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Pantry dinner

Hi all,

Trying to be frugal and heading into a busy week (meaning, little time for grocery shopping). I'm looking for some good pantry meals. I'm fairly well stocked but seem to have an over abundance of canned tuna, various grains (barley, pasta, quinoa, couscous, rice), beans (various colors/types).

Does anyone have good, tried and true pantry meals they're willing to share. Looking through my pantry and freezer makes me wonder why I shop so much...

May 10, 2009
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

Vegetarian cookbooks?

I love Madhur Jafrrey's "World Vegetarian". It's organized by food type-- specific veggies, grains, etc. Good read.

Dec 09, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

What can I bake with shredded carrots

Yes, I make turkey burgers with shredded carrots and zucchini all the time. Recipe was in Real Simple last year, I think.

Nov 05, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

Swing State Menu for Election Day

We're not really swinging anymore... but you could do beer or fondue, too.

Oct 20, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

Madison, Cafe Continental

My family likes it. In particular we enjoy brunch there. The wait staff is quite good with kids, despite the lack of high chairs there.

Moms' Night Out in Madison

Lots of Madison posts today!

My friends and I are looking to escape for an evening of fun. $$ *is* an object and we're looking for a nice place to sit, eat and drink (so, not bar-hopping but one place for the evening).

Thanks for your tips.

Having Dinner for 8 on Saturday --What do I cook?

gazpacho, salmon balsamico, caprese salad, bread, fresh fruit, sorbet

Jul 28, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

looking for parve dairy free cookies that are in supermarkets

ITA-- snacking on oatmeal raisin right now.

Jul 25, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Kosher

Ten best things to eat in Boston

Moved from Boston awhile ago, but here's what I miss most:
Avocado soup: Elephant Walk
Pumpkin Kaddo: Helmand
Aush: Helmand
Bloody Mary Bar: East Coast Grill (Does this count, since, officially, I make it?)
Burnt Sugar Ice Cream: Christina's
Chicken in the Pot: Rubins
Lox and Latkes: Zaftigs

Maybe I should've left Brookline/Cambridge more often...

ISO No-fail Chicken Slow Cooker Recipe - Help!

try She has lots of chicken recipes there, as well as her review of each recipe.

Jul 15, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

MAY COTM Flexitarian Table SIDE DISHES (all seasons)

How do you think it would work with quinoa?

May 13, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

breakfast in madison?

looking for a great birthday breakfast in madison, wi. thinking along the lines of marigold kitchen or lazy janes. any comments about those or other choices? weekday, so farmers market isn't an issue. thanks!

planning an evening of turkish...ish... delights- menu help?

That DM lentil recipe is SO GOOD! A family favorite!

Mar 31, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

cooked lamb shank

My extra freezer died a couple of weeks ago. I rescued and cooked most of the large amount of meat that was in it, but without thinking much. Now I have several lamb shanks that were cooked in the crock-pot with some onion, tomato and red wine frozen in the (new) freezer. Any ideas of what I could use them for? Shredded up in something? Thanks!

Mar 28, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

I have some great ground lamb, now what?

Look for Wolfgang Puck's lentil soup with lamb meatballs. My family's favorite!!!

Mar 08, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

Places take College Son/Girlfriend for dinner

East Coast Grill or Oleana

Bakery in Madison, WI (West Side prefered)

I'm partial to La Brioche and (increasingly) Madeleine's, but what's your go-to bakery for pastries, cookies, dessert, etc?

Feb 20, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Great Lakes

Snowed in-- some staples

We're snowed in and I want to use this time to cook for the freezer. I've got some interesting stuff in the pantry, but I'm a little low on veggies (including onions, which may turn out to be fatal) and staples (no brown sugar, etc). I'm about to get started on salmon patties, but I'm looking for more ideas. Thanks.

Feb 17, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

Good chow on west side of Madison WI?

The Great Dane has an outpost on the West side-- at Hilldale Mall. Mark M, if you're not able to go downtown, Hilldale may not be a bad place to check out-- Great Dane, Sushi Muramoto and a few other (not as terrific) places.

favourite meatless lentil recipes

try plain with a dollop of Major Grey's Chutney thrown in at the end of cooking! Heaven.

Feb 08, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

Menu help please-- starting with salmon chowder?

Hello, I'm having fish-eating vegetarians (pescetarians?) over for dinner this weekend. I was thinking about starting with a salmon-potato chowder, but then got stuck on a main course:

Stuffed peppers? Is that too "starchy" with a potato soup and then rice stuffed peppers?
Something noodle-y? Same starchy problem?

There's always the option of starting with a different soup and going with salmon as a main course, I guess, but this soup is particularly yummy!

Thanks for your help.

Jan 10, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

looking for parve dairy free cookies that are in supermarkets

Try Natural Ovens-- made in WI, hashgacha from the CRC in Chicago., if not in your supermarket. Not cheap, but quite good.

Jan 05, 2008
GrillNextDoor in Kosher

Great food that freezes well

I'm due with baby #2 in a couple months and have some time now to fill my freezer. My family likes to eat, keeps kosher (so no milk and meat mixing, please) and is used to interesting/ethnic/etc foods. I have access to good grocery stores, less access to decent ethnic markets and I'm looking for things that freeze well and can be pulled out and reheated with a day's notice. Thanks!

Dec 27, 2007
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

looking for a reasonably priced, delicious restaurant in boston....

We moved a couple of years ago, but my favorites were Oleana and Helmand, both good food and very reasonably priced. Both are in Cambridge, actually.

Soup/Stew ideas for tonight's dinner?

ps-- tomato barley is terrific with crusty bread and strong cheese. One of my family's favorite Sunday dinners.

Dec 18, 2007
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

Soup/Stew ideas for tonight's dinner?

I'd say tomato barley (I make a simple one, it's probably google-able, with canned whole tomatoes which you crush-- good for getting aggressions out-- water, basil, dill, garlic and onions) or mushroom barley. Both easily made vegetarian, too.

Dec 18, 2007
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

Please help me find a place for 15 on Fri in Harvard Sq

Does it HAVE to be Harvard Square? If you could venture out, I'd say East Coast Grill or Helmand would meet your needs. Harvard Square is, by far, the worst Cambridge neighborhiid to be eating in...

Yikes, a vegan for dinner

i often make peppers stuffed with spanish rice and black beans for vegans and vegetarians (I add cheddar cheese on these). A nice green salad with interesting additions, some decent bread and margarine make a nice meal.

Nov 29, 2007
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

Looking for exciting Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Epicurious, I believe, has a cranberry, fig and port recipe that is outstanding and simple-- my husband makes it as his (only) Thanksgiving dish!

Nov 20, 2007
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking

need suggestions for vegetarian "regional" food ++

New Orleans has red beans and rice, which is traditionally not vegetarian, but certainly easy to make that way. I second the fried green tomatoes idea for the South. Boston has baked beans and clam chowder-- could you make corn chowder?

Nov 19, 2007
GrillNextDoor in Home Cooking