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Gypsy Apple-Sad Update!

I'm happy to say that post was an anomaly. I've been back several times since then and the dinner's been spot on. Gypsy Apple is definitely one of the valley's best, along with Coco in Easthampton. Let's hope more places follow in their footsteps...

Highland Park in 3 Weeks: Willing to Drive up to 30 Min for Great Mex or Asian for Date W/O Kids

OK Hounds, Please recommend a great meal for our night off while on vacation. We want some sexy and fun food and drinks!

Cafe Capriccio: OK to bring the kids?

Great--thanks for the info!

Cafe Capriccio: OK to bring the kids?

Will be dining in the Capitol area in August, and I'm wondering if the place is friendly towards generally well-behaved kids. I'm looking at atmosphere/hospitality, as the kids love good food of any sort...

Indian Restaurant Coming to Easthampton!

Lol, 6th St. Most of those places were Bangla, not Indian, and the food there was mediocre, at best. For the real deal, Queens was the place to be.

Pho Vietnam opening tonight in Northampton!

Went for lunch last week, and had Pho ( I believe Dac Biet, w/all the yummy tendons and entrails) and spring rolls. Pho (btw, pronounced just like the French 'feu,' as in pot au...) was definitely passable, with nice, deep beef and star anise flavor; perhaps a bit short on the funky cuts, but quite yummy nevertheless. Rolls were boring, under seasoned, and lacking in the usual tender/chewy pork cuts (juienne tripe, maybe?) typical to the dish, but a fairly minor issue. Coffee was on point. I guess my biggest qualm is the pricing (easily $3>S'field/dish), but perhaps they're getting shtupped by NoHo landlords. Glad to have 'em here, and praying to the culinary fates that the Banh Mi place in Hadley is for real.

Flavorless, flaccid pizza at The Hungry Ghost Bakery, Northampton, MA

Thank you Fame and Junie. Yes, I agree this has nothing to do with geography, but instead, competence. Jzzy, you obviously have not eaten pizza in NYC recently; places like Saraghina, Robertas, Motorino, and successors are a testament to your uninformed remark. I'd agree about the the state of bagels, but that's what Montreal's Mile End neighborhood's for.

Coco, Easthampton MA: Finally a chef who knows how to cook Mediterranean food in the Pioneer Valley!

Just went back last night. App salad and entrees (eggplant parm; salmon) were spot on. Dessert (chocolate banana cream pie) sucked, but that's OK. Espresso was delish...The chef/husband was a pizza master & needs to find an oven around here quickfast!

Flavorless, flaccid pizza at The Hungry Ghost Bakery, Northampton, MA

The pizza in this area is sacrilegious, and it's beyond me why good pizzerias are a dime a dozen in the major cities, yet no one around here has been able to replicate them. Someone should be able to make a New-Haven apizz, a NYC wood-burner like Motorino & followers, or a Picco (Boston) style pie. When they do, they'll be rakin' it in; until then, I'll drive south.

Coco, Easthampton MA: Finally a chef who knows how to cook Mediterranean food in the Pioneer Valley!

Dined for the 2nd time. This chef understands the use of limited, flavorful, and fresh ingredients prepared with skill. No cloying port reductions with Gorgonzola cream, wasabi mashed potatoes, or other overdetermined and generally passe dishes offered with the same limp veg side on all plates here. Menu is limited and focussed; wine list same and most bottles under $30. Just excellent, Mediterranean-influenced cuisine. Make reservations, as the place is deservedly busy.

Taco Trucks in Springfield

I saw an earlier post about a truck in the vicinity of the Forest Park "X." Does anyone have more info on this truck, and/or other trucks in the area?

Gypsy Apple-Sad Update!

Went with 3 others last night, and I'm sorry to say, the quality of food/service has noticeably declined. There were only 2-3 other tables all night, and the food took 20-25 min from ordering to app and again from end-of-app to main. Wine list remains solid and fairly priced; rolls also excellent.
The food seems to have squarely joined the ranks of Pioneer Valley mediocrity:
Duck confit app: overcooked, dry , stringy, over-salted; chutney had whole cloves hiding inside; puree had glutinous texture
Crab cake: described as "too big and gloppy"
Fillet Mignon main: both orders at east two levels above requested temp; potato puree both glutinous and lumpy; sauce well-executed; asparagus uninspired
Mahi: both orders overcooked; dish w/o binding quality, as salsa was dry; malanga puree interesting idea but flavor uninspired; same asparagus
Salads: excellent balance of flavors, textures; dressing simple and elegant, & not cloying like many in the area
Creme caramel: solid; good texture and unintrusive egginess
Pot de creme: chocolate lacked punch but texture great
Espresso: perfect amount, excellent flavor/aroma, and good layer of crema
Overall, this place seems to have become like every other $25-30/plate place, with crappy, 1990s flavored purees, uninspired and passe sauces and side veggies, and a tendency to prioritize an abundance of "fancy" ingredients over simple, elegant, and solid culinary execution.
For $300, they should do a lot better...

Outlook Farm, Westhampton, MA

Forget about them. Hatfield Meat has bellies, won't charge an arm and a leg, and your money won't be going to local ultra-conservatives.

Apizz or Public?

We're open to suggestions...Any thoughts about Mas?

May 04, 2010
homesick for food in Manhattan

Apizz or Public?

I'm going to be in NYC for a kid-free 10th anniversary dinner. What are people's thoughts?

217 Eldridge St., New York, NY 10002

Apr 29, 2010
homesick for food in Manhattan

Northampton, MA need a delicious birthday cake

Fiorentina sucks. For cake, it's Sunrise Bakery in E'ton hands down.

40 Green Street Lunch

The so-called banh mi is not to die for, nor is the greek sandwich. As is typical for the area, the overpriced and under-seasoned food comes off as pseudo-ethnic and trendy, rather than authentic and good. Go to Springfield: near the Belmont/Dickenson 'X,' there is a hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese food store that will make an actual banh mi, with the ingredients that the sandwich calls for.
This cafe has potential, so why are they surfing the wave of Northampton mediocrity?

Best Takeout Near Lincoln & Venice--ASAP!!!

Thanks everyone-- We did get delivery from Javan, & it was superlative! Happy chowing...HFF.

Best Takeout Near Lincoln & Venice--ASAP!!!

What about Tajrish on Washington?

Best Takeout Near Lincoln & Venice--ASAP!!!

Help! We need dinner for 8. Any ethnicity will do, although we're visiting & hoping to score some Persian. BBQ also would be good; what about the places on Abbot-Kinney &/or Lincoln? Had average Thai from Poom the other night, & that's out. Thanks!

Local Burger and Fries - Northampton

Went yesterday, & had local burg & onion rings. Both were real good; I like a softer, thinner bun, however.
Still think Scotties in Leeds is best, tho' they're closed for the season.

Mi Tierra - Hadley, MA

Went there last weekend. I have to correct my previous statement that the place is owned by Salvadorenos, as the waitress said that the family is from Guerrero, Mex. While the homemade tortillas & cheese w/the quesadillas were good, the red enchiladas were seasoned for gringos, although they fared better w/some chipotle escabeche provided by the waitress. The rice & frijoles were similarly bland. All in all, I think the trip down to Sarapes in Enfield's worth it.

Name your favorite burger joint!

Props go to the Look Restaurant in Leeds, MA, Scotti's in the same, & the Wagon Wheel in Gill, MA, for tasy burgs as well.

Bistro Les Gras Northampton

I agree with several of the hounds above. I was there last weekend & found the food to be typical of Noho--uninspired & overpriced. To charge $4 for 3 conrnichons that clearly came from a container is pigheaded, & reason enough to not go back. The rest was fair--the lentil salad w/pork belly was a failed attempt to marry a classic dish w/a trendy cut of meat, the dessert was indeed mediochre, & the wine list, while good, was missing the bottle we wanted. If this place were forced to compete in a nearby city, it'd be in big trouble.

New Noodle place in Northampton.

I'm not holding my breath...

Gypsy Rose in Shellburne Falls--Any Recent Visits?

Hello Hounds. I'm heading there this weekend & wondering if anyone's got recommendations and/or warnings. Thanks! HSFF.

Mexican Food Heaven

Actually, I lived in Southern CA for years, speak Spanish fluently, and have travelled throughout Mexico & Latinoamerica. Ergo, I feel very comfortable talking about Mex food. I stand by my depiction of Veracruzana, and would also add that Mi Tierra is not authentic Mexican, but instead a Central American interpretaion of Mexican food (I believe the owners are Salvadorenses). Instead, I refer local hounds to Sarapes in Enfield, CT, which is the real thing. Happy Chowing!

Serapes, Enfield CT--Smokin'!!!

Thanks for the correction & the kind words! Now that Holy Smokes is gone, we might be SOL re: BBQ.

Serapes, Enfield CT--Smokin'!!!

Finally, I can endorse a reasonably authentic Mexican spot w/i driving distance of the Pioneer Valley. I was there on Sat night, & there were no other gringos, just Latino families & workers. The salsas on the table were great, and amazingly, were not used to flavor subsequent (e.g., green enchiladas) dishes. Instead, each dish had its own salsa--a very positive sign. Refried bens, always the test of autheticity, were wondersul in only the way preparation with lard could make them; ditto for the rice. The horchata was top notch, & they actually make micheladas, which are very rare outside of Mexico. Kudos to this wonderful joint, & pa'l carajo with the pseudo-comida in the rest of the Valley!

Mexican Food Heaven

I 2nd your opinion; this food is about as far from Mexican as it gets. Bland, boring, like all of the other pseudo-ethnic spots in the area.