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Fernandina Beach/AI Update?

Wife and I are returning for a 3rd weeklong stay since first enchantment in 2008. We liked eating at 29 South and have noticed an apparent decline in enthusiasm in recent threads. No one has been very specific about what's gone wrong, so I'm curious about that. Anyone care to fill in some details?

We loved Merge in 2010 and are glad to see that it has garnered some support. Never went to LuLu's so we are looking forward to that along with Merge and return to Espana and maybe Le Clos and Beech St Grill..
Is Horizon worth a try?

Love of TRay's may reveal our Pacific NW innocence or ignorance of simple preparation of some basic Southern Style items but we love it. Arte pizza will be a stop for sure.
Ritz/Plantation venues are not appealing for a variety of reasons, $$$$ being one, but value for that $$$$ is more the issue and a preference for giving the business to the local small venues.

Any comments on the choices and especially on the 29 South issue would be appreciated.
We very much appreciate the generosity of spirit and warmth of everyone we run into on our visits.


May 31, 2012
slowens24 in Florida

California Foodie Visiting Scottsdale for Spring Training 2012

We ate at Mission last night. Prior to sitting at our table, we sat next to a couple, who food and wine write--or perhaps only one does--for a Central Coast CA paper. She used to write for a more famous wine publication. They were returning after a very much praised first meal earlier in the week.. Our meal was worth a trip back as well. Pan Latin flavors and a few PL ingredients as well, done very tastefully and with restrained innovation. Peruvian Clam soup, duck confit empanadas, pork shoulder , table side guacamole and a delicious pumpkin bread pudding were favorites. The iceberg lettuce-based salad was good, but I'd try a different one when we return. The black cod dish was very good, but I am biased towards the Asian flavored prep....with sake kasu/miso tones. Many places seem to try to do Latin and Mexican upscale or fusion....most of them are lost in some impression or image of high spice and high priced twists on basic formats. Crab or lobster burritos or fillet Mignon steak tacos or something. Mission for me, was quality--sometimes more expensive types--ingredients handled well. I'd put it on your list for sure. That said, I am biased towards foreign flavors and "form factors" and take that over American/French styled--though hi quality--food experiences.
Enjoy your meals!

Mar 12, 2012
slowens24 in Phoenix

cuocco pazzo update? new finds in Chinese? Distrito

Greetings to the BOARD from the land of green trees, gray skies and, more Chowhoundly speaking, oysters and sea tastes, pho, coffee and farmers' the blue skies, cacti, spectacular sunsets and tanned foothills.
Chowhoundly looking forward to regular stops: Mex (Los Reyes de la Torta, Gallo Blanco), NM/Mex (Dos Molinos), Latin (Deseo), "upscale comfort" & local vino (FnB), pizza & pannini etc. (PB and PB, I know, not what it used to be w/o Chris as chief pizzaiolo) , Italian (Andreoli's)
Kai usually on the list....and someone else's tab, but not in the mix this visit.

I am wondering about Cuocco Pazzo....even more so since I learned very recently that a creative force has departed. Has anyone been there to assess for damage?
As a native New Yorker/Long Islander I still search for any Italian or Chinese venues wherever we go, but it's difficult to find much beyond the "generic" selections and quality of ingredients, so when I read about Cuocco it seemed like it would be worth a try. Now What?

And last. I've read some positive comments about Distrito. I wonder if anyone can "characterize" it, in that it appears to be new in the past year and I'm wondering if it's a trendy tidbit or a solid find.
Thanks for any help.
My Seattle suggestions are available if you are headed up this way!

Feb 28, 2012
slowens24 in Phoenix

Chocolate Bread Update

I believe there is a recipe in Nancy Silverton's bread cookbook....I'm not at home now so can't recall it's title.

Feb 17, 2010
slowens24 in Phoenix

Yearly visitor seeking updated recommendations

Thanks for all of the great ideas. We are in the area from 3/17-27 so hopefully we'll make it to several on the lists. I thought I ran across the mention of a Carolina's somewhere west...if so, what's the word on that one?
One of the folks we are meeting who ventures to the area more frequently these days, mentioned having a great--if not adventuresome--meal at Cartwrights. I've not seen that on anyone's fave lists (in response to my post or several other threads over the years)
And Thanks again!

Feb 12, 2010
slowens24 in Phoenix

Yearly visitor seeking updated recommendations

We are Chowhounds from Seattle who are making our 16th annual visit to PHX and seeking some restaurant joyfulness. Over the years we've developed some repeat stops and had some disappointments. Some faves have folded up the tent (SeaSaw, Mosaic are 2 biggies) and Pizzeria and Pane Bianco , Los Reyes de la Torta, Tradiciones remain beloved. Lee's in Peoria was a treasured find last year. Cyclo good, but LOTS of Vietnamese in Seattle, so not a destination stop unless we find ourselves there. Kai was great and if a friend pays again, we go again! Binkley's same. Rancho Pinot, noca also a repeat if we can find time. Los Sombreros and Los Dos Molinos good and maybe again. Barrio Cafe, same (and maybe the one time was a slightly off night). I guess I'll stop there...just tryjng to give a range of the places we have tried, liked and are willing to find more of. We will be staying N of 101, S of Troon but travel to Peoria (Mariners games) and around the area for a worthy food find.
We love anything with quality and without pretention hopefully.
Suggestions? Free associate or deliberate...whatever!
Thanks. Happy to return the favor if visiting the Pacific NW.

Feb 10, 2010
slowens24 in Phoenix

Yakima Valley...really so bad???

Any specifics on the Mex market? Any finds on the route from Seattle to Yakima?

Aug 23, 2009
slowens24 in Pacific Northwest

Navajo Taco in Phoenix

AZ Native Fry Bread House: we went there on 3/22 and it was closed. We did like the Mexican place on the corner in the same parking lot--though not of course fry bread. El Guero Mexican Grill. Good menudo,flautas,frijoles, fruit drinks, service.
As for the ANFb, according someone working at El Guero, it had been closed for a few months.

Mar 24, 2009
slowens24 in Phoenix