, love to see the Amelio's did I spend a lot of time there as a student! Used to love the eggplant that made the pizza a gooey mess...but alas my family now prefers a super thin crust with no goeyness.

And what about Bistros with steak (preferably hanger) for me, and a french onion soup or pasta for my daughter?

3 days with family- Chinese, thin crust pizza, and Bistro requests?!

Hey all - will be in Montreal for 3 days over the holidays. It's been a while since I lived there, and will be traveling with a 11-year old vegetarian (a well behaved restaurant savvy one!). We were thinking, thin crust European style pizza, Chinese (for a crispy tofu) and then maybe a bistro (OK- that one is more for me...mmmm steak frites..., but a simple pasta or even French Onion soup will please my daughter- she's Ok with the nonvegetarian stock so long as it isn't too dark). So....any suggestions? We will be staying at the newer Hilton on Sherbrooke (around Park I think?) and would prefer to walk or a short cab ride.

Based on other threads, we were thinking....
Pizza- Prato on St Laurant
Chinese- Kam Fung or Ruby Rouge?
Bistro- Holder

Any and all input is highly appreciated. And do you think any places will be open/closed on December 26th when we arrive?


Quebec report

Greetings all interested Chowhounds...

I have posted before about Quebec City and know there are not that many responses garnered from local foodies (an issue discussed on other posts I know), so I thought I would give a brief report about our 2 nights in Quebec City last week (Nov 12/13).

First stop- L'Echaude in lower town. I am biased here, as this is my favorite bistro and one I try to visit whenever in town. And there is one reason- french style steak frites. To me, this is not a charbroiled sirloin or tenderloin (both of which ARE on the menu BTW), but a french style onglet or hanger steak- or something close, pan fried with butter and shallots served with homemade fries. Mmmmmm and L'Echaude delivers just that. Incidentally- I was tipped off last year- this cut of meat is NOT on the English menu! You have to ask. It is actually the least expensive steak dish there and heavenly! My companions had a lovely black cod in snail stew and a scallop salad. A nice California Cab (The Show) rounded things off nicely. Excellent service and warm atmosphere- love it!

Night 2 we thought we would leave the confines of the old town, and go not -so- upscale. We ended up on St Jean street, about 10 minute walk from the walls of vieux Quebec at a little neighborhood bistro called Le Hobbit. And boy, what a find. Wonderful atmosphere (Bordering the gay village- or at least the closest there seemed to be to such a place) and the clientele appeared far more local than tourists. Still, the waiter was incredibly welcoming and gracious in his menu translations. The prices were very reasonable (dinner for 2 with several drinks came in at 100$), and the food was superb. Probably the best french onion soup ever, and a wonderful sweet bread and artichoke salad to start. This was followed by an amazing duck confit- with the most delicious and decadent potato gratin. Simple- no overpowering flavours that did not belong- just perfectly prepared duck and potatoes. Mmmm. Also sampled were the Elk skirt which was surprisingly mild and flavorful anda wonderful duck stuffed pasta. I will definitely be back and would encourage anyone in the area to drop by for a meal. Far better value and quality than other places we have visited in the past in the more touristy areas.

And to close off the night, we even saw a Zombie walk on the way home- freaky!

le Hobbitt, Quebec??

Anyone been to Le Hobbitt in Quebec City? Noticed quite a few positive comments on Tripadvisor, but haven't always had good luck with their recommended restaurants. Will be in town for a few days and looking for at least one reasonably priced night - but still want quality. This one sounds interesting...anybody been?


Le cercle, Quebec?

what about Le Hobbit? Anyone been?