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Crawfish etouffee in the French Quarter or CBD

Hi friendly chowhounders,

I'm visiting New Orleans this weekend and have a one-track mind: I need some excellent crawfish etouffee! My place of choice used to be Petunia's, but sadly they are no longer in business. Where should I go for the best crawfish etouffee, ideally in the French Quarter or CBD?


Dec 06, 2012
newhart06 in New Orleans

anniversary lunch on a weekday in SF with infant

Naturally, we'll be there on a Tuesday. Fooey! Now I might give up on "fancy" and go for great Greek or Cajun cuisine :D

anniversary lunch on a weekday in SF with infant

Not sure about neighborhoods - we'll have to find parking no matter what. I'm hoping to go to the exploratorium during the day but we don't have to lunch near there. I'm hoping to lunch in SF and not cross a bridge just for a meal.


anniversary lunch on a weekday in SF with infant

Hi folks,

Looking to celebrate our anniversary in SF next month - it'll be a weekday and we'll have our six month old with us. I'd like something special but hopefully not too expensive (under $100 total with no drinks). We have enjoyed Gary Danko and Fifth Floor on past anniversary dinners.

Thanks for your help!

Dining out on November 1?

Thanks! I've got this one mapped out - looks tasty!

Oct 18, 2010
newhart06 in France

Dining out on November 1?

I'll be in Paris on October 31 & November 1 - I know that it will be a challenge to find open restaurants on the 31st because it's a Sunday... but what about Monday, November 1? It's a public holiday, and I don't know if restaurants, boulangeries, etcetera close for such holidays.

I'll be staying in the 14th on the border of the 6th, if you have any recommendations. We're hoping for traditional French cuisine that doesn't bankrupt us.

Thank you!

Oct 15, 2010
newhart06 in France

Salon du Chocolat?

I'll be in Paris during the Salon du Chocolat this year - - and wondering if any of you have attended in the past? Is it a fun experience or is it too crowded to get to taste anything? Sounds like it might be an interesting way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and I would love some personal input here.

Thank you.

Oct 09, 2010
newhart06 in France

Clam Chowder in Santa Cruz and post-kayaking food near Moss Landing?

Hi Chowhounds,

Mom will be visiting and wants to hit up some lunch in Santa Cruz before we go kayaking in Moss Landing. She loves the idea of the clam chowder in the bread bowl, which I know I've seen all over the place on the Wharf. Is there any place you'd recommend we stop at, either on the Wharf or nearby?

After kayaking in Moss Landing, we'll need to find a bite to eat - any suggestions near there, or perhaps in Gilroy on our drive back home? Seafood would be great - nothing too exotic. ;)

Thank you!

Dec 02, 2009
newhart06 in California

Yountville: Etoile is a star – Outstanding Sunday brunch … outstanding

Thanks for all the details - sounds like a must-visit on our next trip up that way! Thank you!

Help, need straightforward special-occasion dining for this Friday! Meat for him, seafood for me

These suggestions are fantastic - thank you so much! At this late time, most of them are booked up, but I am definitely keeping this list handy.

Right now I'm leaning towards Fifth Floor (their steak seems created for my husband), but haven't been able to find much in the way of current reviews since the chef change (bumped a thread up but no response yesterday).

Thank you all so much!

Foie Gras Deflowering: Where's the best place for a first-time foie gras experience in San Jose area?

I've had good foie gras at Parcel 104 in Santa Clara before - they show two different preparations in their menus online right now (one in the chef's tasting and one in the regular dinner menu). Their desserts, though not foie-related, are really great too. ;)

Parcel 104
2700 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Fifth Floor - downhill or still good?

Anyone been recently? Thinking of heading there for dinner in the next few weeks. Thanks!

Help, need straightforward special-occasion dining for this Friday! Meat for him, seafood for me

Thank you for the suggestion of Pampas, but an all-you-can-eat meat-fest isn't really what I had in mind to celebrate our anniversary. ;)

Thanks though! :)

Help, need straightforward special-occasion dining for this Friday! Meat for him, seafood for me

Hi Chowhounders, I need your help!

Celebrating our anniversary on Friday and I need to find a new place to dine. I had made reservations at La Folie, but they kindly emailed me their autumn menu and I know my husband is not going to be happy there.

He's not into foie gras or truffles or things like that. He's more of a steak and potatoes guy. I, however, love seafood and risotto and such (I don't need foie or truffles, but I don't want just a typical steak for myself). The singular beef option at La Folie is a trio that includes a Burger Rossini (which usually has both foie and truffles!) and is a $15 supplement on a menu where he's not going to be excited anyway.

Last year we celebrated at Restaurant Gary Danko, and it was a disappointment - they completely overcooked my husband's filet and shockingly the service was nonexistent. The cheese cart was great, but everything else was lacking - I had really been looking forward to this place and was really let down.

Any suggestions for where we can enjoy a special meal this Friday night? We're coming up to SF from the south bay, so I definitely need a place that accepts reservations.

Thank you!

Fort Bragg & Mendocino in July

Where would you nice folks recommend for a great seafood dinner in the area? We'll be staying in Fort Bragg later this month.


Oct 05, 2009
newhart06 in California

What to eat at Great American Music and Food festival at Shoreline Sat?

Sadly, this event was a complete disaster - see for some of the feedback. I remember the New Orleans by the Bay events and they ran smoothly. Yesterday's disaster has many people to blame, and I have no idea how/if they'll ever bother to try another event like that in the Bay Area since so many people got burned yesterday. Very, very disappointing.

Budget but good food/drink in Athens (surrounding areas)

I am interested if these recs still apply now - I'm going in a couple weeks and have a tight budget. I really want to have some authentic Greek cuisine, but can't go all out on the pricing.


May 31, 2009
newhart06 in Europe

Peninsula afternoon tea recs?

Anyone done tea on the peninsula this year? Would love any current recommendations - thank you!

Peninsula/South Bay restaurants that would satisfy budget-minded foodies?

What do you like at La Bodeguita? I wonder if I've been ordering wrong there. Thank you!

Red Mango/Tartini/Yogurtland in Cupertino

I am a big fan of Yogurtland over the others - I enjoy the self-serve aspect so I can try a little bit of everything.

dessert wine tasting at wineries

Joseph Phelps has a lovely Eisrébe -

I am excited about this thread and look forward to other responses!

La Folie (Long Review)

Thank you for the detailed review - I will definitely put this on my list of places to try!

Vegas seafood buffet?

I'm looking for seafood in particular this week - shrimp, crab, perhaps scallops even? (Lobster isn't necessary, but crab is.) Any suggestions for a good place to go for an all-you-can-eat experience that hopefully won't break the bank? We're not staying on the strip and have a car, so we can definitely drive for the tasty.

Thank you!

Nov 23, 2008
newhart06 in Southwest

Thanksgiving in Vegas

Any recommendations for Thanksgiving lunch or dinner in Vegas? No need to stay on the strip - would just like a great meal at hopefully not insane prices.

Thank you!

Oct 27, 2008
newhart06 in Southwest

Favorite deli near the strip in Vegas?

I'll be in town for CES and I miss the delis in NYC. I know there are a variety of delis now in hotels along the strip - any recommendations for your favorite deli? I'm hoping to find a fantastic corned beef sandwich, and perhaps some good blintzes and other healthy fare. ;)

Thank you!

Dec 21, 2007
newhart06 in Southwest

Deep-fried Cheesecake available in S.F. Bay Area?

Just saw it on the menu at the Brit on Almaden -

I didn't try it - the deep fried Mars bar called out to me and was delicious.

Christmas day brunch in the south bay or elsewhere

Looking for a Christmas day brunch, ideally in the South Bay. I'm not sure which of the hotel options would be best - or if other restaurants would be worth checking out. Would love a big beautiful brunch somewhere - if the best option isn't in the south bay, we could travel to SF.

Thank you!

Bday Dinner in Los Gatos... James Randall?

Any feedback here? I'm also thinking of heading here for my birthday and haven't seen any recent dinner reviews.

Thank you

Parcel 104?

Looking for a special dinner in the south bay for our anniversary and heard Parcel 104 would be a good choice. I've done some searching online but haven't found any recent reviews or full menus.

Anyone been here and want to share their opinion? Things to try or avoid?

Thank you.

Momoya (sushi) Mountain View

I've loved Andy's sushi, but we went last week and the sushi chef (I think he was the owner?) during that visit was fantastic. Though he wasn't as outgoing as Andy, the sushi was outstanding and that's what matters to us. I look forward to the future of this place. Glad to hear a relatively positive review from an "expert" here!