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The sad state of falafel in Toronto

There's also a King David's at the Bathurst Manor plaza on Wilmington south of Finch.

Wasaga Beach and Collingwood Recommedations?

Stop telling people about Ted's, it's already busy enough! But yes, excellent food.
My experience was a bison steak, and it was prepared perfectly. They do have good knowledge and experience cooking 'wild' meats. Haven't tried the seafood but I hope they local lake whitefish.
More photos at

best jamaican patties in the gta

To test my most convenient source I bought a patty from the donut/sandwich outlet inside the Wilson subway station.Cost $1.90. I was told they were Allen's, but no branding anywhere I could see.
I chose the spicy beef. Others have commented about the Allen's crust being the best. Mine did not deserve good reviews. It came from one of those little heater ovens that patties are usually kept in for sale hot. My crust was tasty enough and not overly yellow, but it was soft and pliable and basically chewy. I could separate it into 2 layers quite easily. Maybe the store microwaved them first? Not the crispy, flaky, and moist experience I remember and am looking for.

The filling was 'ok'. Basically a thin layer of meaty stuff attached to the inside bottom of the crust. Spicing was not really hot, just enough to provide a minute of two of that experience in the mouth when it knows it ate a few spicy peppers.
I do admit that I like very spicy food, the type that makes you sweat, so the spicing level may be ok for most.
I'd like to try some of these directly at the bakery, but to spend over $5 on transit for a $2 treat is excessive. If I knew they were great, I'd travel and buy a dozen, but I'm still underwhelmed with the current crop of patties I've been able to try.

best jamaican patties in the gta

The patties at the Wilson station are from Allen's. I asked today.
They are being sold for $1.90 each.
Much as I want one, I can't justify the cost.
At this time I spent my limited money on another basket of fresh and juicy Ontario peaches for $2.99. Much better deal, but come the winter those hot and spicy patties will be sending our their siren call. All this talk really does make me hungry!

best jamaican patties in the gta

Getting a lot of useful info from this thread. I still don't want to pay $2 for a reheated patty (eg. Wilson subway station - think they are Patty King, but I'll find out for sure in the next few days). The 'holding out the window' technique is great if you have a car, but the TTC subway and bus windows are sealed shut. As for winter, it's still 3-4 months away...

best jamaican patties in the gta

I think I'm totally out of date, but how much does a regular spicy beef patty cost these days?

I passed through the Wilson station today and the donut/snack store was selling the patties for just under $2. I didn't stay to find out where they were sourced, (there was a lineup and my bus was waiting) but they certainly weren't baked there. Also being late Sunday, I figured they might have been on display for a while.

Sure wanted one, but I had homegrown heirloom tomatoes in my carry bag, so I passed. Tonight is Ontario peaches, backyard tomatoes, and some imported Valencia oranges (from Mexico). The oranges were about $1 each, but I can't find non-organic Valencias. They taste sooo gooood! The basket of Ontario peaches was $3. Both Highland Farms.

No matter I still crave a hot and fresh patty. Are there times to visit the recommended bakeries in order to get the treat hot and fresh from the oven?

Highland Farms
850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

best jamaican patties in the gta

Good to hear. I'll be trying them all. Thanks...

best jamaican patties in the gta

Thanks for the responses. I will definitely try Caribbean Queen asap. I`ll post back.
The Randy`s, Allen`s, and Tinnels sound more like a prepared product that is just heated up (cooked) at the bakeries like Tim Hortons does with their product rather than totally created inhouse.
If I`m wrong, please let me know!

Caribbean Queen
25 The West Mall, Toronto, ON M9C1B8, CA

best jamaican patties in the gta

Back in the day (late 70`s) I basically lived on Jamaican patties. I would buy them from a small independent bakery on Jane just south of Lawrence. I would get there just as they came out of the oven. Hot, flaky, and spicy with a meat filling that was not of dubious source. I have not been able to find anything similar since they went out of business. The commercial patties today have tough pastry with lots of yellow colouring, a very watery meat filling that I don`t trust because it must be the cheapest meat available, and most have dried out from sitting in the warmers. If you find a bakery making the real thing, please post.


I love blueberries, specifically the wild Ontario version. Unless you have a car and the time and money to drive north of Toronto then you have to buy from the supermarkets. From what I've seen (Highland, etc.) you'd need about $20 of berries to make a single pie.
I've been priced out of the market.

Jul 25, 2010
longolame in Home Cooking

Smoked Meat Duel at Wychwood

If the moderators finally allow me to say this...
From previous blind taste tests, 1.Stockyards, 2.Caplansky's, 3.Goldin's
And this 'duel' is simply a fund raising effort.

Tobermory Dining Help

I am consistent Bruce Peninsula fan. I visit at least twice a year. And yes, the restaurant options are limited. If you have transportation then I recommend a trip to Lion's Head. The scenery is magnificent (especially if you drive out the the lighthouse) and there is a nice pub/restaurant in town, the Lion's Head Inn. We usually get the bison burgers that are raised locally on Todd's Cape Chin farm.

We usually take our camp stove, buy fresh Lake Huron whitefish and cook it up picnic style. We used to buy the fish at Raney's Fish Store in Tobermory but I believe it's closed up now. Our second choice is Howell's the fresh fish outlet in Wiarton,

btw there's a Beaver Tails outlet in Tobermory. I really like them as a fast food sweet treat.

Fresh and tasty coffee can also be a problem. We found an acceptable place in Ferndale, a tiny crossroads on Hwy 6. The Crossroads Coffee House.

Although I haven't tried them (hopefully this weekend I will) there's an organic bakery on Hwy 6 between Ferndale and Tobermory. The Harvest Moon Bakery. Here's there link:

We also eat at the Wiarton Inn at the north end of town. Nice outside patio and great fish and chips.

Photos can be found at

If your travels take you anywhere near Meaford, try Ted's Range Road Diner for a unique experience with game meats (great if you're craving musk-ox steak or a caribou stir-fry). We had great bison steaks and live music on our last visit (don't let the quonset hut outside decor put you off). Directions and photos are in the links.

We'll be staying at the Crystal Springs Place motel in Mar this weekend. If you see us with our Siberian Husky, be sure to say hi.

Ted's Range Road Diner
, Meaford, ON N4L, CA

Wiarton Inn & Restaurant
666 Berford, Wiarton, ON N0H2T0, CA

Strawberry Picking Toronto

I went yesterday (Sunday). There's still enough to fill a few baskets but most of the larger berries had either been picked or had rotted. It was still worth the trip! The smaller berries were very sweet and tasty, and you can get more into a basket.

I did try calling but the phone line went to a message answering service that was full. So I took a chance and just went.

I think next weekend will be too late. Owner told me the berries were about 2 weeks early this year.

Strawberry Picking Toronto

I've read all about the California herbicide intensive strawberry cultivation. Are there any Ontario pick-your-own farms that are more 'organic' or 'natural'. I see tv news showing kids eating freshly picked strawberries in the field. Is this ok? Should we be washing all picked fruit before eating?

ISO best meatball sandwich in Toronto.

Trezzano Bakery on Dufferin south of Wilson may be gone. There's an Under Renovation sign on the front window and the phone number is no longer in service. A real loss to the neighbourhood.

where to get green almonds in Ontario

They've been at Highland Farms for a couple of weeks now.
I like the idea of fresh, but my research suggests that older is better for flavour.
Any one have good recipes or suggestions for this seasonal treat.

Highland Farms
850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

Grass-fed Hamburgers in Toronto

Hay is only as good as it is managed, and never better than fresh green well managed pasture which is a 'living' food. The flavour of fresh well managed grass (especially in the late summer/early fall) and the transfer of such to an animal's meat and milk, just cannot be duplicated through the use of hay or grains.

It's the same reason why most hunting seasons start late September, early October. You want to take an animal that is a product of the summer and early fall's bounty. That food is fresher more flavourful and is full of live enzymes, gut friendly bacteria, and active bio-chemical processes that are minimal or non-existent in the winter's dry foods.

Grass-fed Hamburgers in Toronto

I wish this was true but the majority of bison farmers finish their animals with grain. Fully grassfed bison can be found but not easily. Most restaurants will sell grain finished meat because it's available all year round and consistent. The Healthy Butcher and Sanagan's Meat Locker in Kensington do buy from fully grassfed bison farms in Ontario.

I buy from Todd Dowd who runs Cape Chin Bison Farm on the Bruce Peninsula. Some local restaurants serve his burgers - see

I also recommend Mountain Lake Bison Range

Casey's in Yorkdale has a grain finished bison burger on the menu. You could also check out Stampede Bison Grill on Queen W strip ( ) When I called them last year they were sourcing their meat locally from Southern Ontario but from a farm that I know does grain finish.

The Healthy Butcher
565 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

Stampede Bison Grill
5 Brock Ave, Toronto, ON M6K2K6, CA

Where to find spring ramps downtown

My last Southern Ontario ramp foraging was in mid May 2008. This was in the Georgetown area. Maybe this year global warming has pushed the season forward. No snow in March at all is pretty spooky.
On May 14th, 2008 the ramps were fairly mature and I believe I could have collected a slightly better haul had I been out a week earlier. But this is only the beginning of April. Could be that some of the ramps being sold are from Ontario's deep south where the season is always a couple of weeks ahead of us.

See ramp photos here:

Grass-fed Hamburgers in Toronto

Generally the animals do not gain weight while eating hay.It's winter survival food. Most local farmers don't want to sell their 'grass-fed' animals during the winter because they are underweight. Have patience and wait.

When it's on the menu (call first), I highly recommend the Stockyards grassfed burger for those who don't cook at home. Sourced from Rowe Farms and cost $10 with cheese and topping of choice.
Pictures are here

Fresh Fish from the Great Lakes?

Howell's Fish in Wiarton. 153 Division Street. It's to the west of the main downtown street, up the escarpment hill. I'm a fan of the Lake Huron whitefish.
Just do a google search and you'll see maps and reviews for Howell's.

I used to buy from Raney's Fish Store (519-596-2492) in Tobermory, but I've been told (unconfirmed) that they've closed the business.

See here for whitefish from Raney's:

Howell's Fish
153 Division St, South Bruce Peninsula, ON N0H, CA

Maple syrup trip?

I think Kortright is the closest for the type of activities you're looking for. Maybe more the 1/2 hr from downtown though. See my previous post for list of festivals where you can find a google map of the actual location, plus a video review.

Maple syrup trip?

It will be interesting to see what they can produce from the Norway maples that they're tapping.
I hope I can drop by.

Mexican restaurant near Sheppard subway--what's it called? And is it decent?

Back in the spring of '07 I had a takeout burrito from Bar Barrito. It was ok. Bland but edible.

Pictures should be here:

Last summer I went again and sat on the patio. The food was even blander and all the items tasted the same. Our patio seating was pretty vacant while the restaurants around us were packed to overflowing. The outside eating area fronts onto Yonge St. and is great for people watching, but not peaceful. You have to enjoy car fumes too. If you drink enough beer, it doesn't matter what the food tastes like.

Maple syrup trip?

There's an up to date list with videos, reviews, maps, admission prices, etc. at

Best Doughnuts in Toronto

I love Chanukah donuts!
They're usually jam/jelly filled (and generous) with white sugar powder on top.
Too bad they're only for one week a year.
And yes, get them fresh and early in the day and eat them asap.

My favourites this year were from Isaac's Bakery at 221 Wilmington.
The donuts are small and round and delicious.
At $1 a piece, it keeps me from eating too many.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels in Toronto?

There's a local company, Twisted Sisters, making them in Downsview.
You may need to give them a call to find out where they sell retail.

Montreal Smoked Meat in Toronto

The crumbling parking lot in front of Wolfies was re-paved last week. Looks just a little less decrepit now.

best burgers in T.O.

And as mentioned before, anchovies are a major source of natural glutamates. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the physiological reactions experienced after a meal that is laced with MSG (monosodium glutamate), is because of the salt (sodium) component. It is known that combining glutamates with salt significantly increases their potency. A big salt hit can really hit the body hard.
Luckily I seem to have no immediate, obvious adverse reactions to glutamates or sodium but I do need to take medication to reduce my blood pressure. So I struggle to keep that great tasting salt to a minimum.

best burgers in T.O.

After salty, sour, bitter and sweet, umami is considered our fifth sense of taste. Umami refers to the presence of glutamic acid, an amino acid with salty/savory characteristics. Its presence gives food more depth in flavor, or character. Umami is present in seafood products such as anchovies. Real Worcestershire Sauce is a complex mixture of many natural sources of glutamate, It's a potent brew of anchovies, tamarind, soybeans, vinegar, garlic, shallots, onions, salt, molasses and sugar.
Monosodium glutamate (MSG).is a common and cheaper flavour enhancer that contains the same umami glutamates.