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Saturday Night/Sunday Lunch Lyon Suggestions?

Hi All,

I am traveling to Lyon in about a month with my girlfriend, her father, and her twin sister. We are only there for a weekend, and are looking for a restaurant rec. for Saturday Night and Sunday Lunch. We don't have the money or inclination to go for Bocuse or Auberge d'Ile; we are looking more along the lines of Daniel et Denise, Le Splendid, etc.

Suggestions for either meal? I've heard very good things about the two mentioned above, plus some traditional bouchons, but I'd appreciate the assistance!


Apr 05, 2013
jfried11 in France

al-Mayass opening date?

I just found out that al-Mayass––a Lebanese-Armenian restaurant from Kuwait and Beirut–– is opening a branch in New York?

This restaurant was the best meal I had in a restaurant in all of Beirut; anyone know when it is opening?


Dec 01, 2010
jfried11 in Manhattan

Oasis Grill Providence- Thoughts?

Has anyone been to Oasis Grill in Providence? I've heard some very very positive things, but I'd love some chowhound confirmation.

Menu looks good, owned by palestinians.

Any thoughts?

Nov 09, 2010
jfried11 in Southern New England

Dinner Suggestion In Providence?

Hey all,

I'm looking for a dinner suggestion for three people in providence for Thursday night. I've lived in providence for 3 years at this point, and I was hoping for a suggestion other than the standards. Reasonably priced would be a major plus.

Any ideas?

Nov 07, 2010
jfried11 in Southern New England

Florence Restaurants

My girlfriend and I are traveling to Florence for about a week in a month or so. I've been to Rome quite a bit, but never to Florence, and I have no idea where to start looking for restaurants. I was hoping for some suggestions on mid-level restaurants or hidden gems for dinner or lunch, as well as one higher scale restaurant (her birthday while we are still in the city).

Mar 07, 2010
jfried11 in Italy

Good Fish and Chips in Providence Area?

Amazing advice! Thanks everyone, can't wait to try these things out.

Feb 04, 2010
jfried11 in Southern New England

Good Fish and Chips in Providence Area?

Does anyone have any idea of a place to get good fish and chips somewhere in or around Providence? Thanks!

Feb 01, 2010
jfried11 in Southern New England

Best Breakfast in Providence (or close by) RI

Olga's Cup and Saucer. Spectacular bakery, delicious breakfast.

Julian's is also wonderful.
If you want fairly traditional, try Brickway on Wickeden st.

Jan 31, 2010
jfried11 in Southern New England