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Italian takeout in lower Westchester

Thanks to everyone for their posts. As of today, I'm leaning towards Valentino's - I just spoke with them and they will make a pasta and a chicken dish that will reheat well.
Happy New Year to all!

Italian takeout in lower Westchester

Has anybody been to Abatino's in White Plains? I'm looking for good Italian takeout and I heard it's great. If not, any other suggestions? Many thanks.

Captiva on Christmas?

Foodie Friends are leaving for a week in Captiva on Christmas day. Any place open on Christmas that you'd recommend?

Dec 24, 2006
Janet3457 in Florida

New Year's Eve - Take out for 6

Sorry!! I'm in Westchester - but lower Fairfield works as well.

New Year's Eve - Take out for 6

We're not braving the crowds or inflated prices and will be celebrating at home.
Any suggestions on good Italian that will not only reheat well but won't break the bank. If not Italian, any other ideas?

I'm very flexible - but my guests are not - no Indian, no sushi, etc. for them.

Thanks for the help!!!

Takeout rotisserie chicken in Westchester?

I usually pick up rotisserie chicken from Misti Cafe in Port Chester or Poultry Time in New Rochelle.
Any other places I should try?