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Cuisine Gourmet R.I.P.?

I think Dusty08 means Monas for the kitchen store near Waxman's.
Personally, I'm not going to shed a tear for CG. Salesgirls who would be better off working at MAC's, some pushy coffee-capsule sales guy insisting that I buy his product, etc., just made any trip there unenjoyable.

Urban farming

Yeah, so it's big in the news, and every US city seems to have chickens galore. So I was wondering, naturally, if there's a bylaw against it in Montreal.

Easy Pancetta

I put the skin in a 250F oven, slow cook it, and then cut it up and give as treats to the dog. She likes it.

May 04, 2009
rillettes in Recipes

Looking For A Burger Like Mondo Frites

I think the Third-Worldification of St-Laurent had more to do with Mondo Frites' demise than anything else.
Over a year of torn-up pavement and sidewalk can play havoc with a business.

Favorite delivery for Mcgill/Lower Plateau area?

Yeah, Bardeco makes good dirty pie (mmm, rosemary), but i find it's not as good as a few years ago.
I was always happy with Allo Inde. I'm pretty sure they deliver to Lower Plateau.
Oh, and Three Amigos for those days that you really hate yourself and feel that you deserve punishment.

Local source for tarbais beans?

Atwater market, the little butcher that sells mostly duck and duck accessories. :)
Between the sausage mongers and the organic butchers. Sorry, can't remember the name of the place.
I got mine there when I last made cassoulet.

restaurants with high chairs

Byblos, on Laurier and Fabre (?). They even have a huge toy chest.

Soda CO2 Cartridges in Montreal

If this is for those personal foaming/whipping cream containers, I get mine at Monas. If, however, I'm feeling expansive, I can get them at Tuileries.

Preserved lemons in the Plateau?

I made a batch last year, from about 12 lemons.
Over a year later, they're still in a back room, and I have no idea how I'm going to go through them all.
However, if you care to wait 6 months, they're quite easy to make. I'm sure there's a recipe in the home cooking section of this board.

Fabulous & Casual Brunch

Senzala is west of St-Laurent. But it's a great suggestion.
They also have another location, on de la Roche, by Parc Lafontaine.

Churros in Montreal

Tapeo on Villeray. With the sauce.

Good Montreal (Downtown) Butcher ... ?

They'll also smoke your homemade charcuterie, if you ask. I haven't gotten around to making anything that needs to be smoked, but will definitely head there if ever I do.
I ordered some sausage lining from them a couple months ago, expecting about 30 feet of it. I ended up with about 100 metres of the stuff, for about $10. It's packed in salt in the freezer, and I cut some off whenever I make sausages. I doubt I'll ever need to buy lining again.

Restaurant Openings - 2008

There are *good* Mike Myers movies?
But, oooo, fish & chips in the 'hood? That makes me happy.

Restaurant Openings - 2008

Which is probably why she wrote "our new *favourite* spot."
Regardless, I'll be interested in checking it out.


Don't be hatin' on 3 Amigos. I eat there whenever I need to lose weight, because I'm sure I'll be spending the next week on the t-bowl, losing my insides due to their questionable sanitation practises.

Cafe Pi?

Good, fair-trade organic coffee. Free wifi. I've only been once, didn't play chess, but it doesn't seem like a insular place, so your son should probably not have any trouble finding a game.


Does anyone know where I can procure food-friendly chemicals? There's an mg technique I want to try out, but it requires alginate and sodium citrate. I've found xanthum gum at Loblaws (great for thickening sauce for wheat-free diets), but none of this other stuff.


You can buy simul-absinthe at the SAQ, but they don't contain wormwood.
You can always pick up wormwood at a health-food store and steep it in the absinthe, however, but do you really want to?

Bento boxes

I bought mine, the Zojirushi Mr. Bento (or however it's spelled) at the Korean grocery store on Ste-Catherine, near St-Marc.
However, it wasn't inexpensive. I think they sell other models for less.

Maison Kam Fung Report

Really? We were there only a few weeks ago.

Maison Kam Fung Report

Oh, never mind. I just read that it went up in flames. Shame, really.

Maison Kam Fung Report

There is, in fact, a place to go to for dim sum in Burlington. It's at the Five Spice Café, on Church Street.
Before I became a slave to Smokejacks, I always made it a point to go to Five Spice. However, it *has* been over 5 years since my last visit (to 5 spice), so call ahead. Also, if you do go, bring a sweater. It's a tad chilly there.

Olympic Restaurant, near Biodome

> The décor is hilarious though. We had more fun posing for pictures of each other than eating the lacklustre food.

Yup, that's the whole point. Good times, lousy food. However, that's as far as I will go.

Olympic Restaurant, near Biodome

There's a science museum in Montreal?
What about the Kon-Tiki resto on Sherbrooke, near Viau? You know, where the drinks come in coconut shells, topped with tiny umbrellas?

Restaurant Closures - 2008

Something that hasn't been mentioned, but what I always thought was a cool, understated touch, was that there was a rail outside the resto where you could leash your dog (if you dared), along with a water bowl for the pooch.

Restaurant Closures - 2008

I went there a couple years ago, along with blork, on a company function.
I was struck by how well the dishes were prepared, but also that, gosh, there were a whole lot of older folks gumming their food.
I guess the clientele never changed. I've never been back, but now wish that I had.

Restaurant Openings - 2008

That's unfortunate. Le Convivial was always one of those places that I wanted to try out, but never made it.

Piri Piri

Update: Found some Peri-Peri sauce at Douceurs du Marché yesterday. At $8 for a Tabasco-sized bottle format, it's a bit expensive, but there you go.
It's from a company called Galito's, and comes in your choice of spiciness.

Piri Piri

Much obliged! Didn't think of expanding the search for Portuguese.

Piri Piri

Hello, does anyone know if I can find either the spice or the sauce in town? I was thinking of trying to replicate some Portuguese grilled chicken at home.