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Savannah Eats - BBQ, Fried Chicken Requests

Oh, i think i didnt clarify. we got serious Georgia que!
2Bubba's- owned by two french-trained/ex fine dining hippy brothers that use the pork jus instead of h2o to cook their collards and stew, and even a CAJA-CHINA sp. on occasion.
PIT STOP BBQ, hwy80, down in a hole, owned by a preacher!
AngelsBBQ, downtown. tattoo-pierced crowd, funky sauce
PAPA's whitemarsh island, local only hotspot
VIC's is a very upscale spot with great views, 'tweakedupsouthern' menu, very well executed.
check out

Savannah Eats - BBQ, Fried Chicken Requests

Here's the current state of Food in SAV:
Fried Chicken-The Lady & Sons, or Mrs. Wilkes, no res, if ya want to stand in line for hours. The Holland House-rare find off beaten path, lunch only, 352-3382. Also, worth mentioning: Nikki & Mama's on MLK, or Geneva's on victory dr. for soul food too!
BBQ- New place opened up downtown last month called Blowin' Smoke. OUTSTANDING but pricey. Pink Pig is a hike into SC, and very inconsistent hours of operation. Somebody mentioned Coffee Bluff BBQ, my personal favorite, it has changed hands and now is 2Bubbas BBQ,921-1144, Walls is closed for renovation. we avoid Johnny Harris like the plague, not very palatable anymore...
UMMMM BEEER- Moon River brews a damn good beer, stick with apps, the food is TERRIBLE. The OSBC has been closed for a few years now. This is a PBR town!
BEST MEAL IN SAV, in my humble yet educated opinion- Elizabeth's, ChaBella, Zunzi's, Vic's, 2BubbasBBQ, BonnaBellaYachtClub, NobleFare

Looking for chow along S. Atlantic coast

check out these websites when you get to Savannah: ,

Savvanah Takeout - BBQ, Pizza, Chinese ?

WANGS 2 on Waters delivers, and serves a mighty tasty crispy duck

Savvanah Takeout - BBQ, Pizza, Chinese ?

I wouldn't even take my dreaded mother in law's 1/2 dead poodle to Johnny Harris, that place is AWFUL!!!

Savvanah Takeout - BBQ, Pizza, Chinese ?

Savannah's best BBQ- Smoke Station, 2 Bubba's, Muthers, Pit Stop..

Savvanah Takeout - BBQ, Pizza, Chinese ?

My favorite Midtown spots (i live on 56th and Habersham): King and I- Thai,New South Cafe-greeat take out, Toucan Cafe-carrib/fusion, Carraway Cafe- gourmet takeout, Sweet Potatoes-semicasual southern, Holland House- best 6dollar cafe style in town!! Saigon Flavors, next to the sex shop on Waters Ave. is outstanding.
Stay away from Old Savannah Diner, Kaceys, Bella, Clary's, Exchange, and Chen's: All midtown's worse places for various reasons.
As for PecanPie- Head down to the river, River House Bakery, next to the RiverHouse Seafood restuarant; best pecan pie in town!!!!

Savannah: dinners alone in the historic district

Vics on the River is a great higher end solo nice lunch or dinner spot. Sapphire Grill has a lot of solo evening diners @ the bar. Churchhills on Bay serves decent food, in a great dining room nice large bar. For fried goodness close to the Hyatt with a view, i'd check out Tubby's on Riverstreet. Kinda Kitschy touristy seafood joint, with live music best deck/view on River Street.

Savannah Christmas

HMMM, I'm rarely @ a loss for words. I'll do some checking and get back to you. Where are y'all staying? Most folks are closed for the day, but being that Christmas is on a Tuesday, a decent selection of my cities best should be open for your enjoyment the rest of the week. Give me a couple days, i'll have something for ya.

Best (Funniest? Wittiest?) Food Quotes

To a conga beat "YOU DON'T WIN FRIENDS WITH SALAD!" -Bart Simpson

Oct 19, 2007
Tomatokid in Not About Food

Thanksgiving Dinner near Camp Lejeune/Jacksonville

Head South to Wilmington. Beautiful coastal river/marsh views.

Oct 16, 2007
Tomatokid in Southeast

Traveling to Savannah Nov 4-9. Need veggie options!

As a produce wholesaler, I would be happy to recommend a few spots. However, As a swine worshippin' Southern Boy I say throw in the towel. Here's where some outstanding Vegetarian dishes, not yer average b.s. grilled portabella, can be found: Sapphire Grill $$$$$, 45 Bistro $$$$, Local1110 $$$, Skylar's $$$, JazzTapas $$$, Zunzi's $$, Season's Japanese Bistro $$. Enjoy.

Anniversary Trip to Savannah-dinner recs?

Here's a few morsels about an enjoyable time in SAV: Elizabeth's on 37th for the anniversary w/wife; Sapphire Grill for the girlfriend. Also check out 45Bistro @ the Marshall House on Broughton St. very historic inn, with a very modern dining room and outstanding foodie menu. Dinner spots abound for foodies Il Pasticcio is one of the top rated modern Italian in US; Local 1110, a new gem just off Forsyth Park, will be the next Savannah place you hear about nationally. I'm not for Garibaldi's BistroSavannah or PinkHouse, because they aren't locally owned. The only one that has a lunch reflective of their dinner is Vic's on the River. You should enter from Bay Street so as not to be an uninformed tourist, is a white tablecloth spot putting out incredible Southern Renaissance cuisine. Ask for the window table, overlooks the river with a small balcony, very romantic 2 bottles of wine lunch.
If you want hangout spots- check out Tybee Island, off season is lower price.
Downtown fill your belly lunches: Mrs. Wilkes, stand in line w/tour bus set @least once.
Zunzi- alittle take out spot with very good worldwide ethnic cuisine.
For more check out local web

Best (Funniest? Wittiest?) Food Quotes

"Sure Lisa, there's some magical animal that gives us bacon and ham and ribs." Homer Simpson

Oct 10, 2007
Tomatokid in Not About Food

Best (Funniest? Wittiest?) Food Quotes

Sous Chef: "5 second rule";
Expediter: "but it's for a VIP!"
Sous Chef: "Alright 10 seconds." -(kitchen name witheld to protect the reputation)

"Good cooking, good eating, good loving; Quality gets ALL". Paul Prudhomme

Oct 10, 2007
Tomatokid in Not About Food

Hilton Head Island (HHI) - Report on Food

IT's great to see an accurate report of fvacation destinations. I do bizz on HHI everyday. Most of the places you went, we frequent or they are customers.
I really am impressed with the palate of Chapel Hill diners; harkening back to the late 80's, Cook's Corner & Southern Seasons! Y'all have been @ the culinary forefront of the South for a while. Please come on back down; check out what Savannah's got in the works. An honest concise look @ my hometown would be most grateful. Here's a link to get ya thinking about SAV

Oct 09, 2007
Tomatokid in Southeast

Chef Incoming? [moved from South board]

Chef, the 3 aforementioned areas are ripe for growth. Check the demographics on Savannah, Hilton Head/Bluffton,SC and Charleston.
Charleston is a massive growth market, yet, super saturated with well educated, talented, good cooks and chef's. Hilton Head area is growing well, too. However, you still are dealing with a very seasonal market. Savannah is a growing market, with very few fine dining spots. Many chefs here are betting on the come and succeeding.
Also, check out a few smaller markets; medium sized college towns have always been good spots for fine dining. Winston-Salem, Chapel Hill, Athens, Clemson, Statesboro GA, Tuscaloosa ALA, Wilmington NC.

Oct 05, 2007
Tomatokid in Not About Food

What do Chowhounds do for a living (besides eat of course)? [old]

I'm a "Chef without a Kitchen". If you still have an ounce of passion left in your soul;You can't be an ex-chef, any more than you can be an ex- Southerner. I sell fresh produce wholesale. Every bit of my income goes to tasting, eating, cooking. I vacation according to interesting cuisine. I eat lunch weekly with groups of gourmands and foodies. All my friends are in the industry. I'll drive across town to 3 different stores just for better stuff...

Oct 04, 2007
Tomatokid in Not About Food

Savannah/Tybee Island Dining


Savannah/Tybee Island Dining

Stingrays is very good and very affordable. My choices for Tybee best would have to include Sundae Cafe and Hunter House both much better than George's on Tybee. You really need to find the Outback Cafe, it's attached to chevron station on the left @ your first light when you hit the island, great local's only joint. In-town: BonnaBella Yacht Club, don't let the name fool ya; everything is on paper or in baskets. They do oyster roasts on sundays in season, and have the best view of the marshes for all Savannah. If you are goin into town try to catch the Starland Dairy Farmers Market on the weekends.

Romantic Dinner in Memphis

STELLA STELLA STELLA sensory satisfaction guranteed. Very romantic, ask for a table on the mezzanine.

Bourdain in South Carolina

As a native Southerner, I liked Tony's SC adventure. I believe that was his first journey down this way. He hit the basics with a fervor and reverance we usually don't see from "visitin'Yankees". I really appreciated him admitting that he knew more about Singapore than the American South. Hopefully, we will see more of Bourdain in Dixie. The anthropological value of our cuisine alone, past and present, is a subject i would like to see more folks exploring.

Sep 21, 2007
Tomatokid in Food Media & News

Savannah Soft Shell Crab Emergency

Head out Ft'. MacAllister Rd. towards Kilkenny to the shrimpers Co-Op. Bruce Ford, one of the best chefs in our area just opened up a place out there. If any one could tell ya where or serve ya the best soft shells go see him!

Savannah - Tybee top 7

Not to trample on taste buds of others, so I'll be sweet with my Rec's.
On Tybee-
AJ's: $$$ back river sunset views best seafood on Tybee.
Hunter House: $$$$ elegant dinner, more value than George's less attitude.
Sundae Cafe:$$$ just cause it's in a gas station parking lot don't overlook this new culinary gem of the island. Best wine list and best lunch/dinner on Island.
Off Island-
Flying Fish: $ new spot for the venerable Williams seafood family, great low cost fresh seafood.
Bonna Bella Yacht Club: $$ best view in town. Hard to find but worth it.
In Town:
Local 1110: $$$ best new Chef in town, my personal favorite in town.
Sweetleaf BBQ: $$ it's made by white boys but fantastic!!
I sell to most everybody in town, these are my choices for my own mom.
Enjoy our town! Hope y'all have a great time.

May 22, 2007
Tomatokid in Southeast

Happy Hour in Savannah?

Cobblestone ConchHouse on riverstreet, the least touristy place on the river, also the least crowded during that time, call and ask for Brooke or Dominic.
Tubby's is great for happy hour, not for big crowds, the local following is pretty fierce when it comes to Friday spots at the bar.
If your cool with some thing out of downtown I'd check with BonnaBellaYacht Club on Isl of Hope, great view, inside outside, and very friendly for large groups. Thety don't open until 4pm so Chef Mac might open up early just for y'all.

Savannah business lunch recommendations

Depending on the client: If you knows his kids names, try SoHo South on Liberty or B.Matthews on Bay Street.
If it's a single client: WildWing on the market.
If it's a big sale, white table cloth style: Vic's on the River; don't let the name fool ya, you enter on Bay Street. Very competent staff and best higher end lunch in town.

Savannah, GA Huey's and Garibaldi's

Two decent choices. Garbaldi's service has always been lacking;the owners have PinkHouse and BistroSavannah also but run them out of Charleston; so absentee owners make for lackluster staff. Huey's is typically on point for lunch, excellent breakfast,too.
Many fine dining/white table cloth places in SAV do that scoured flounder better. If you have the time you should come back and try it at AJ's on Tybee Island. The most consistent quality fish in town, so they run out quickly; they also change oil more frequently than most.
Up the cobblestones from Huey's is Vic's on the River. Probably the best food in town right now.
Come on back, we need more foodie visitors!!!

Saturday lunch in Savannah

For a low key lunch in Savannah you may want to stay off river street; however if you dont mind the crowds check out the Cobblestone Conch House.
It's at the west end of river street, top quality semi-local fare in a beautiful dining room, great mojito's...

Easy on and of 1-16 take montgomery street exit, turn right on liberty st. about 4 blocks down on the left- check out SoHo South, corner of Whittaker and Liberty Street.
As far as greatest lunch in town- B.Matthews Eatery on Bay Street. try the Blackeye pea cake sandwich.
For a little out of the way I'd suggest NorthBeach Grill on Tybee Island @ the light house. It's a bit like the Salty Dog on HHI.
I sell produce to most of these places, they all have competent chefs and clean kitchens...

Seeking Athens, GA expense account meals

Ya know; as a Southerner, a Georgian, a foodie, and a chef, I am proud of Athens.
A goodsized SEC town on the river. Folks are as adamant about their food as their music.
I ask this question; How can you say ya ain't a food town when these many folks can speak so passionately about likes and dislikes in really just one big neighborhood with a Varsity?.See y'all from Savannah..

Memphis Restaurants

STELLA. The location, the room, the mezzanine, the hostess, the wine list, and of course: Chef Johnny Kirk. This Chef is the new breed of Southern Chefs. Chef Kirk takes the best time honored oldschool techniques, sends em down the river for some Deltification, and smacks ya in the face with full flavor and uncommon consistency and you say "Thank You."