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Zero Otto Nove in Armonk

Hi 51rich, I'm sure you already know this but if you live in New Rochelle, you're much closer to the original ZON in the Bronx. As I mentioned in the other thread, I've been to the Arthur Avenue location a bunch and it's good (and popular), but nothing amazing and not as good as its sister spot, Roberto's. Definitely less special than Fortina. In the Bronx it does get crowded but if you go early enough, you get right in. I'm sure the same will be true of Armonk.

Help us decide on an Italian restaurant for early December girls trip...

Morini and Maialino are two of my favorites. You can't go wrong. Morini is a bit more casual, hip and loud; Maialino more refined and comparatively subdued. With young girls, I'd say Morini would be more fun. The atmosphere is rustic but none of what you mentioned take away from the experience.And Morini's pastas are out of this world. Enjoy wherever you end up!

Sep 22, 2014
mla19 in Manhattan

Grace - Fauna and Flora Menus

Interesting that you had such a different experience. I was previously unaware that you could so easily substitute courses from each menu at Grace (not a common occurrence in fine dining). And should that be the case, I would gladly pick and choose from each menu.

I do appreciate the responses and agree that whether the restaurant allows us to freely substitute or not, we will not make any decisions about what menu to pick until we get there and see what most appeals to each of us.

Thanks, everyone!

Sep 16, 2014
mla19 in Chicago Area

Grace - Fauna and Flora Menus

Hi All - My husband and I are traveling to Chicago the last weekend in October and are very excited for our meal at Grace. For anyone who has been before, would we be remiss to each order the Fauna menu? We do want to get the full experience of Chef Duffy's food, but we both also really like our meat and seafood. A mostly vegetarian menu doesn't really get us too excited. I suspect if we ask our waiter that night, he or she will tell us to order one of each menu. But I'm curious to hear other diners' perspectives. Thanks!

Sep 15, 2014
mla19 in Chicago Area

Best dinner in the city for under $100 pp

I would definitely do Contra. $55 pre fix. It's amazing and better than some higher priced fine dining restaurants.

Edit: Just re-read the OP's request and saw he/she doesn't want a tasting menu. Disregard my post :-)

Sep 10, 2014
mla19 in Manhattan

Weekend in Chicago - Grace, Schwa etc.

Quick update: Was able to get a Grace reservation for Friday 10/24 and just today I got through to Schwa for Saturday 10/25 (thanks to Chowhound for the tip that if the phone goes right to voicemail, that means they're on the other line).

Of course, I'm nervous that Schwa will ultimately cancel on us but we figured it was worth rolling the dice for something we (and our dining companions) really wanted to try. For breakfast/lunch, we're thinking Au Cheval on Friday and Little Goat Diner on Saturday. Anyway, quite excited for what should be some really special meals. Will report back!

Sep 09, 2014
mla19 in Chicago Area

Palombo Bakery-White Plains

Interesting how the last two favorable posts were each made by first time posters......

Affordable Restaurants [Lower Westchester]

I'm in Greenwich so PC is very close to us and closer than lower Westchester, but I'm with you, Misti and Acuario provide delicious, affordable and authentic food. I could be happy eating all my meals in PC.

Ridge Hill New Eating Options:

Five Napkin is decent. Not that we need more chain burgers in the suburbs but it's a somewhat appealing addition.

Weekend in Chicago - Grace, Schwa etc.

Thanks, All. The other couples are college friends of my husband and I just got word that one of them has balked on our Friday dinner, likely due to cost. The couple that remains is open to anything and has been to Schwa and Goosefoot already. I think anything we pick will be fine with them.

Re: Saturday, Little Goat sounds great!

Aug 19, 2014
mla19 in Chicago Area

Weekend in Chicago - Grace, Schwa etc.

My husband and I are traveling from the NYC area to Chicago in late October. We're aiming to have dinner Saturday night at Grace. Friday night we're dining with two other local Chicago couples. One of the local husbands is pushing for Schwa, but their tendency to cancel last minute concerns me. If not Schwa, which would be a better counterpart to Grace and better for our larger group - Goosefoot or El Ideas? El Ideas seems more in line with Schwa but perhaps Goosefoot is the "hotter" restaurant at the moment?

Also, Saturday I'll be on my own for lunch while my husband watches football with his local friends. I'd love recommendations for any good spots that actually serve lunch on Saturdays (not just brunch). So far I've only really found Little Goat. I'm fine with traveling around the city. We plan to do Au Cheval for Friday lunch as my husband is itching for the burger.

Aug 18, 2014
mla19 in Chicago Area

armonk pizza

I've eaten at both Fortina and the Arthur Ave ZON quite a few times and I find both the pizza and non-pizza items much better at Fortina. To me, Zero Otto Nove is good while Fortina is great. I do agree, though, that ZON is more traditional and Fortina more modern. From the burrata to pastas to steak Florentine, Fortina hits it out of the park. They excel at more than just pizza.

As an aside, for great food in the Arthur Ave area, check out Tra Da Noi. Not pizza but fantastic.

PALOMA, Stamford, CT great restaurant!!

Yup same place. Didn't care for it one bit. We have 2 young kids so I hear you on traveling far for meals being tough, but we'll make the trip if it's worth it and we do the 45min-1hour trip into the city just for meals on a regular basis. Paloma just didn't warrant a return visit for us.

Aug 14, 2014
mla19 in Southern New England

Inn at Pound Ridge open

My thoughts exactly. Ok food, impersonal service and gorgeous space.

Inn at Pound Ridge open

Funny two friends of mine went to Inn at Pound Ridge recently and raved about the food. Said it was one of the best meals of their lives. But these are friends who don't care much for food/dining. My husband and I, on the other hand, have been twice and thought it to be just okay. I'd take Fortina and North over it any day.

Rincon Taqueria in Norwalk - Wow

Finally made it here. Excellent food and value. Portions tremendous and the food is simple but flavorful and fresh. Can't wait to go back.

Aug 14, 2014
mla19 in Southern New England

Campagna - the old Bedford Post, Bedford, NY

I can't wait for it to open. Love me some Michael White pastas!!

PALOMA, Stamford, CT great restaurant!!

Oh and for cocktail drinkers, the cocktail list is ridiculously long and unfocused and the waiter rushed us through our choices. Ultimately, he recommended a citrus based drink to me that literally tasted like they poured Dole pineapple juice into a cocktail glass and served it.

Aug 10, 2014
mla19 in Southern New England

PALOMA, Stamford, CT great restaurant!!

Unfortunately we had an opposite experience. Our server was horrible. He got potions of our order wrong, he tried to seat our group of 4 at a large 6 person table when there were plenty of open 4-tops, he disappered for long stretches and he made menu suggestions that were utterly forgettable. Overall, the food was only average. Certainly no better than Brasitas. Prices, as usual, we're too high for the quality of experience. Looking forward to trying Tierra in Westport. Hoping it's better than Paloma.

Aug 10, 2014
mla19 in Southern New England

Musings on the relatively low activity on Southern New England Board

I'm in the same boat as Stamfoodie. As a Greenwich resident, I find more relevant postings on the NYS board. The Westchester contributors are much more active on that board than any lower Fairfield County contributors are on this board. It's too bad, though, because I would love to read and write more about FFC places on here. I read CTBites regularly but the reviews there can't always be trusted so I use it more for information than opinions.

Looking for great counter service eats in Philly

Hi all! Heading to Philly next weekend with our two young kids. We have all our eats planned except Sunday lunch. Looking for a delicious, non-sit down option. We're doing Federal Dougnuts on Saturday but would appreciate options in a similar vein. We are well aware of Redding Terminal Market as an option. Anything else? Thanks!

Jul 20, 2014
mla19 in Philadelphia

Kneaded Bread in Port Chester

It really is fantastic. We go often with our young kids and it's the perfect early start to our day. I'm addicted to their mixed berry scone but everything from their muffins to doughnuts to brioches is wonderful.

Spadaro Port Chester

Thanks, MRS. We actually ate there too yesterday, but we were there much earlier and with kids. Our service was fine, probably bc the place was mostly empty, but we too weren't impressed with the food. Nothing we ordered was particularly flavorful and several dishes arrived cold. Disappointing since their New Ro place was great when we last went (albeit a few years ago).

Campagna - the old Bedford Post, Bedford, NY

Now that we're firmly in June, curious if anyone has an update on the opening? Also, the New York Magazine Summer issue mentioned Campagna and noted that its prices will be more gentle than Chef White's NYC venues.

Blue Hill Stone Barns private table? [630 Bedford Road Pocantico Hills, New York]

Jeez my sister and I JUST gave our parents a gift card there for their special anniversary, basing the amount off a $148pp price. Figures. The new price is virtually Per Se/Alinea territory

Best nachos in lower Westchester County?

Always happy to read love for Los Gemellos. It really is a gem and now I'm even more excited for my next visit to try their nachos.

We've also tried their chicken spin off, probably when it first opened last fall or winter. We enjoyed (I'm admittedly not such a rotisserie chicken fan) but on our one visit, they had their music pumped up so high, that we could barely concentrate on our food!

Spadaro Port Chester

"The menu is heavy on pizzas, calzones and pastas."

That's surprising knowing that the original New Rochelle restaurant is much more than that. I wonder if this spin off is intended to be a more family friendly, casual version. Curious if anyone who's been to both can weigh in. We're hoping to get to the PC spot soon ourselves.

Alla Spina or Pizzeria Vetri (with kids)

Heading to Philly for a bit in late July with our 2.5 year old and 3 month old daughters. Which of these two spots would you recommend for a 5pm Sunday dinner? The interesting menu at Alla Spina appeals more to me but I assume Pizzeria Vetri is more kid friendly (although "no reservations" spots scare me with kids and I saw Alla Spina has outdoor seating....)

Jun 02, 2014
mla19 in Philadelphia

Fortina opening in Rye Brook

I can't believe they're expanding so fast and with locations so close to one another. Curious what happens.

Top 10 Recent Dining Experiences

best recent meals (not all time bests):

the clam
ma peche
il buco alimentari and vineria
mountain bird

May 28, 2014
mla19 in Manhattan