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In response to avoiding "Pesky Americans!" (Yankees)

Peter, thanks for posting that, very interesting. 2015 is going to be my year to elevate my French from being able to read and understand pretty well to being able to really speak. Toward that end I have a 2 week stint in a language school booked for the fall followed by another 2 weeks of practicing. (p.s. this is Michele in Spokane, I tried sending an email to your work address, have you finally retired?)

Jan 16, 2015
mr99203 in France

Ciabatta Help!

If someone is looking for really specific instructions for making ciabatta using a Kitchenaid stand mixer, I found the post on thekitchn.com useful.

Nov 12, 2014
mr99203 in Home Cooking

Timpano - a fun writeup

After years of thinking about this, I finally made and served one last night. It was a really fun process, done over about 3 days at a leisurely pace. I did the pasta frolla crust rather than a pure pasta (see the Tipsy Cook's blog). The timpano weighed 16.4 lbs when I put it into the oven. It was delicious, 15 people ate about 3/4 of it... the process and the party were well worth the effort.

Feb 16, 2014
mr99203 in Home Cooking

Thank you, Chowhounders!

Mine are still in service and look almost as good as new. And I use some of them pretty hard -- I bleach the dutch oven about once a year to bring back the interior color. I lost a few pieces in a divorce for several years, but my son retrieved them on a visit with this dad a few years ago, so I have my whole set again! I've supplemented with a few more LC flame pieces that cost much more than my original set.

Jan 24, 2014
mr99203 in Cookware

Thank you, Chowhounders!

I bought my workhorse set of Cousances (2 saucepans with lids, small enameled frypan, larger frypan with black interior, and dutch oven with lid) in flame at Sears in about 1973 for $79.95.

Jan 24, 2014
mr99203 in Cookware

Where to buy duck fat and truffle salt in MSP?

my W-S has both duck fat and truffle salt...

Jan 23, 2014
mr99203 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Pulled pork

Use as lard in tamales...

Jan 15, 2014
mr99203 in Home Cooking

Recipes (Meal Ideas) for someone who doesn't cook?

Does he like fish? When I'm trying to eat the way that his health requires, a quick meal of vegetables and a fish filet is delicious. Can even be successfully microwaved...

Jan 13, 2014
mr99203 in Special Diets

What can I buy for $35 at William Sonoma?

I agree, the microplane box grater is wonderful. The Flex-It silicone measuring cups are about $25 and are a pleasure to cook with. You can almost always find some spatulas, spoonulas, potholders, and mitts on sale if you're flexible about color. Many of the towel sets are $19.95.

Jan 08, 2014
mr99203 in Cookware

Cup4Cup in Burlington?

There is a Williams-Sonoma in Burlington, they should have it.

Jan 06, 2014
mr99203 in Northern New England

Your favorite products to order on Amazon?

For some reason I can't get dried bucatini for less than 4.99/lb in my small, northwestern city. So I order that from Amazon in giant packages at about $1.50/lb and share it with my friends.

I also sometimes buy San Marzano tomatoes (same issue, high price here), tahini, duck fat, whatever I can find a great price on...

Dec 21, 2013
mr99203 in General Topics

How many of you here from the NW/PNW ?


I cross Chowhound borders and drive to Idaho for dinner at least once a month!

Nov 22, 2013
mr99203 in Site Talk

ISO Fireside Picnic Ideas

Mmm, when I read your post's title, it immediately took me back to a traditional winter picnic during my years in San Francisco.

A cold, rainy night; a blazing fire; cold cracked crab, big salad, wonderful loaf of bread, and a cold bottle of a crisp white wine. Heaven.

Nov 18, 2013
mr99203 in Home Cooking

Master Chef - Junior Edition Premier 9/27/13

I just timed myself singing it and it only took 20 seconds! Are there verses I'm not aware of?

Seriously I've never been a soft boiled egg person and I've been playing with them since I watched this… Yum! I'm settling on 5 minutes for a cold-from-the-refrigerator egg, nice runny yolk over an almost burnt piece of grainy toast (that's another ongoing discussion here).

Nov 04, 2013
mr99203 in Food Media & News

So what's the average Chowhound's age?? (Part 2)


Nov 03, 2013
mr99203 in Not About Food


Mine comes to a simmer relatively quickly on low (say within an hour unless the ingredients are cold to begin with) and then keeps simmering for the rest of the time.

Oct 23, 2013
mr99203 in Home Cooking

PBS FREAK OUT - Joanne Weir. Come on, PBS- you can do better.

The student was Joan Boada, a principal dancer with the SF Ballet.

Aug 22, 2013
mr99203 in Food Media & News

Food Net Work Star Commercials

The repeated commercials drive me crazy! Not only is it the same commercial thoughout the entire playback,(and doesn't seem to change if you watch more than one episode) but the commercial is repeated twice back to back in each break! In order to stay sane, I have to use my mute button! If I were the Buick people, I would not be pleased with the effect I'm getting for my advertising dollar.

Jul 02, 2013
mr99203 in Food Media & News

How do you keep your kitchen towel handy while cooking?

Yes, I had never really thought about it, but I've been using the right-side front belt loop in jeans as a loop for a kitchen towel for years and years.

Oct 12, 2012
mr99203 in Not About Food

Knife sharpening in Spokane?

I'd give him a call or email him (steve “at” sharpstuff.co) just to be sure he'll be there first.

Sep 26, 2012
mr99203 in Pacific Northwest

Knife sharpening in Spokane?

Steve Schmauch, Sharp Stuff, is the only person I've ever used and I've always been absolutely satisfied. His phone number is (509) 220-4346 and his "studio" is on the South Hill. Williams Sonoma recommends him too.

Sep 24, 2012
mr99203 in Pacific Northwest

My husband hates the smell of bacon frying...ideas for a substitute?

Medium High indirect heat, I turn on the front flame and place the bacon in the back to prevent flare ups. Then turn it a few times while it grills. It takes about the same time as frying it in a pan.

May 10, 2011
mr99203 in Home Cooking

My husband hates the smell of bacon frying...ideas for a substitute?

Bacon cooked on a gas grill is my preferred way of cooking it. And when I fry fish, I'll often use an electric skillet on the patio to keep the smell out of the house.

May 09, 2011
mr99203 in Home Cooking


Italia Trattoria in Brownes Addition does a great brunch.

Apr 19, 2011
mr99203 in Pacific Northwest

Burnt pumpkin pie ... what did I do wrong?

Yes, the recipe on the Libby pumpkin can calls for 425 for 15 minutes then down to 350 for the rest of the time. Other recipes typically call for 350 the entire time.

Nov 25, 2010
mr99203 in Home Cooking

"Healthful" baking/desserts--best cookbooks?

In an attempt to keep my cholesterol down, I bought this book (Olive Oil Baking) and so far, it's very good. She usually uses a mix of white and wholewheat pastry flours. Most of the recipes are based on nuts and fruits. I was worried about the texture of butter-less cookies, but I made the Apricot Almond Chews last night and they really are chewy. I warned my usually-picky daughter that they were "healthy" (I used eggbeaters too), she went ahead and tasted them and now has nearly finished the batch.

Nov 15, 2010
mr99203 in Home Cooking

ISO man-pleasing dinner recipes, please!

The turkey meatloaf with sun dried tomato recipe on Epicurious is wonderful, really moist and tasty.

Oct 11, 2010
mr99203 in Home Cooking

Fabulous dinner roll recipe?

I make the potato rolls from Bernard Clayton's bread book for all my family gatherings. There are usually arguments at the table about children filling up on the rolls and not eating anything else! (Those same children get a dozen for their birthday with instructions that no one else is to eat them)

Oct 09, 2010
mr99203 in Home Cooking

Your favorite vegetable gardening reference books

This isn't a classic garden reference book, but it has me planning next year's seed order and rethinking how I do everything: "The Seasons on Henry's Farm." This is a spectacular book, everyone I've leant it to has bought her own copy. Highly, highly, highly recommended!

Oct 08, 2010
mr99203 in Gardening

Spokane and 'environs' - Seeking recommendations

For your next trip, try a brand new place that I really like so far, Italia Trattoria (where Cafe Marron used to be across from the Elk). The women who run it used to work at Luna. Great brunch and lunch (what I've had so far), dinner looks just as promising. Lovely, small space with garage doors that open up to create a patio during nice weather.

Cafe Marron
144 S Cannon St, Spokane, WA 99201

Aug 28, 2010
mr99203 in Pacific Northwest