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Anyone eaten recently at Da Hukilau

I LOVE Hawaiian food and dis hound can't find ono local grinds in Nebraska.

Will visit SF next weekend and saw Da Hukilau's menu and I'm jonesin' for some portagee bean soup and spam musubi.

Any hounds had a recent visit?


Good Eats in South Tahoe

My partner, her mother and I will be spending Oct 3, 4 and 5 at Marriott's Timber Lodge in So Lake Tahoe.

I have been reading some travel guides with info on restaurants, Burger Lounge, Chart House, etc.

I was wondering if anyone can make recommendations or give me their take on those two choices.

Am looking for breakfast spots, lunch and dinner choices.

I'd love to say that price is no object but that's not the case.

Cheats to moderately expensive recommends would be best.


Sep 24, 2006
maui_jujy in California