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shibuya musts

Going to be in shibuya for a couple days. What are some must for this area. Looking or some local places to eat ramen, izakaya, somen, soba and yakitori. thankss guys.

Apr 20, 2009
msk720 in Japan

Japan 4 days

hey guys i am going to be visiting japan for four days, and was wondering if you guys could help me setup a itinerery. I am goin to stay in the Westin tokyo, which is i guess is near roppongi, i would like to hit atleast 3 restaurants a night. The first night i was thinking about finding a izakaya, yakitori and some cool bars in a close area to the hotel, because we are going to be getting in late. On the second i was planning on visiting tsukiji and was wondering if you could suggest some sushi at the market and wanted to try some street food, soba and ramen. We will be traveling to kyoto on the third day, wanting to try some kaiseki cuisine but something that won't break the bank and any other must eats in kyoto. On the last wanted to try a really nice sushi. Any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys.

Mar 28, 2009
msk720 in Japan

Traditional Korean Restaurant

Hey guys i need a few suggestions of restaurants in korea. I have been searching this topic out for a very long time with no success. I am making a visit to korea in the near future, I am looking for as many restaurants that are very old school and very traditional in there preperation of korean food. It does not matter where they are located just looking for a very fine dining experience with very very old school traditional food, setting and atmosphere. I am trying to stay away from the hotels and resorts. Any information or names would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Michael

Dec 29, 2007
msk720 in China & Southeast Asia

Fish Tacos

Where are the best baja style and grilled fish tacos in the santa monica area, with a great outdoor view of the ocean and ice cold beers. Is there such an oasis in southern california. Also are there any other beach communities with these tacos and a great views. Thanks. Michael

Jul 04, 2007
msk720 in Los Angeles Area

fish tacos sandiego or la jolla

Looking for fish tacos in san diego preferably in la jolla. Looking to spend a lazy afternoon with good tacos a view of the ocean and a bucket of coronas. Can anyone suggest such a oasis. Thanks. Mike

Jul 02, 2007
msk720 in California

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns Char Shu Bao

Is there a specific spot in Los Angeles, preferably around the downtown area that has these delicious steamed pork bun. Thanks

Dec 24, 2006
msk720 in Los Angeles Area

New hip hot spots in Los Angeles

Going to be in town for a couple days on business, can anyone suggest the newest hippest must go hot spots in Los Angeles. Looking for good food and happening bar scence. Thank You

Sep 20, 2006
msk720 in Los Angeles Area