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Cockscomb - SF

Been seated in the upstairs dining room twice now, one long banquette that runs along the windows.

Rest of room is configured depending on if there are any group dinners taking place. Last Friday, there was a group of maybe 18-20 ppl sitting at one long stretch of 2-tops in the middle of the room such that they could still seat people at tables along the banquette, on both sides of it.

So 30-40 seats is probably the right range, depending on configuration.

Dec 18, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

Recommendations on osechi (ryori) jubako to take home/give as a gift?

after calling a few places, the prices and timeframes I got back were:

Katagiri - not in yet, after xmas, prices indeterminate
East - make a reservation now, $275/set, $10 extra for delivery
Sunrise Mart - available 12/30-12/31
Nippon - ~$400, make a reservation

I am probably going to go with East, though I may hold out to see what Katagiri offers, also, I didn't get a chance to write down the prices while I was on the phone with these places, the only price that I'm not 100% sure of is East, it's either $225 or $275

Dec 18, 2014
avial in Manhattan

Restos/Bars serving Tom and Jerry drinks? [San Francisco]

Have yet to find a Tom and Jerry yet, but PDT proprietor Jim Meehan posted their recipe for their spin on it, a Tom and Ginger:


Recommendations on osechi (ryori) jubako to take home/give as a gift?

I'm looking to get some good friends a high end osechi jubako set from one of the 3 or 4 places that offer them to take home - Nippon, East, Katagiri, and Sunrise Mart (and Mitsuwa, if that falls within scope...).

I've read that each of these places offer different price points but it's hard to find online, exactly what the offerings are for a given price level.

Additionally, I'm now in San Francisco and not able to go to the said stores and look at them. I do plan to call the establishments but I think osechi have an important visual element as well. Short of hiring a TaskRabbit to run around the city and do this for me, I'm wondering if anyone here has experienced/consumed/purchased the osechi from the above noted establishments and what the general opinions of those are.

I also assume that they're already available at these locations and not something that you can only find the week leading into New Year's...and that it's not too late to order/reserve/pick up a set...

I've read these articles from previous years and some of the prices are eye-popping, but it's for some great friends.


http://www.ediblemanhattan.com/magazi... (anyone got a lead on a Nippon Club member?

Much appreciated!

Dec 13, 2014
avial in Manhattan

Restos/Bars serving Tom and Jerry drinks? [San Francisco]

Tom and Jerry is very different than nog, much richer and thicker and as noted by some here, involves a batter.

As such, it can't be done without some planning on the part of the bar, if they're serious about it.

Dec 10, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

Restos/Bars serving Tom and Jerry drinks? [San Francisco]

Any bars or restaurant bars in San Francisco serving this drink? Was pretty rare in NYC and Boston, wonder if any places do so out here? I did see Melanie's post about the barrel-aged egg nog being served at the hotel, but wondering if anyone has seen it on an menu anywhere in San Francisco.

Dec 09, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

Cockscomb - SF

I went Wednesday with the SO and Thursday by myself and had a really satisfying experience both times - something that I've been looking for here in SF, since I relocated - I knew it was out there, but between work and other life events, just hadn't gotten to finding that experience yet.

Wednesday night, we walked in at about 8pm w/no reservation but was seated at the counter next to the expedite station and Chris was expediting. The view definitely elevated our experience as we got to watch the restaurant hustle up close, but the service was on-point, friendly, and not intrusive.

Thursday night, by myself, I ended up at the high-table behind the bar. The space is a little crowded if the bar seats are populated and there can be some initial confusion on how to order - bartender comes out from behind the bar and gets your order. Once that was squared away, I enjoyed downing a cocktail, polishing off a salad (green goddess), a bowl of tripe stew, and watching the restaurant ebb and flow.

As for the food, I enjoy the hearty and rustic style that still has some attention to detail paid to it. Not ready to describe the food in writing yet, want to go through more of the menu - need another visit or three (one coming up tmrw night actually). Definitely want to get a pig's head as I've had the chance to do so at Cannibal in NYC several times - though from the ones we saw on Wednesday, they are a little leaner - the meat/tissue from the bottom of the jaw was already missing. Not sure if that was broken down for something else, bad butchery (probably not), or something else.

In terms of how many pigs heads they can do a night typically - 8 - so 4 piggies go to the market and don't come back.

Best Cocktail Bars

I was wondering where he'd pop-up at, I found it odd that he took the mantle of 'ambassador' for the Barbara Lynch Gruppo - I mean, is she opening up something out here or is he now recruiting for her out here? That scenario just didn't make sense, yet.

Oct 11, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

Best butcher shop for 3-6lb slab pork belly in Chinatown or SOMA? [San Francisco]

thanks for the recs, will give Chinatown a shot tomorrow morning, tried today but sleep got the better of me. Now how to properly transport it back to cold storage...

Oct 02, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area


Maybe check w/some korean hot pot or stew specialists (not tofu chigae though). Back in NYC, there was a place in Queens that had a live tank of abalone for the seafood stew w/abalone option - Sik Gaek - http://www.sikgaekusa.com/.

The stew was meant for 4 and came in at $99.99, not sure about the provenance of the abalone but it must have been somewhat fresh?

Oct 01, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

Best butcher shop for 3-6lb slab pork belly in Chinatown or SOMA? [San Francisco]

Looking to make a momofuku pork belly for this weekend and struck out at the city Costco and the SOMA Safeway, sad about the former, not surprised about the latter.

Reading thru some older but recent threads like http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/839332, it seems like my best choices in the area are:

City Market on Stockton
Olivier's Butchery
Fatted Calf ($8/lb according to the website for heritage pork belly..
4505 Butcher Shop

Has anyone here had any experience with the pork belly from any of these shops? Were they willing to provide a custom cut? I'm hoping to save the skin so I can make chicharrones with it. Is $8 the going rate for fancy shops like the ones I listed above? Is there a reliable chinatown butcher shop that has whole slab pork belly?

Oct 01, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

3rd and Townsend (SF)?

Got it, will only write / read CH after 9am...

Sep 26, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

3rd and Townsend (SF)?

I just moved into that 'hood so I'm curious as well, don't have favorites yet but there are donuts, fried chicken and sandwiches on the north corner of 3rd+Townsend.

I did like Victory Hall and Parlor on Ritch between Townsend and Brannan which has a food pop-up? called the Little Skillet, passable selection of beers and cocktails. Not sure what game crowd is like as they do have TVs.

Weekend Trip Report Day 3 and 4 (Maven/Frances/Bar Tartine/The Cavalier)

This an amazing thread for a 'hound like me to read, having just moved from NYC 2 months ago, and having spent much time reading the NYC board.

FWIW, I met Eudoxus about 2 months ago shortly after I moved here when he was looking for CH'ers to go to SBP w/them during their last visit to SF. I was not present at all the meals that Eudoxus wrote about - only at Monsieur Benjamin, then at Brass & Tacks, and finally at Zuni.

I then met them after they finished at Bar Tartine to discuss it as I enjoyed the two or three items that I had there about two months ago w/someone else.

interesting comments to me:
(moto) you expect for your $$$ here compared to east coast - perhaps deserves its own thread to see how others feel in general on this topic, I would be interested certainly in the discussion of this.

orthodoxy - I feel that every CH board has an orthodoxy, especially the active boards with a small core of active 'hounds - this goes for NYC, SF, Boston, LA - the boards that I read most frequently - and I think it goes for any community. Sometimes, approaching that orthodoxy with respect is valued, sometimes it is necessary, and sometimes it shouldn't be at all.

For me, there's a lot of history to go through on this board before I can appreciate and understand where the regular 'hounds are coming from but this is not a thread that you quickly forget. It is also interesting to see some regular 'hounds participating and not others as this is a pretty active thread.

Lastly, this thread is reminiscent of the bar fight that our group got into at Brass & Tacks, small things snowballing into something completely unnecessary. BTW, the TL;DR of that fight is, drunk guy tried to push in the buckle on my Chrome bag, I called him out on it, he slapped me, another friend then pushed him out of the bar but got beer poured on him, but drunk guy got kicked out. Drunk guy's friend apologized later and said that drunk guy proclaimed 'Me 1 Hipsters 0'.

Sep 26, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

[San Francisco] ISO young thai coconuts

Ended up bribing a friend to drive and went to ranch 99, $10/case of 9, but of varying sizes and quality.

Friend went the next day to get more and they were gone (or my friends couldn't figure out where they had been moved).

Sep 25, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

[San Francisco] ISO young thai coconuts

Anything closer to the city? Maybe this Q&A thing was not the best vehicle for this...

Sep 16, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

[San Francisco] ISO young thai coconuts

Where in SF could one get the best pricing on young thai coconuts, looking to buy 20-30 for a party in two weeks...assuming they come ~12 to a case so I'd be looking at maybe 2-3 cases?

Willing to travel out to any area accessible by public transit, will probably end up taking a suitcase to transport or bum a ride from a friend...

Sep 15, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

SF Dining with a tall Building & Great View

Lolinda in the Mission has a rooftop bar/restaurant next door - El Techo de Lolinda - that has rooftop views from the Mission (5th floor I think), which is higher than majority of the surronding buildings.

Views are mostly of the valleys and not of the water, probably better during the day as a result.

Sep 03, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

Begoni Bistro Cuisine Indochine to open soon in old Kay Cheung Space. [San Francisco]

Quick note, it's Fa not Pa, taken as a whole, indochine is surprisingly succint translation of 法式东亚风味.

Aug 30, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

Need Serious Help - Party of 10 for Tomorrow Night

For a business-oriented crowd, Bluestem on Market isn't far from Moscone, nor is Hakkasan...

Coachman can probably pull together a table big enough but menu might be too limited and focused gastropub-wise.

Call Nopa on a long shot.

Aug 12, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

Any Hounds interested in meeting up for State Bird tonight?

got a bounce back when I emailed you, interested but not sure I can make it to line up for first seating. Will know by 3pm.

Aug 09, 2014
avial in San Francisco Bay Area

Oyster Happy Hour at The Elite Cafe in San Francisco

I've switched to just taking the pre-tax amount, dropping off the last/right-most/least-significant digit to get 10% and figuring it out from there.

so for $25, you know that 10% is $2.5, 20% is $5, 15% is $3.75, done!

La Vie en Szechuan a la Keens

There should more cumin everything in this world...

Re:Boston-area versions of cumin lamb - I really liked the version at Zoe's which was super thin so it was crispy and tender, served in a cast iron pan, and loaded with cilantro - at least the version at the Brookline incarnation of Zoe's at Harvard+Aspinwall, I think.

I do find it odd that there were peppers in the cumin lamb, I feel like a more traditional version would be just lamb, cumin+spices, lots of cilantro and onions perhaps. I find the addition of peppers, to be jarring texturally in this dish, especially if they're not cooked down enough.

I always link the presence of peppers with the onion and pepper heavy version, 'cong bao' yang rou, 葱爆羊肉 instead of 'natural' lamb - 自然羊肉.

Jul 31, 2014
avial in Manhattan

Miracle Fruit in Boston

I think your best bet would be to call the Florida grower and ask if they sell via distribution or other retail channels and if so, if there are any in Boston.

The fresh fruit is doubtful since it has to be kept cold and even then has a short shelf life, but the powder and the tablet are probably what you should aim for since they are shelf stable...

Jul 20, 2014
avial in Greater Boston Area

Flushing Chinatown "Jian Bing" Street Vendor

Late to this thread - I think jian bing can use innovation - especially in the area of the crunchy cracker filling - I was thinking baked kale chips (seriously) or chicharrones.

Wonder if the time to cook can be brought down further by pre-mixing the egg like delis do for breakfast sandwiches, 34 seconds for a single serving beats the pants off of just about any cooked American breakfast item, that I can think of at least.

Jul 19, 2014
avial in Outer Boroughs

Recos for late dinner @ local joint near Marriott Marquis

Sake Bar Hagi nr. 49th+7th, is my go to for TSQ non-chain food, the wait can be bad, especially on a Friday night at 8pm

Oceana for something nicer and pricier

the Serious Eats map is great, just be aware that some spots are not open at night such as some of the food trucks/carts.

Jun 06, 2014
avial in Manhattan

Taberna de Haro, awesomer than ever!

Will is helping Ted Kilpatrick from No.9 w/the Rooftop at Park South, said he'd be there for the summer at least.

May 31, 2014
avial in Greater Boston Area

Upscale Chinese in Chinatown??

I see/hear a lot of mainlanders in here when I get takeout from these guys during the weekdays, seems like a strong businessmen crowd, lots of leather murses in sight...

W 55th b/t 5th+6th

May 03, 2014
avial in Manhattan

Upscale Chinese in Chinatown??

Red Farm
Decoy for duck
Wong for duck dinner (it's Singaporean/Malaysian-ish)

May 02, 2014
avial in Manhattan

dinner in the west 30's near 8th and 9th ave

9th b/t 41st+42nd:
Tehuitzingo for mexican, cozy space, but great food - also, tables only seat 2 or 4...
Shorty's for pub grub + philly steak or roast pork subs

Apr 24, 2014
avial in Manhattan