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Charlie Palmer Steakhouse

I have a reservation for Charlie Palmer Steakhouse and am very much looking forward to it. I will like to know what are your thoughts in regards to the steakhouse. Any items on the menu I should order (I am definitely ordering some type of steak)? Any items to stay away from? Any feedback is appreciate!

Vegetarian restaurants in DC?

Hi any recommendations for good vegetarian restaurants in DC? Nothing fancy but healthy and fast. I just got back after being a year away in Austin, Texas for work. I dearly miss all the great vegetarian offerings in Austin (like Kerby Lane Cafe and Mr. Natural).

hainanese chicken rice

I have been dying for some good Hainanese Chicken Rice. I am about an hour from Austin. Is there anywhere in Austin that I can get a good dish of Hainanese Chicken Rice? Any help is appreciated.

Dec 21, 2006
joyjooy in Texas

Chinese for dinner tonight - any recs in the Baileys Crossroads area?

Full Kee or Mark's Duck House. Mark's Duck House has the best cantonese wonton soup. All worth it!

Equinox Harvest Dinner anyone going?

Anyone heading to Equinox's Harvest Dinner? I was told Equinox have this type of special dinner four times a year. It cost $100 (not cheap) however it includes wine for each course so it does not seem to be a bad deal. What do you think of it if you have been to past events?

I appreciate any feedback regarding this event.