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What's Worthwhile in Larchmont Village?

We park on the residential streets parallel to Larchmont. If you're there to eat why not get a block or two walk in? Otherwise, 1 in 10 times I've ended up with a ticket at the meters which are policed pretty diligently. I was once severely reprimanded for feeding someone else's meter when I saw a meter maid coming.

Pinkberry dying?

Fiore in Japantown is really great. They use stevia instead of sugar. Fruit toppings are very fresh.

What's Worthwhile in Larchmont Village?

I really like Le Petit Greek, not for its authenticity but for its freshness, a la tender chicken kabobs, pillowy yellow rice, crispy cukes, etc.

Christmas dessert

The new Hollywood Gelato Co. on Hillhurst (across from Alcove) has beautiful chocolate butter cream yule logs (buche de noel). I was tempted to buy one rather than make something. My Joy of Cooking florentines turned out a total bore this year (candied orange from Surfa's not nearly as good as homemade).

Dec 22, 2006
unwashed_sidamo in Home Cooking

Papaya King coming to L.A.!? [moved from L.A. board]

Papaya King ceo Dan Horan is mulling the possibility of opening Papaya King in LA, according to New York Magazine.

Good Breakfast in Los Feliz/Silverlake?

I swear I saw people eating in the new Blair's wing on Sunday. I think it's already open.

Singapore in L.A.? ISO boiled chicken w/ white rice + pork-rib tea


Singapore in L.A.? ISO boiled chicken w/ white rice + pork-rib tea

thanks! i can poke around.

Singapore in L.A.? ISO boiled chicken w/ white rice + pork-rib tea

As Anthony Bourdain* 'splains it, it's a heap of pork cooked in broth, said to have been created as food for Chinese laborers in early 20th c Malaysia.

"white version" - pork ribs and broth flavored w/ pepper (as opposed to herbs), whole cloves of garlic.

"local version" - herbal, darker, soy-infused

served with tea, salted veg and fried bread, chili sauce on the side

*Bourdain wrote a piece on Singapore cuisine in today's NYTimes magazine

Bulgarini Gelato - The Best

I think they shut down before it gets dark.

Hours are something like 11AM-5PM Fri., Sat., Sun.

Call before you go to confirm their location and hours on the day. They operate a mobile cart and unfortunately for all of us they aren't afraid to move it and shut it down.

Best Hummus in L.A.

Whatever happened to the sprouts vendor at the H'wd farmers market? We looked for him this morning but no dice. Instead, we bought artichoke hummus from the pita guy -- it's adequate.

Singapore in L.A.? ISO boiled chicken w/ white rice + pork-rib tea

Is there a great Singapore restaurant in Los Angeles?

I want hacked pieces of boiled chicken on white rice served with sides of chicken broth, chili sauce, pounded ginger puree and dark soy.

If possible, would like to try Singapore fave dish: but bak kut teh (pork-rib tea) too.