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Family is coming for visit. Son a real Chinese/Noodle lover. Suggestions

May 12, 2008
bigDAVE in Manhattan

Not to miss during visit

We are from south florida. Have heard of "deep dish" (UNO's) but stuffed crust sounds like my son. We do travel, so we like ethnic foods. Only tried Indian food once. Just left San Francisco, good Chinese!

Jan 09, 2008
bigDAVE in Chicago Area

Not to miss during visit

you are correct as to location. Child is late teens. Yes we are "tourist" and this is a first visit. Will be doing the "tourist" things. We don't mind and upscale dinner a few times.

Jan 09, 2008
bigDAVE in Chicago Area

Not to miss during visit

My family is planning a vacation to Chicago. Will be staying "downtown"
What are your suggestions for "do not miss eats"

Jan 09, 2008
bigDAVE in Chicago Area

Help! Northend Italian. Ideas?

My wife insists we eat at a northend Italian place during visit. Her brother had a wonderful meal there.
Also is Mike's pastry still there

Jun 05, 2007
bigDAVE in Greater Boston Area

Visit to NYC

HELP! Going to New York with know-it-all brother in law.
Need to have some ideas. He leans toward BBQ, I want Italian.
Friends mentioned Blue Smoke and a small place named Tappo.
Any comments or other ideas?

Mar 28, 2007
bigDAVE in Manhattan

Maine favorites help

We will be visiting Boothbay area. Any advice on favorite seafood/lobster shacks?