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Braised Brisket with Beans and Ancho Chile

We just tried this.
We weren't able to find epazote but the sauce was pretty tasty. We used roasted potatoes re Eat_Nopal's suggestion (and because we love them).

Our big complaint was that the amount of liquid was awfully high for braising, so the brisket came out stewed. This was even during the first 2 hours (before the beans are supposed to soak up liquid.) Our favorite corned beef recipe is 325 for 5 hours, but that doesn't seem to be significant enough for the drastic texture change. My only solution is the submerging v. half covering of most braises. Any other thoughts?


Jan 02, 2008
kbellnier in Recipes

Substitute for epazote


I just came across this ingredient in this recipe. As a Charlestown resident who was disappointed by WF not having (or heard of) this. WHERE in Prov did you find it?

Karen B

Dec 29, 2007
kbellnier in Home Cooking

Carne Asada

Vass - can you provide one that is?

Mar 23, 2007
kbellnier in Recipes


I tried this twice in one weekend. It was a lovely balance of flavors. The first time, I forgot the bitters until the drinks were half gone. It was quite nice without them, but exponentially better with it!

Could this recipe be moved to the recipe lists so others will more easily find it?


Mar 21, 2007
kbellnier in Recipes

Shallow Digging in the Dining Underworld

Now you know why I stopped subscribing. How many beautiful yet wholly unattainable 'brunches' can one look at?


Mar 09, 2007
kbellnier in Features

Film Feast

Definite vote for Big Night.

Of course, the diner scene in When Harry Met Sally needs a mention - both for the ordering 'style' and the result of the conversation.


Feb 19, 2007
kbellnier in Features