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Recommendations for Neenah, Wisc.

The Fox Valley is a bit of a wasteland for food, but there are some local specialties worth checking out. Frank's Pizza Palace in Appleton is an institution, and is quite good. I read Jeff Lindsay's blog below, which is not favorable to Frank's, and I guess I can only say that someone who would deign to eat Pizza Hut pizza in preference to anything else has his own issues. But the true local specialties are in the Green Bay area: (1) Chili John's Chili, which is unlike any chili from anywhere else, is an institution and worth the drive (people actually charter flights up from Chicago to have lunch there and John Madden routinely goes there for a bowl whenever he is covering a game in GB) and (2) Kroll's, home of the butter burger (I prefer the East side to the West side, but the west side is a little more convenient and across from Lambeau). Both of these will give you a heart attack, but you asked for local specialties . . . As a third choice, kind of in a different category, is the Union Hotel in De Pere. Totally old school, also an institution, it feels like you stepped into a 1940s restaurant, and in effect, you have.

May 18, 2007
jfkfc in General Midwest Archive

ISO cocktail meatball recipe

I seem to recall that Mark Bittman had a recipe for a better-than-the-ubiquitous cocktail meatballs in the NYT a couple of weeks back. I tracked the article to here:
but it is a TimesSelect piece, so you would have to take the dive. Might be able to find elsewhere on the web, but Bittman is reliable. Or, see if Broder's Cucina at 50th and Penn can make some up for you.

Jan 06, 2007
jfkfc in Home Cooking

Best Meal In/Around Detroit and Milwaukee - money not a concern - please help!

Sanford is good, but if you are truly food obsessed (and you sound like you are), make the relatively short drive to Chicago and eat at Alinea, The Peninsula, Moto, Schwa, Charlie Trotter's, Arun's, Trio . . .

Nov 27, 2006
jfkfc in General Midwest Archive

Copyrighting recipes?

Part of what is being confused here is the distinction between copyright protection for the literary work of a recipe and for possible protection of the finished dish as a copyrightable work (presumably as a sculpture or visual work, or some other such thing). Different works have different standards under the copyright law. For instance, sculptural works are not copyrightable if they are functional or if the otherwise copyrightable material is conceptually inseparable from the functional purpose. Under that standard, ask whether Msr. Contu's smelly fork is copyrightable? Probably not.

A tougher question is whether the dish itself is copyrightable. I suppose to answer that question, one would have to know whether food is considered functional or not and, if so, the functional aspect (I imagine nutrition) is conceptually separable from the nutritional aspects. Based on my experiences at Alinea, Moto, El Bulli, etc., I think a reasonable case can be made that such food is not functional. So, without doing more research, maybe copyrightable.

I do not necessarily agree with C. Hamster's assertion that "A list of quantities of ingredients is not copyrightable." Under copyright law, only a minimal degree of creativity is required in order to constitute an original literary work. And one is entitled to copyright protection of a compilation or collective work even if the individual elements are not copyrightable. The Court in Feist said that this may be a thin copyright, but it is a copyright nevertheless. The selection, arrangement, and coordination of ingredients (to say nothing of the quantities of those ingredients) might therefore be copyrightable. Again, an open question.

But the bottom line is that actually suing someone for damages on the basis of violation of these copyrights is not financially viable in most cases, and even if it were, it is kind of a prickish thing to do. The culture of copying, and indeed the very encouragement for chefs to pick up a technique and riff on it, should be sufficient to discourage the kind of pure misappropriation described in the article.

Oct 10, 2006
jfkfc in Food Media & News

Locanda Cipriani on Torcello in Venice-Good?

Was last there about 8 years ago, but it was wonderful. Is best for lunch since it is a bit of a trek to get out and back, and if the sun is shining, the view of the garden is great.

Oct 09, 2006
jfkfc in Italy


I had dinner at Gundel a number of years ago and thought it was mediocre. At that time, the meal at Alabardosz(?) was much better but still unimpressive. I think the best meal we had was in Kecskemet(?) at the Liberte Kaffehaus (or something like that).

Sep 22, 2006
jfkfc in International Archive

Good Dinner in St. Louis

I am looking for a nice restaurant (price no object) to take a client in St. Louis. I have had a couple of disappointing meals on the Hill and have heard that Tony's has long been in decline (I have not been there for a number of years). I also thought BarCelona was probably the worst imitation of tapas I have ever seen in my life. Any thoughts on promising young chefs or venues?

Sep 22, 2006
jfkfc in General Midwest Archive