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Where can I find lobster mac and cheese in SF?

Looking for this specific dish..........I have a craving.

Pear Brandy

anyone know where I can find a pear brandy in the style of what they used to make at Carneros Alambic near Napa? Carneros Alambic has closed.

What's a good place to get Thai ingredients?

the richmond.

What's a good place to get Thai ingredients?

Looking to make a few dished, and I need things like palm sugar and lime leaves. Any suggestions?

Entertaining East Coast family in SF

Q on Clement St. btwn 3rd-4th Aves. Grilled meatloaf, Great specials, great winelist. Casual, friendly atmosphere, good for weekend brunch, too.

Visiting San Francisco - best restaurant pics

Catch the F line on Market to the Ferry Building and hit Taylor's for semi-fancy diner food (Tuna Burgers, Pumpkin Shakes)


Primavera has had them on the menu Sat. mornings at the Ferry Plaza farmers market

Looking for good mid-ranged price eats in Magnificent Mile area while on business...any tips?

In town for 4 days, looking for lunch/dinner spots for asian, mexican, and new american food

Sep 25, 2006
Yumgiants in Chicago Area

Where to get an Arnold Palmer drink in the Bay Area?

Any of the Max's Restaurants (Opera Plaza, Stanford). They are huge and made with brewed tea.

Coming to Chicago on business, where should I eat?

Please help me find good non-chain eats. In downtown for 4 days.

Sep 22, 2006
Yumgiants in Chicago Area