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Beer Pairings with Easter Dinner

I'm probably a little late for this..pairing beer with Easter Dinner is similar to pairing wine - the food is one part of the equation, but the company/people you're sharing the meal with is another. So unless you're drinking by yourself these beers, consider the other people at the table - will they drink complex beers or will simple tried and true be better? Overall, I think different beers pair with different components of the meal, but the higher the alcohol of the beer, the more filling..and you might want an extra slice of ham, so go with beers under 7% alcohol or so - Cheers!

Mar 31, 2013
TasteDC in Beer

Cheese of the Month Nominations (April to September 2013)


Mar 26, 2013
TasteDC in Cheese

Cooking Classes

Too early for Summer 2013 Schedules, but here are a few more NY Cooking Schools: (Fairfield, NJ - pretty close!


There are more..actually many more!

Dec 30, 2012
TasteDC in Manhattan