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Thanksgiving in Plymouth

We thought it would be fun to spend thanksgiving in Plymouth. Any suggestions for where to get a delicious Thanksgiving meal that won't be too pricey?


Oct 04, 2008
hosik in All New England Archive

Kenyan restaurants in the region?

It's definitely worth trying. Very different from types of African cuisine typically available in DC (e.g. Ghanian, Ethiopian). Kenyan food has a lot of Indian influence (from the British colonial days) and stews. I'm no expert though -- but I would recommend giving it a try.

Kenyan restaurants in the region?

There's a kenyan restaurant in Petworth area:

Safari DC
4306 Georgia Ave NW, Washington - (202) 722-7701

It's pretty good. Of course, they have ugali etc...

Tart Frozen Yogurt Wars Have Begun in DC

This tart yogurt is originally from Korea. I went to Annandale this past weekend to try the Korean version (You can get it at Shilla Bakery ... but I'm sure many other dessert places around Annandale will serve the tart froyo) and I think they have a much better balance of the sweet vs tangy taste compared to the ones in the city.

What to order at Tallula?

I'll be going to Tallula tonight -- any suggestions about things to order?

I've heard that the highlights are the small dishes -- is this true?

Thanks so much in advance!

Kai in the City -- Wellington

I've been reading a lot of good reviews about eating delicious native New Zealand food at Kai -- is this true or a tourist trap?


Feb 24, 2008
hosik in Australia/New Zealand

What to order at Kaz?

I'll be going to Kaz in a few days for dinner and wondering what I should order. I've read mixed reviews on this board, so I want to make sure I order the good stuff.


Lunch at Restaurant Eve worthwhile?

I'm dying to try Restaurant Eve, but I can't afford the tasting menu or dinner. Is it worth it to try their lunch bistro menu? If so, any suggestions?


New Ethiopian Restaurant in Old Town Waterfront area?

I just noticed that a new Ethiopian restaurant opened up in the food court at the waterfront area of Old Town. It's a nice refreshing change to the area - has anyone been yet?

Italian in Providence?

I'll be stopping by Providence for a night and I'm craving some amazing Italian food. I did a quick search on the board and I was really surprised by the lack of Italian restaurant recommendations.

The only one I came across one suggestion that was Mediterraneo. Do you have any other suggestions?


Nov 03, 2007
hosik in All New England Archive

Fun, Creative Food at a Decent Price?

I'll be visiting NYC next weekend from Washington DC. As you may know, Washington DC has some good ethnic food (e.g. Ethiopian, Korean, Peruvian, and Vietnamese) but severly lacks anything that is creative, fun, and risky. Do you have any suggestions about places to go that has great atmopshere, creative food, and isn't too expensive? I've heard that Tao might fit this bill. I'm open to eating anything and everything.


Nov 01, 2007
hosik in Manhattan

Where to splurge in Hong Kong?

Thanks FoodCad for your probing questions! In terms of location, staying in HK island would be better. It's really difficult to pinpoint a cuisine they like more because they'll eat anything.

I hope this helps!

Oct 05, 2007
hosik in China & Southeast Asia

Where to splurge in Hong Kong?

Hi, it's my parents' birthday at the end of this month and I want to treat them to an excellent meal in Hong Kong. They love to eat any cuisine but they don't enjoy overly stuffy and quiet types of restaurants.

Any thoughts?


Oct 03, 2007
hosik in China & Southeast Asia

What to order at Willow?

I'm heading there this weekend and I've been reading mix reviews on this board. Anything to order (or avoid?).


Good seafood in Old Town?

I keep hearing that there are several tourist traps in Old Town. Are there any decent seafood restaurants in the area that isn't terribly overpriced but delicious?


Restaurant Week: Dino vs Farrah Olivia?

I have a few guests coming into town at the end of August and I wanted to take advantage of the few restaurant week extensions. I'm debating between Dino and Farrah Olivia - any thoughts?

Zenebech Injera?

I read on Tyler Cowen's guide that Zenebech Injera is the best ethiopian restaurant in town. I did a search on this board and couldn't find a single review. Has anyone been? Is it better than the Board's favorite (i.e. Dukem and Etete?)


Crabcakes to take on plane?

I'm meeting a couple of friends on the West Coast and wanted to bring a couple of maryland crabcakes as a gift for them. Any place that sells good crab cakes that can be kept overnight? Or am I better off just treating them to a seafood meal when I'm there?


Favorite Afghan Restaurants in D.C. area?

I recommend afghan grill - and it's right in the city so there's lots to do after dinner. They have a great kadu, qabili pallaw and mantu. I also really like the atmosphere in the restaurant - very cozy and intimate.

Jojo restaurant and bar?

We're going to jojo's this weekend for jazz - how's the food there? The chef graduated from Johnson and Wales so it can't go too wrong. Any experiences to share?

So, how is Farrah's?

Several people on this board have made reservations to try Farrah's this week, but I haven't seen any reports yet. Just curious, what did you think? Is it worth the drive? Any "must try's"?

Best and Worst for DC Restaurant Week - Master LIst

Add Circle Bistro to the very good list.

The portions are generous, food is wonderful, and they have an extensive selection of choices.

Fresh Mangosteens

I actually brought fresh Mangosteens at the Grandmart near 7 corners sometime last year. It was insanely expensive but I had to buy them! But, it tasted terrible!! Nothing like the juicy and complex tasting fruit I've had back in Asia. So, even if you do see them here, it's not worth getting it.

Komi great but it's getting so expensive!

The food in Komi is phenomenal but I'm a little annoyed at how much their prices are creeping up!

Their tasting menu was in the $50's in March, $60's by the summer, and now $70's in the fall! That's almost 40% increase in price in less than a year.

Poste - what to order

I'm going there tonight. I've read through old posts and the reviews seem to be mixed.

Any tips on what to order... or what to avoid?


Sushi around midtown?

I keep reading good things about Blue Ribbon etc.. but they are all really far down. Is there any good quality sushi places in the midtown area?


Oct 28, 2006
hosik in Manhattan

Visiting from Washington DC - Any good recs for Asian or Fusion food?

I'm from DC where African, Vietnamese, and Korean food is really good here. I would love to try some good Asian or fusion food in New York - any suggestions? Price can be up to $60/pp.


Oct 24, 2006
hosik in Manhattan

Moon Cakes

If you are looking for Chinese style mooncakes, look out for the Wing Wah brand. It is the priciest but the best quality.

Pyramids Report

I've always had lamb tagine, so I thought I'd try the fish tagine. It was heavenly. I would definitely recommend it!!!