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coming back for a visit

Hi - I'm coming back to Austin for a visit (have been living in chicago for the past couple years) and wanted to know some new places worth trying or some places I might not have appreciated before since I was in college and on a college budget, although I am not looking for any really expensive gourmet dining. I would like to go to places with good vegetarian options but they dont need to be 100% vegetarian. I love any type of cuisine (mexican, puerto rican, ethiopian, japanese, thai, vietnamese, korean, indian, lebanese, spanish, etc etc etc) and am a huge fan of fresh salsa. I will have a car on this visit which will be a nice change of pace, since I don't have one in chicago, so as long is its not too far of a drive from the city, i am open to location. I can't wait to visit austin again. - thanks in advance.

Mar 01, 2009
hkeil in Austin

former UT student looking to try new austin eats

I left Austin in 2006, and I am visiting at the beginning of June. I want to try some new restaurants that have opened since I left. All cusines, locations, etc. Veggie friendly places are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

May 01, 2008
hkeil in Austin

Trattoria No. 10 or Cafe Spiaggia??

I was just at Coco Pazzo on Friday night. Every course was amazing - especially enjoyed the scallop salad, beet salad, and sea bass special.

Apr 14, 2008
hkeil in Chicago Area

dinner for tuesday

I am looking for somewhere to go to dinner on Tuesday night with a group of six - my parents will be in town. They want to go somewhere close by (near dearborn and superior) - either a quick cab or walking. We just wanted somewhere where we could sit down for a meal and be able to have a conversation. My dad is a bit of a picky eater - I was thinking chinese (but not in chinatown), american, or something where he can get a pretty simple meal. Also, we have one pescevegetarian, but it cant be a seafood place bc we have some ppl who dont eat seafood. I want entrees under $20 since we are doing a nicer dinner later in the week. Also, I dont want Italian. I wanted to be able to make a reservation or go somwhere where there won't be a wait around 7:30 on a Tuesday night. Any ideas?

Nov 12, 2007
hkeil in Chicago Area

French Bistrot in the City

I would NOT recommend Bistrot Margot. I went there for the first time about a month ago and it was awful. The mussels were just so-so, and my salmon dish was awful. The salmon was dry and all I could taste was salt in my potatoes. I can't remember what my friend got, but he was definitely not impressed.

Sep 20, 2007
hkeil in Chicago Area

my 22nd Birthday dinner: where to eat?

i love going to dublin's for birthdays. you can get good beer, decent food, and there are always a lot of ppl there, and a young crowd. then, you are nearby a lot of bars for going out afterwards.

Sep 05, 2007
hkeil in Chicago Area

good eats off the red line?

i am looking for good places to eat that are within walking distance of the redline, anywhere between sheridan and jackson would be best. any type of cuisine is good (mexican, brazillian, indian, french bistro, sushi/japanese, thai, seafood, ethiopian, vegetarian, italian, spanish, really anything). price range - would prefer if it wasnt too expensive, under 20 for an entree. thanks.

Aug 10, 2007
hkeil in Chicago Area

olive cheese bread?

when i was in venice over the summer we had this amazing white bread with huge whole green olives, a mild melted white cheese inside, and a chewy dense bread. it was amazing, but i am having trouble figuring out what type of bread recipe to use. the last recipe i tried was too hard on the outside and not dense enough inside. does anyone have any suggestions?

Aug 06, 2007
hkeil in Home Cooking


i was watching an old episode of check please, and they featured an african restaurant - yassa. i was wondering if anyone has been there, and if so, how it was.

Mar 31, 2007
hkeil in Chicago Area

birthday dinner - mexican

we have a group of former texans looking for a good place to go to get mexican food with good guac and good margaritas. we are all students so nothing too expensive. we want somewhere near where one of us lives so - lakeview/lincoln park/river north/wrigley/loop - anywhere off the red line would be great. Thanks!

Feb 22, 2007
hkeil in Chicago Area

Oktoberfest and Tizi Melloul?

I went to Tizi Melloul recently on a Monday, they have a happy hour special with $3 martinis (choice of ~4-5 - pretty good) and $3 or $5 appetizers (that are ok). During happy hour, the dress was mixed, but most people were dressed chic but not dressy. It's pretty dark in there.

Oct 12, 2006
hkeil in Chicago Area

looking for $15 and under meals

Recent resident of River North area (right off the Chicago stop on the Redline). I am looking for some cheapish meals that are walking distance or easy to get to. Looking for a meal that would be $15 and under, not including drinks or anything. I love ethnic food - mexican, indian, thai, ethiopian, south american. any suggestions would be great.

Sep 26, 2006
hkeil in Chicago Area