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Favorite Burger Toppings?

tiffeecanoe, you're making me hungry.....

Jul 13, 2012
ckr in Home Cooking

Marzipan Caramel Apples with Sesame and Almond

ummm, I imagine the marzipan filling would be nice with the sourness of the granny apple...

Oct 01, 2008
ckr in Recipes

Easy-Bake Birthday Cakes

This Carrot Cake rocks--and I really love carrot cake

Jul 28, 2008
ckr in Features

Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

hey, the picture changed

Jun 26, 2008
ckr in Recipes


breadboxes are not that radical of an item to store bread--very common--the benefit is the 'breads set location', unlike various bags of bread lost or misplaced in random cupboards, or one big hobo bag that looks like santa is a baker. the bread box is like the cookie jar. a place that creates memory--a proustian activator of the senses.

Mar 16, 2008
ckr in Features



Mar 11, 2008
ckr in Recipes

Sweet Hot Mustard

whheeeeeeewwwwww, this mustard rocks!

Feb 27, 2008
ckr in Recipes

Salade Lyonnaisey

bravo--ummm, this salad is delicious

Feb 23, 2008
ckr in Recipes


i use lemon and lime, jalapenos and serranos and cumin and cayenne--a good guac needs the full gamut..I also use lots of garlic but i mince it into a small bowl with the lemon juice for 30 minutes to mellow it out...

Jan 28, 2008
ckr in Recipes

Super Bowl for a Crowd

wow, the colors pop! nice spread. Where's the salad--oh yeah, the guacamole!

Jan 24, 2008
ckr in Features

What to order at Chow

I just ate there last night! The fennel pizza and half roast chicken are consistantly good-actually have become fresher and tastier than ever--if you like spicy, ask for a few of the piquant jalapeno peppers on the pizza, if you can handle it they match the fennel sausage wonderfully--the thin crust is crispy too...the goat cheese starter is served as fondue style-rich but agreeable. I would stay away from those noodle soups on the menu, not very nice (dont even sit next to someone thats ordered it because you'll hear them complain all evening). the sapid chocolate pie is a must...

May 18, 2007
ckr in San Francisco Bay Area

Tap This

Hoegaarden is a fine 'white beer' but Blanche de Chambly, Allagash White, Wittekerke Wit, Brugs Tarwebier, are also summer love. If you dont like the flavor style of Hoegaarden you may like the anchor summer beer, or the malty-sweeter Schneider Weisse..

May 16, 2007
ckr in Features

Flemish Sour Beer

Rodenbach Alexander and De Dolle ' Ara Beer' are also related and special--usually people who like sour beers also gueuze beers.

May 10, 2007
ckr in Features

Film Feast

Tampopo is japanese.

Feb 20, 2007
ckr in Features

Death Be Not Hungry

Celia A. Shapiro recreated dozens of prisoners' last meals with a series of photos called 'Last Meals.' The show was at Camerawork in San Francisco. I remember the images being overtly saturated--colorful depictions of strange last requests like a dozen hot dogs, three gallons of soda..

Jan 02, 2007
ckr in Features

Gastropubs: Hot or Not?

There is a type of disenchanting quality to many of London's gastropubs, unfortunately they seem to be the only places in which to actually find an interesting selection of beer. Belgo and Bierdrome spread across the entire city and are usually placed in up and coming places like Islington and North Clapham, they offer something different than the typical pub trilogy of Guinness, Stella, and Strongbow--and though I've eaten quite often in many of London's gastropubs I've never had a meal which matched the complex compliment of the beer selection.

Sep 23, 2006
ckr in Features