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Flavored popcorn ideas?

I love popcorn like that! Yum!

Dec 28, 2007
clarecat in Home Cooking

Vietnamese food in Honolulu

My favorite place is Cuu Long in Aiea. I have been to Vietnam several times, and have studied the culture and language extensively for my career, and Cuu Long is always going to be my favorite place. My husband and I go there at least twice a week (this is the place that converted him to a pho addict!). The pho is fresh and not greasy, and the flavors just meld together so well. The other dishes are good, too. It is located on Kam Hwy across from Pearlridge Mall, in a strip mall with 24 Hour Fitness.

What's "the" food where you're from?

OK, I'm jealous... I was born and raised in New Mexico and am currently living in Hawaii, and am dying for some Hatch green chile. Hope you enjoyed your green chile stew!

Nov 14, 2007
clarecat in General Topics

Cocktails on Oahu??

We go to Murphy's Pub quite a bit (I think it's on Smith Street bordering Chinatown) for yummy food and drinks. The Yardhouse in Waikiki has delicious cocktails, but is definitely a party atmosphere, and can be a wait for a table, plus the food is just so-so. Mai Tai Bar at Ala Moana is ALWAYS fun.

Delivery in Downtown Honolulu

If you are looking for daytime delivery, try Honolulu Cafe (sandwiches), Bishop Street Cafe (yummy pasta), Payao Thai (decent, but not amazing). Not sure if any of these deliver in the evening.

Chai's Island Bistro - Aloha Tower [HI]

Chai's is good. You can get a table on the lanai easily (during the day, anyway), and the service is very nice. Everything I have tried there is delicious.

Nov 14, 2007
clarecat in Hawaii

Group dinner in Columbus, OH

The Alumni Grille (right across from the stadium on Lane) is a greta option for groups. The food is really good, typical grill food (burgers, reubans, pork chops, etc), and they have a separate room that can accommodate groups, I believe.

Best ICE CREAM in Ohio??

Me, too. And also Denise's in Clintonville.

Apr 14, 2007
clarecat in Great Lakes

Frozen Green Chile mailorder source?

There is a place called It's Chili in Hawaii in Honolulu that you can pick up frozen green chile. I lived there when I started missing Hatch green chile's from back home in NM!

2080 S. King St., Suite 101

Apr 05, 2007
clarecat in General Topics

30 Minute Meals?

I find that I can make most of her recipes that I have tried in under an hour. I put everything out on the counter before I start cooking and that really helps. My problem with her recipes is that they are never very good. I'm not sure if I just have odd tastes or what, but even my fiance can do without Rachel Ray's recipes.

Dec 28, 2006
clarecat in Food Media & News

Freezing pumpkin pie

I want to make a pumpkin pie, and was thinking about making two now and freezing one for Thanksgiving to cut down on tasks that day. Would freezing one work? Anything I need to do to make it freeze and thaw better? TIA!

Nov 06, 2006
clarecat in Home Cooking

Looking for a dessert that contains lard

Have you ever tried biscochitos, a traditional New Mexico Christmas cookie? They are anise cookies that traditionally use lard. Delicious!

Nov 01, 2006
clarecat in Home Cooking

Scenario: You're at the shopping mall during lunch/dinner hour. What do you eat?

Panda Express is not terrible! It isn't authentic Chinese cuisine, but it hits the spot when looking for something quick and yummy!

Oct 31, 2006
clarecat in Chains

What are your least favorite Thanksgiving recipes??

oh, no, mashed sweet potatoes flavored with butter, salt, and cream are the best!

Oct 22, 2006
clarecat in General Topics

What are your least favorite Thanksgiving recipes??

I cannot stand the sweet potatos with the melted gooey marshmallows on top. There are so many delicious ways to serve sweet potatoes, why do people need to ruin them with marshmallows?

Oct 21, 2006
clarecat in General Topics

Yays and nays from Trader Joe's, lately [OLD]

I adore:

frozen fettucine alfredo
frozen tamales
frozen potstickers
any frozen fruit
their cookie dunkers

frozen pad thai (veggies were soggy, flavor was pretty bad)

Oct 21, 2006
clarecat in Chains

Movies that revolve around food?

Eat Drink Man Woman and Fried Green Tomatoes come to mind.

Oct 18, 2006
clarecat in Food Media & News

Dim Sum in Columbus, OH

I don't think Fortune's is good at all. The food is just never as tasty as it should be! I'd recommend Guangdong.

Oct 16, 2006
clarecat in Great Lakes

Seeking bargain-ish sushi near Pearl Harbor

Genki's is ok. I really like Catch of the Day, across the Kam from Genki's. It is one of those places that have sushi floating around on little boats, but you can have it made fresh. I have never had a bad piece of sushi there.

Moe's Southwest

I go to the Moe's at the Ohio State Campus in Columbus, Ohio (went for lunch today, in fact) and the portions are huge, the food is tasty, and it is definitely an decent place to eat. I prefer Chipotle because it is spicier. But give Moe's a try, it sounds like each location just varies in quality.

Oct 11, 2006
clarecat in Chains

Great lunch near Honolulu Airport

Tiki's at the end of Waikiki before the zoo is delicious and has an awesome view overlooking the ocean.

Oct 10, 2006
clarecat in Hawaii

mexican in columbus?

For mostly authentic New Mexican cuisine youc antry Chile Verde in the Carriage Place shopping center at the corner of Sawmill and Bethel.

ISO NYC style Pizza on Oahu

You have to try Bostons's!!!! Love it!! There is on in Pearl City, and another in Kaneohe, not sure if there is another one or not. It is the best pizza on the island!

Hawaii must eats !

I love Cholo's in Haliewa. When I was living in Hawaii (from NM) this was where I would get my Mexican fix. Fresh food, great service and value. Delicious margaritas! It is in a shopping center with some other restaurants, galleries and surf shops.

Where can I get a good "hawaiian burger" in waikiki?

I love Kua Aina burger, and definitely try out Teddy's.

Kailua (Oahu) Finds

Something I love in Kailua is Casablanca. Delicious Moroccan food. They have a complete dinner menu that you have to make reservations for. That dinner is served in a aeperate building that is made to look like a tent, behind the restaurant. There is belly dancing for entertainment. They do not have wine on site, but will serve whatever you bring. The entire meal takes about 3 hours. Delicious food, great service.

Best burger in Columbus ohio?!!? who's got it?!??

The Dublin Tavern in Old Dublin (behind Starbucks) has great burgers. They have a Thursday night special where burgers and chips are only $3. The black and blue burger is a favorite!