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COSTCO slab cakes - yes or no for kid's b'day party

Thanks for all your replies, I think I will save the costco cake for another not so important occasion :)

COSTCO slab cakes - yes or no for kid's b'day party

Any comments on the good or bad side is appreciated

First Birthday Cake from Scarborough

I would like to order a simple slab cake - Francesca, Gerhards or BonaVia - who should I go with and what flavours? Any opinions from people who have ordered from the places above is much appreciated.

Mikasa glassware in GTA?

that closed down last winter.

Indian/Srilankan grocery stores in Ajax,Whitby

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but Iam desperate. I googled, searched on the indian, Srilankan webistes but no results. I have to go to Scarborough to get groceries. Iam not looking for either the place to be cheap or bigger. Just some place nearer to home where I can buy Methi or Mustard or some vegetable if I have to.

Iam aware of this one, but they dont carry most indian spices.
Alhamzah Grocers & Halal Meat
32 Church Street South, Ajax, ON L1S 6B3
(905) 683-6309

Any suggestions??? Help would be much appreciated.

HELP! Need to locate BUFFET resaturants in TORONTO!!

Mainly looking for Italian, or anything with atleast a few veg options as Iam one, I'll check out the links, thanks...

Coming to TO this weekend, need food itinerary

There's seperate thread on the food & wine show and the consensus seems to be to NOT go...check out the thread

HELP! Need to locate BUFFET resaturants in TORONTO!!

Yep, Been wondering about that myself as Iam new to the city and staying here for good...other than Indian and Chinese are there any worthwhile buffets or market place kind of restaurants where there are food stations?

Marcello's St.Clair & Dufferin - Is there a website?

Duh! thanks for pointing that out...I didnt have my coffe yet when I posted that :)

Marcello's St.Clair & Dufferin - Is there a website?

I googled for Marcello's with the following terms and didn't come across a valid website, only references in other sites. Does anyone know the url for the website?

Marcello's St.Clair
Marcello's Pizzeria toronto
Marcello's Pizzeria Ltd

Found this but its the chain found around downtown -

Bangkok Garden re-opening...finally!

whats the price point like?

Reasonable Italian in GTA (with good vegetarian options)

Iam looking for a good and reasonable Italian restaurant in the GTA. With Mains in the $10 ~ $20 range. Specifically looking for great eggplant parm...Location not a problem, Ambiance not an issue, good food is.

I live in mississauga and checked the discussions on chowhound. Is Via-Allegro the only good one in the area?

Awaiting chowhound's responses...

Dessert in Mississauga area?

Iam new to Mississauga and I've been to Britannia Italian Bakery, La Sem, The Apricot Tree. You have mentioned other worthwhile places, can you give me their names & locations. Thanks...

Best Grocery Stores In TO . . . . Where do you shop?


Iam new to mississauga and very enjoy living here. Wos wonderingw whether you could post the names/address/url of the good italian and portugese bakeries in 'sauga that you have mentioned in your post above. I found a few of them in some other topics at chowhound let me know how they fare. I would appreciate your help very much.

The Apricot Tree in Sherwood Forest
Perugina on Renforth South of Eglinton.
Molisana Creditview S of Eglinton.
Britannia Italian Bakery
La Sem
Nova bakery...Cawthra & Burnamthorpe (South East Corner)