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Nice, France

thank you SO much. will let you know what we get to try or what we discover new :)

Apr 11, 2008
Andreea77 in France

Nice, France

everyone thank you for the recommendations. first time in nice :)
we'll make sure to visit the open market. i love that idea. and the olive oill shop. hmmm ...
any restaurants you can recommend? we're ready to spend more for a really nice/ memorable lunch or dinner.

Apr 08, 2008
Andreea77 in France

Nice, France

We are going to Nice for a long weekend. Which will be nice :)
However, where should we go? Where should we eat for lunch, dinner, shop for food? We are dedicated foodies and would love to hear your advice on the best way to spend our long weekend in Nice.

Apr 03, 2008
Andreea77 in France

Two foodies going to Palermo

thank you all so much. now all i need is a city guide to locate these restaurants and save the time looking.
any wines you recommend from the region?
if you have any other suggestions, please keep them coming.

Oct 11, 2006
Andreea77 in Italy

Two foodies going to Palermo

Il Dente, marco, thank you so much. Whish we would stay a week now not three days :)
If any other suggestions, let them coming!

Sep 25, 2006
Andreea77 in Italy

Help in Romania

Hi Pilches,we have just been to Romania (Brasov area, not Bucharest). Foods to try out
1. sarmale (which are stuffed cabbage rolls)
2. mamaliga cu branza (I love this one: hot polenta with fresh cheese)
3. ciorba de burta (a Romanian speciality, not one of my favorties though - tripe soup)
4. cascaval (a yellow type of cheese, exists smoked as well)
5. branza de burduf (a Romanian speciality cheese)
6. game - we had fanastic game dishes
7. any 'borsch' which is a heavy, thick soup
8. as a side dish we took 'cartofi taranesti' which means peasant potatoes - delcious, but quite heavy
9. other than that, 'mici' are also something to be given a try. They are small minced meat rolls, usually grilled.

A list of Romanian specific restaurants in Bucharest can be found here

Drinks: definitly go for Romanian wines. They are very good value for very good quality. I wrote on Romanian wines on my blog - 'Glorious Wines' section. I would recommend Feteasca Alba (white wines), or Feteasca Neagra (red wines).

A speciality is also 'tuica' a very, very strong vodka type of drink. Good for cold winter days :


There are plenty restaurants in Bucharest, so I am sure you'll be fine. Be prepared for quite big portions, which we are not used to here in Belgium!

Have fun.

Two foodies going to Palermo

We are going to Palermo in October. I have never been to Sicily, so would love to know which places we should not miss, restaurants, up-scalee restaurant for a birthday surprise dinner? Wine bars (we LOVE Italian wine!), markets, the lot.
We are renting a little apartment so home cooking can be considered as well. I found all I need on touristic attractions, now need some help on the food and drinks side :)
Grazie 1000!

Sep 22, 2006
Andreea77 in Italy


Hi Linda, I live in brussels for quite some time, a dedicated foodie and wine drinker :). Some of my favorites restaurants and beers are on my blog There is very little you can go wrong with in Brussels food and beer wise! A don't miss list:
food - most of the places named by fellow foodies. There is also the Chez Oki, a firm favorite, although a little expensive.
beer - L'Atelier is great. I love Belga as well, beer and fantastic atmosphere on the weekend. Bier Circus.
wine - I personally love La Piola. But you'll find a list of quite a few wine bars on my 'Glorious Wines' site.
Hope you'll enjoy Brussels - don't forget the parapluie :)

suggestions for bergen, olso, stockholm, copenhagen?

When I went to copenhagen I loved a wine bar, Villa Vino. Wrote about on under 'Glorious Wines'.

Le Pain et le Vin in Brussels- opinions, please?

There are so many great restaurants in Brussels. One I absolutely love at the moment is Chez Oki - French/ Japanese fusion. I wrote about on under 'Restaurants'. A must.