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best galettes (as in buckwheat crêpes)?

I don't know if you consider this "hereabouts" but Bistro 29 in Santa Rosa has them:

Bistro 29
620 5th Street, Santa Rosa, CA

If you were in Berkeley for one night,

I would go to Corso, but it's hard to get a reservation there, too.

1788 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709

Early Friday night in Berkeley for older fun-loving SF artists

I haven't been, but maybe Gather would work? It does have a full bar. Michael Bauer's review did say it was noisy. It's maybe a 4-5 block walk from Addison and Milvia.

Meal delivery in Kensington?

Thanks, adrienne156. That sounds like a good local resource for us to use. I'll look into the ACS suggestion, too.

Meal delivery in Kensington?

I have a friend who is recovering from surgery for cancer. She has a husband and three small children and has been the stay-at-home mom. Some distant members of our moms group want to pay for some meal deliveries to help out. They live in Kensington. Any suggestions? We'd be looking for meals that are fairly basic, not fancy, as at least one of the kids is a pretty picker eater, and none of them are foodies.

Dinner in Santa Rosa

I really like Pizzeria Rosso. Great pizzas from a woodburning oven. I think they have a short ribs dish, which was good, too. Also, some good salumi.

Rosso Pizzeria & Wine Bar
53 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa, CA

Group dinner near Apple in Cupertino?

My organization is looking to do a group dinner after a conference at Apple in Cupertino. We're having a bit of a problem finding a nice, non-chain place that can accommodate about 35 in a separate room. Los Alto Grill and Aldo have been suggested but they don't seem to able to accommodate all of us in a separate room. Any ideas?

Dinner and a Movie

Hmm, don't see it on their web site. As I remember, it was selections from the regular menu that they could get to the table pretty quickly. So you could go there before a movie and get in and out if that was what you wanted.

Monterey Market

I go to Monterey Market almost every Saturday morning and have for several years. I went this Saturday and didn't at all feel any sense of tenseness. In fact, I saw the checkers joking around much more with each other than I have seen before.

There seem to be more smaller bins with fruit, and there were tastings out of several of the stone fruits, which I hadn't seen before. It was fantastic fruit, too, nectarines, peaches, and pluots. I was glad to have the opportunity to taste them, and I bought some because of that. They were $3.19/lb., so on the pricey side. So, to me, it seems like as much or more selection and better labeling.

Cafe Brioche, Palo Alto, any experience with their brunch?

Those are some great suggestions particularly since the no-full-bar may be a dealbreaker. My mom likes her old-fashioned. I think they are prejudiced against Il Fornaio and the Crowne Plaza. The Rosewood sounds interesting, and Scott's may fill the bill, too. I think we have done the Westin before, and it was fine. I wonder why my dad didn't mention it.

They have tried the Four Seasons and hated it. My dad was going to walk out without paying because he literally couldn't find anyone to pay when they were ready to go.

Thanks again. I will report back.

Cafe Brioche, Palo Alto, any experience with their brunch?

I'm trying to find a new place to go with my parents for Sunday brunch, in or near Menlo Park. They're in their 80s, conservative food-wise. Their old brunch favorites, usually in hotels (Stanford Court, Rickey's, etc.) have closed down. Ideal place must have full bar, be fairly quiet, and have good service. I saw Cafe Brioche on Yelp. Would this fit the bill? Any other ideas?

Dinner and a Movie

The Alameda Theater has several restaurants very close to it. My husband and I tried Pappo across the street a while ago and it was good. They had a special movie menu.

a quiet cafe in Albany for a mtg

Leila's on San Pablo, south of Gilman. Good coffee, some baked goods. It's a little "Berkeley", so not super business-like in and of itself.

Cafe Leila
1724 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

Berkeley breakfast and lunch on a Friday

The closest would be to park near La Note or Venus on Shattuck, but it's still a 15-minute walk to I-House from there. It's also hard to find the 4-hour parking you would need for that. There is some 4-hour parking on Dwight west of Shattuck. One thing people do is drive to Ashby BART, park there, and take BART to downtown Berkeley.

Any EBay Brkfst Places I Haven't Been To 500 Times?

Oh, I didn't know the name had changed, although I know I was there after it was sold. It was a really delicious brunch, and I see it starts at 8, so you could call it breakfast. There is also a little tiny kids play area, which kept my daughter occupied after she was done eating.

Any EBay Brkfst Places I Haven't Been To 500 Times?

I second 900 Grayson. Great corned beef hash and waffles. Also, Kensington Bistro has a really nice breakfast.

Who makes the best French onion soup?

I had a great French onion soup at Bistro Liaison last Saturday night. They also had fabulous escargot. We ended up with 3 orders for the seven people at our table.

Casual Berkeley Rehearsal Dinner

I don't know what day this is, but driving down University can be a nightmare on the weekends. I've spent 15 minutes going from Sacramento to San Pablo.

Dinner before Berkeley Rep?

There is La Rose Bistro. I haven't been there in a long time, but maybe others have more recently. I remember it as being French/Vietnamese.

La Rose Bistro
2037 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Need resto reccos for picky parents

What about Michael Mina or The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton?

Good food outdoors in Berkeley-Oakland area?

Cafe Leila has nice patio in back with a little fountain and umbrellaed tables. It can get breezy, but if warm and calm, it's really nice. I had the best BLT there ever a couple of weeks ago.

Resto etiquette - splitting plates

Thanks all for your time and replies. I feel more comfortable with my options.

Apr 24, 2008
meemster in France

Cri de detresse: Les Elysees closed near term - what to do?

I had booked a lunch for my little family of 3 in June at Les Elysees before hearing on this board that chef is probably leaving. Was your cancellation a one-time thing or are they cancelling in general, do you know? I had thought we'd go anyway, but I'm wondering if the place will be in some degree of disarray?

Apr 24, 2008
meemster in France

rivoli on shattuck?

I went by it last week and there was nothing new posted. I'll stroll by when I get coffee today and see if there is anything new. The latest development I've seen was putting brown paper up on the windows.

Resto etiquette - splitting plates

Hi, all,
My husband, 7-year-old daughter, and I will be coming to Europe for the first time this summer and spending a week in Paris in late June. I'm, of course, in a bit of sticker shock over restaurant prices b/c of the weak dollar.

I'm trying to research ways to eat out without having to get my daughter a whole meal, but I don't want to do something really gauche. Is it ok to ask for an extra plate for her so she can have parts of mine and my husband's meal or to ask to have dishes split? She is a good eater and likes many things, but of course, just can't eat as much as an adult. She loves to sample whatever I or her dad are eating. I think another alternative would be to get her just an appetizer instead of main dish.

Any other suggestions for reducing our costs with her without looking like boors? (Starving her probably not a good idea :-).) We'll be doing the usual picnic things, but I'd like to eat out a few times.


Apr 09, 2008
meemster in France

Best low/mid range in Berkeley area?

Maybe Adagia? The most expensive thing on the menu is Grilled Flat Iron Steak for $25, so if everyone ordered that, you'd be out of luck, but the other entrees are $13-23.

rivoli on shattuck?

It's on the west side of Shattuck between Francisco and Delaware, where Phoenix Pastificio used to be. Misto didn't last long there.

walking distance of Cal (any side)

By the way, the Khana Peena place on Oxford in Berkeley is gone. The two side-by-side former restaurants (other was most recently a Filipino place) have been combined into one Curry-for-a-Dollar (not sure if that's quite right) place. I have no idea if Aggarwals still own it.

walking distance of Cal (any side)

Lucky House Thai & Lao on University right below Oxford is a lunch regular spot for me.

Lucky House
2140 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Berkeley - Hopkins Street Bakery’s morning buns and more

I was there at about 10 in the morning. The doughnut seemed like it was still warm from being cooked. Yum!