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Eastside Social

Had a most pleasant evening at this new Leslieville spot. Think of it as neighbourhood pub/tapas bar. We sat a the bar (there is an adjacent dining room) enjoyed pints and shared three of the menu items. Last evening's mushroom speical consisted of mushroom pate on molasses bread served hot in a skillet of sautéed mushrooms - wow! Next, the salt cod balls with two sauces; a great and tasty variation on the standard cod croquettes found in most tapas bars. To conclude, the 'liver and onions' a bruleed pate, with pickled onion and onion scones. More substantial menu choices, to be tried on another visit include skate schnitzel and a daily variation of meat and pasta called "hamburger helper". Comfortable, reasonably priced and friendly service. A great addition to an already interesting restaurant strip. http://www.eastsidesocial.ca

Jul 09, 2014
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Great food, informal atmosphere

Older ladies, prefer quiet, enjoy fine dining

Jun 05, 2014
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Great food, informal atmosphere

I am taking someone out to dinner and need a great restaurant where someone who does not like to wear ties and jackets would be comfortable. Thanks for the help.

Jun 05, 2014
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Outdoor Birthday Dinner

I am bringing g a friend to NYC for the weekend to celebrate their birthday. When I asked what kind of food required for the birthday dinner I was told the only requirement was that it be outside. i would like something reasonably quiet where one can reserve and outside space in advance. Help please

Jun 05, 2014
BRACAB in Manhattan


Needing some spring - is it possible to buy fresh or even frozen rhubarb these days?

Mar 22, 2014
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

quiet non winterlicious dinner

I am looking for a place for a non winterlicious menu on a Saturday evening with good food and where shouting is not required.

Jan 17, 2014
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

special occasion out door dining

My partner's birthday is in late July and he always likes to dine outside and enjoys tasting menus as well. We have done George and enjoyed it a number of years, is there somewhere comparable that we might try for a change.

Jul 08, 2013
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Tinned Haggis or other Robbie Burns appetizers

Does anyone know where one can buy tinned Haggis in Toronto? I am invited to a party tomorrow and wanted to make Haggis Balls, any other suggestions would be appreciated

Jan 24, 2013
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Museum Tavern

Was there last evening and during the after work pre theatre/concert time they could not cope. Food was erratic in quantity and quality and very slow to arrive this is a great place but success may have spoiled it.

Nov 23, 2012
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Quiet dining in the Avenue Road/Bloor Yorkville Area

I need to arrange a business dinner for approximately 10 people and would like to go somewhere where we can converse without shouting. suggestions please

Nov 01, 2012
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Museum Tavern

I have now been for lunch three times, each time having a different torpedo (this is their sandwich) which is served with very good fries and oversalted coleslaw. The turkey confit with pork belly was the most delicious sandwich I have eaten in some time though it does ooze grease. The lamb with harrisa was tasty and the quinoa covered tofu became boring before it was finished. Portionsare generous and the sandwiches priced at around $15 dollars. The cocktail list is interesting and the drinks appear to be made with much care. The beer list is interesting but limited. A very a good addition to the neighbourhood.

Sep 12, 2012
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Signatures, - Intercontinental Bloor Street Avoid the pizza!

I recently had the worst lunch I can remember having in Toronto. I was a guest and therefore did not wish to make a scene by rejecting it. I had the braised beef pizza that was served with a pure white, barely cooked, cold crust, sliced jalepenos and barely roasted garlic. It appeared to be a bad frozen pizza, slightly warmed with a few pepers sliced on top. Certainly not worth $16.

Dec 12, 2011
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Corbin Tomaszeski announced as new ROM Executive Chef, designing new menus for both C5 and the Food Studio Cafe

I was there earlier this week, service has deteriorated. An amuse of their truffle potato chips was amusing as there was barely one for everyone a the table. The new menu is interesting , prices are more reasonable but portions very small. Fries are served cold and limp. Desserts very nice. Too bad dinner is gone. Hopefully this is all a work in progress.

Nov 18, 2011
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

House on Parliament-going downhill???

I have been at the HOP a number of times over the last few months. Service has improved since the move, there seems to be less attitude and more professional/efficient service. The food, particularly the daily specials is very good, as good as you will get in a Toronto "pub". Alas as a pub it really isn't a neighbourhood place to hang out and drink as it is just to busy and the bar too small. Brunch, particularly on Sunday is a different matter. The food is still good but staff are too hung over/tired or simply don't care.

Nov 03, 2011
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Special Occasion Dining, out of doors on a Monday

For many years I have taken the husband to the fabulous patio at George for his July birthday. Alas this year the birthday is on a Monday this year and George is closed. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Jul 05, 2011
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

One Night in Vienna - outdoors

Based on the above recommendation we went to Do&Co and have a most wonderful evening. The The terrace, the view the food and the service all were very good. Thank you

Jun 28, 2011
BRACAB in Europe

Bravo! Winchester Kitchen and bar

Had dinner on Friday evening at the recently opened restaurant upstairs at the corner of Winchster and parliament. The former Laurentian Room has had a couple of incarnations, this one should be a great sucess. The food was superb and the service equally fine. This is a major new addition to Cabbagetown dining. Check their web site for variations on menus and opening hours. Daily specials highly recommended and the three little piggy pork platter a highlight.

Laurentian Room
51A Winchester St, Toronto, ON M4X1A8, CA

Winchester Kitchen & Bar
51-A Winchester St, Toronto, ON M4X 1A8, CA

Jun 13, 2011
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

one night in Prague and Budapest

I realize that I am on a whirl wind trip but... I recently asked for recommendations for one night in Vienna. Thanks to those that responded I am pleased to have a reservation. If I could ask the same question for Prague and Budapest and add that as it will be mid June if there is something out of doors it woul be a bonus.

Jun 07, 2011
BRACAB in Europe

One Night in Vienna - outdoors

We will be in Vienna for one night, our first, in the middle of June. Much of the rest of our trip will involve indoor dining and we would like a great experience and weather permitting prefer to be out of doors. Suggestions much appreciated

May 30, 2011
BRACAB in Europe

Dining this weekend in Washington

We are flying in from Toronto this weekend to see the Sunday matinee of Follies at the Kennedy Centre. There is time for one special/interesting dinner on Saturday evening and early brunch/lunch on Sunday. Would appreciate suggestions, where one could get a reservation at such short, that would be interesting for such a brief visit.

May 17, 2011
BRACAB in Washington DC & Baltimore

TOCA by tom brodie

I was there last week and left with mixed feelings. At 50, I do not feel that I fit into the staid, seniors category but I found it too dark and too loud. The food was good, portions are quite large and the wait staff competant. The lobster fish and chips is over rated. There is a class system in place ( not sure how one rates or doesn't) the famed cheese cave which does appear impressive had many visitors during the evening but despite the fact that two of us ordered cheese at $18 we were given no choice of the vast array of cheeses and told that only those guests of the management were invited to the cave. The chef was much in evidence and visited some of the tables while clearly ignoring many others. I considered this a pleasant but mixed experience.

Apr 04, 2011
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Cabbagetown - Where to eat

As someone who really enjoys a "local" ie. a pub that provides that convivial atmosphere as well as good food and friendly service Cabbagetown does not have it right yet! The HOP is just too busy, food continues to be at a very high standard but, particularly when dining in the new space, the traffic feels like a picnic on the 401. The service can be very rude and abrupt.

Stout, a nice reno of the former Brass Taps has a great beeer list and is headed in the right direction but the food is overpriced - $17 burgers?????

The closest thing to a great pub is the Ben Wicks, great friendly service, lots of space at the bar and lots of locals. This is not a gastro pub but serves ok pub food at reasonable prices in a congenial atmsophere.

On a different note the Rashna on Wellesley is one of the hoods great bargains and delicious food. For something a little more special Provence on Amelia provides ok neighbourhood French in a pleasant atmosphere. Thai to Go on Gerrard at Sumac is also recommended.

Welcome to the neighbourhood.!

Ben Wicks Restaurant
424 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M5A3A2, CA

Mar 10, 2011
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

House on Parliament temporarily closed while moving next door

They were closed for lunch on Tuesday and reopened next door Tuesday evening. Perhaps some growing pains but still the best pub food in Toronto!

Feb 10, 2011
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Pubs 2011

I am fortunate that I live in Cabbagetown and we do have great neighbourhood pubs that provided something for most everyone.

The House on Parliament currently is too crowded to be considered a pub (a place where one could hang out and drink) linups and less than warm service hinder what I still believe could evolve into TO's Spotted Pig. The owners know their stuff and a move into larger premises in the spring may bing this place to the level it should be at.

The Ben Wicks has great staff, lots of bar space but very inconsistant food many attempts to change things but they have yet to get it right. Keep trying guys...

New is the Underdown in the former Pimbletts Bar another case of very good intentions and deserves to be patronized. Music most nights.

Stout on Carlton, in the former Brass Taps has a great beer menu, ok food and appears to be taking off with a younger, noisier crowd

Ben Wicks Restaurant
424 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M5A3A2, CA

Pimblett's Restaurant
242 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M5A2G2, CA

Spotted Pig
23 Augusta St, Hamilton, ON L8N1P6, CA

Feb 04, 2011
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Stout Irish Pub

I too have been to Stout and likewhat they have done to the place. The owners are trying hard to make it work and deserve to be encouraged. That being said I am not sure that it will replace the HOP. It is a pub with a great beer list and typical pub food including great fries. They do still need to iron out some kinks but a great neighbourhood alternative. It will be interesting to see if the HOP can maintain its food standards and hopefully improve the attitude when they move to larger premises. meanwhile I wish the WICKS could get it together on the food front. There is room for more success in Cabbagetown

Jan 24, 2011
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Niagara Eats

Had dinner at AG in Niagara Falls and enjoyed it very much. The service was excellent and the food quite delicious

Dec 08, 2010
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

American Thanksgiving Lunch

Where could one go on Thursday at noon for a traditional turkey dinner?

Nov 19, 2010
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Gingerbread men where to buy

I need to purchase gingerbread men or perhpas more politically correct people for a large party.

Any suggestions of tasteful and tasty cookies would be appreciated.

Oct 28, 2010
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where can one buy Batali cookward in Toronto? nmi

I would like to buy the 6 litre dish

thank you

Sep 23, 2010
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

drinks near zucca

I am planning dinner at zucca and would like to meet for drinks somewhere prior. Rarely venture this far north so suggestions would be appreciated.

Sep 20, 2010
BRACAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)