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History of microwave-cooking?

I attended the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University, graduated in 1962. We did some of the original experiments with the Amanda Radarange (as it was called then) to determine what could be successfully cooked in it, and if it had any uses in a commercial kitchen. Two of the uses I remember were baking potatoes when you had run out of the ones prepared for the evening, and to precook your fried chicken before actually frying it so that it was done before it was burnt.

Jul 08, 2011
jfcronin in General Topics

Sunday Brunch in the East Bay

Thank you so much, I checked out the menu and we will be making a reservation there for next Sunday.

Chico Restaurants

Gas House is still open and it is Awesome pizza.

Sep 22, 2006
jfcronin in California

Sunday Brunch in the East Bay

prefer Berkeley area, looking for a casual to gourmet Sunday Brunch for 6 people.