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I was so excited tonight to get a flyer in the mail today, from Mission Wine and Spirits. I seldom go there. It just seemed that they had so many spirits in their mailer that I immediately decided to call to see if the had my favorite, hard to find, Tequila Ocho. Fully expecting to be disappointed, I was so very excited when the gentleman said that he had both Plata and Reposada '2009'. Yes!!!
I used to wait for a family member to bring it up from Costa Mesa.
If you haven't tried this tequila (for sipping, not shooting), you should. Each year comes from a different field and the tequila has a different taste. So, if you get the chance, have a tasting to compare different years.

May 24, 2011
Margoe in Spirits


Tequila Ocho is for sipping, like a fine cognac. Enjoy it straight up. It is a single estate tequila, each year comes from a different field and you can taste the difference. If you are in for the tasting, try comparing different years. I am excited tonight since I have finally found it at my local fine spirits store, here in Pasadena. It is not easy to find.

May 24, 2011
Margoe in Spirits

Is Marcella Hazan's green lasagne bolognese worth it?

To all of you Bolognese fans....I have a pot cooking on the stove right now, waiting, waiting for the wine to cook down. I use Hazan's recipe. ( I have been making it for decades, from my first Italian cookbook, a present from Mom for Christmas). I love this book and it is being held together by tape. I am making 5 recipe batch. I found this post, while looking for some guidance on adjusting the amount of butter, oil, wine and milk for this large amount. It takes forever to cook down the liquid. I am sure that some educated cook out there, knows the 'formula' for adjusting recipes that are 4 to 5 times bigger than originally written. By the way, I do 'cheat' on this lasagna. I don't make the pasta, I use Trader Joe's no boil. I also put spinach in it, most times fresh, sometimes thawed frozen. I always get rave reviews...even from the step son who never liked lasagna. Maybe one day, I will be brave enough to try the homemade spinach pasta.

Apr 26, 2011
Margoe in Home Cooking