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Fleur de lys previous location?

does anyone know if fleur de lys has always been in that location in sf?? I was curious to see if they were in a different location before the fire

where to eat tonight in the outer sunset

Definitely Ming's for Chinese food, Win's for noodle soups, Parkside for cheap but good set American, Italian dinners

where to go for oysters tonite??

I never get out early enough for $1 happy hour oyster deals. Any suggestions on where I can go tonite for decent oysters around 8pm or so in SF??

Going to Yummy Yummy (SF) Tonight

You will love the raw beef salad if you like roasted garlic!! I order that dish everytime

Napa wineries with chardonnays with heavy malolactic fermentation, as well as good pinots.

Definitely Rombauer if you are looking for that buttery taste. Cakebread also makes some nice wines. The Reserve chard should fit the bill

San Tung - Inner Sunset - Report

I was there last nite too. Believe it or not, it was fairly slow last nite. I think they tend to forget the people in the room in the back. Imagine if it had been busier last nite. I have been here quite a few times. Lately, they have been inconsistent with their hot and sour soup. Sometimes, too sour or not hot enough. Their signature dish Dried Fried Chicken wings are always good enough to bring me back.
I tried the black bean sauced dry noodles on recommendation of our waiter. It was bland & way too saucy. Almost made it into a soup. Their food is overall good but their popularity over the years have caused the service & dish consistency to suffer

Oakland - Taylor's Sausage – home-made pork cracklings & the prettiest spareribs

I love this place. We always try to pick boudin sausages for our bbqs. Our friend from Louisana told us that it was pretty good even if it is slightly different from ones back home.

Cutlet House on Taraval in SF?

Depends which ABC you are talking about. I like the mac soup in chinatown's ABC but haven't been there in years. Bigger bowl & very flavorful soup. Don't even know if it is the same owners now. The meat Cutlet uses in their mac soup is sometimes overcooked

Cutlet House on Taraval in SF?

Sometimes you just feel like having some HK style comfort food. Where else can you get macaroni in soup,peanut butter/condensed milk sandwich and cheese meat fries. Weird sounding combinations but for some reason some of these work. All goes to the same place, right?

PPQ versus Yummy Yummy

I know what you mean Benny! All the servers know exactly what I order every time (Raw Beef Salad & Beef Stew noodle soup) & exactly how I like it (More Beef, please!) I don't have to even say anything..

Anyone eaten recently at Da Hukilau

The Hawaiian food is ok here but I like the atmosphere & decent sized portions. You'll see alot of young asians chowing down here. Used to be more fun when they had the bartender that does flair bartending. So fun to watch him light the bottles up & fling them around. Be prepared to wait in line if you come during dinner time on the weekend

Moyashi Ramen @ Taraval Okazu Ya in San Francisco

I agree with the comments made about the ramen at Taraval Okazu Ya. I've had more flavor from msg packets in Top Ramen. Occasionally, I like to go there for fish cooked on a sizzling platter. That was the dish that made them popular. Some of the sushi is ok if you don't eat the rice. Rice is hard & chewy...

PPQ versus Yummy Yummy

Both have crab but different. Both good in their own way. I think PPQ has the best Five spice chicken in SF and Yummy Yummy has the best raw beef salad. I go to both depending on my mood.