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Winterlicious Menus now posted, Jan 30 - Feb 12 2015

This is pretty common. There aren't any rules about this. A lot of places will try to maximize seatings so they have two seatings and then try to turn over the whole place after. Some places may keep spots for their "regular" customers too.

Jan 16, 2015
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Kitchen steals and deals for Ontario

Not sure about frypans but were the links to Amazon posted in error? The first one doesn't even ship to Canada

Jan 14, 2015
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

2015 - Grocery store finds (Ontario)

I will start with

Olli Slow Cured Natural Salame

Being carried at Sobeys now. I have purchased this at Wegmens and other USA stores but never noticed it in Ontario before.

Jan 13, 2015
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

2015 - Grocery store finds (Ontario)

Part of the reason I love Costco is that they end up bringing in new products that you don't see in other retailers in Canada but the "new product" excitement exists for me at grocery stores as well.

Please post your non-Costco finds here. New products in Canada, new to you products that you really enjoyed, etc.

Jan 13, 2015
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best doughnuts in Toronto 2015

I was at Borealia the other week, saw this on the dessert menu. Wish I could have tried it but we were in a bit of a hurry. If someone tries it please let us know how they taste!

Louisbourg Hot Chocolate Beignets 9
Spiced Chocolate Ganache, Beer Batter, Lemon Sugar c.1795

Jan 11, 2015
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

I accidentally posted this a few days ago as a response to another post so Mods helped me delete it so I could post to the main thread.

Please respond to this post with what restaurants gift certificates you have seen at your location (especially if different than below)

They are all 2 x $50 for $80.00 except as indicated

Lakehouse and Stonehouse
The Lord Nelson
Ruth Chris Steakhouse
The Twisted Lemon
Pizza Nova - 2 x $25 - $39.99



Jan 06, 2015
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Bar Buca

In case you didn't see the other thread (it actually does have some dish info in it even though post was about reservations)


I haven't been in a while but I enjoyed what I had there. I might have posted in that thread.... I forget off hand what I had!

Jan 05, 2015
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

Costco is selling a Blendtec blender is store for $369. More details here:


Jan 01, 2015
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

Another year and another Costco thread. A big shout out to Nevy for her amazing contributions in the 2014 thread.

This is Costco Thread for the 1st quarter of 2015 for Ontario. Discuss new food related products (food/kitchen supplies/cookbooks/etc).

Some general useful info.

Prices ending in 97 cents usually means the item has been marked down

Items with an asterix in the upper right hand corner means that they aren't being re-stocked again (although, sometimes they will introduce new packaging for the same item but it has a different SKU, or it may come back if it is seasonal)

Last quarter of 2014 thread:


Jan 01, 2015
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Does Splendido only have multi-course fixed menus now?

Maybe I am missing it but I don't think I see it here on on the Splendido site. How much is this 30 "course" tasting menu?

Dec 28, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Lower fat doughnuts - Almonte, Ontario (closer to Ottawa)

I was clearing some newspaper clippings that I had and came across this article -


Not as much oil gets absorbed into the doughnut according to the article. They are now selling them on Fridays and Saturdays (they are closed until Jan 9th for the holidays).

Anyone tried them?

Healthy Food Technologies Inc


From their FB

Buy donuts every Friday from 8am-4pm and Saturday 8am-3pm, located at 25 Industrial Drive, Almonte, ON

Dec 26, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Robber no match for the owner of Barberians this morning...

He was carrying it between his two shops (the restaurant and the sandwich place) but I agree I am sure he won't carrying it like that again. If he did this on a regular basis maybe the guy was just waiting for the opportunity. It it was in a bag or envelope maybe it wouldn't have been so obvious. Not blaming the victim but still....

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

I ended up getting some a few weeks back from the etonicoke location. Great product. I hope they release more flavours and start carrying at more locations.

Dec 22, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Oakville Favourites

Not sure of other Vietnamese spots in Oakville but the pierogi place on Wyecroft Rd. (between 3rd and Bronte) has now changed to a Vietnamese spot serving Banh Mi and specials (including pho on certain days).


Definitely a much better option than the last spot. I went maybe 2 times the whole time it was around but I have now been to this spot three times. I still prefer Banh Mi Boys if I am in Toronto but this place is pretty good. The chicken pho was great. I liked how they packed it for takeout too (separate components) and the ingredients were of higher quality. The owner is really friendly too. Hope this business does well and they continue to introduce new specials/different sandwiches.

BTW, it is only open during the week (limited breakfast and then lunch and closed at 4pm.

Dec 21, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Camp 31 BBQ.....Paris, Ontario (Not So Great)

Yeah. I agree. Now that I have had good BBQ in the USA (not even in the south) I won't bother going back to Camp 31 and would put it on the "most overrated CH list"

Dec 14, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

2014 Restaurants and Food Store OPENINGS - Part II

Second Cup has rebranded/remodeled their King/John location. Sounds like the first of more to come.


Dec 12, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Denninger's Locations?

I have a friend that travels past the Oakville one and goes to the Burlington one on a regular basis. I think the Burlington/Hamilton ones are larger. The Oakville/Bronte location is pretty small. I haven't been to the Burlington one but I have been to the downtown Hamilton location and it is larger.

Dec 08, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Condo dwellers in TO - Eat In - beyond the dross?

Interesting that you capitalized "Eat In" and that you only mentioned JustEat despite there being plenty of others out there. Coincidence?

Nov 27, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Paramount Restaurant (Yonge / Dundas area across Eaton Centre)

Are you referring to the YD location specifically? Or another location?

I see it is franchising/growing quickly. They are opening up a location in Milton by the Cineplex there.

They are also launching a middle eastern "sub" chain. THey have one location at UWO now and another one coming to Liberty Village. Called Fresh East:


Nov 25, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

2014 Restaurants and Food Store OPENINGS - Part II

Anyone gone to Essen? Curious to hear more about it.

Nov 25, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Smoque n Bones

I meant to post a few weeks back but I stopped by Smoque n Bones back in October for a "snack" and was impressed by the BBQ. The space is small, I sat at the bar and ordered the 1/3 rack of ribs. Really enjoyed them, they were very meaty. The guy cutting on the bbq offered up a sample of the brisket and I enjoyed that as well. I will definitely be back at some point. It isn't cheap but I enjoyed it. Staff seemed friendly as well.

Nov 24, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

Anyone tried Baju in Monarch Tavern?


Caplansky is behind it.

Nov 24, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

Darn, I imagine it is all cleared out? I am guessing it didn't sell well if they had to clear it out. I wonder if they will bring it back or if other locations possibly have some still. I wanted to try some Ontario Skyr, I will have to contact the dairy directly and see if it is sold anywhere else. Never got a chance to buy from Costco.

Nov 22, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Beamsville area

Not a restaurant recommendation but if it isn't on your list yet I recommend a stop at Dillon's Distillery - http://dillons.ca/

Nov 17, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Local (Ontario or Canada) walnuts, chestnuts and other Christmas baking ingredients

Yeah, that is the problem, cracking the darn things. I was at a talk in Ottawa a few months back by their version of Not Far From The Tree and they recommended a good nut cracker for the black walnuts that had more leverage. Have a tree at work but I need to get a good nut cracker. I broke one up with a hammer one time but I wouldn't do it again. Having said that I liked the flavour and would love an easier way to open them up!

Nov 16, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Toronto Wahlburger Makes the Dumb

I know this is an old post but to clarify they have both a "quick serve" and a sit down spot.

I just read recently that they have Toronto investors including the owner of the hotel:

They were initially approached about a Toronto expansion by their existing Toronto-based investors, including Dragons’ Den investor Michael Wekerle, Metropolitan Hotels president Henry Wu, and Starwood Group president Bruce Greenberg. The trio invested in the original Wahlburgers restaurant, as well as Paul’s first restaurant Alma Nove (named after his mother, Alma, and her nine children).

Looking forward to further reviews of the food.

Nov 16, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Is there a place where can I rent a sausage stuffer?

So funny that you posted the update today because I was at Princess Auto tonight and I noticed the sausage stuffers/meat grinders in the flyer and I thought of you and this thread.

FoodyDudey, guessing it is this one:


2014 Restaurants and Food Store OPENINGS - Part II

From BlogTO: http://www.blogto.com/eat_drink/2014/...

The pace of new openings seems particularly frantic lately. My list is growing and growing of spots I want to try!

Wilbur Mexicana at 552 King St. is now open and serving up a selection of tacos.
Bar Fancy from chef Jonathan Poon (Chantecler) is now open at 1070 Queen St. West at Shaw.
Dandylion, the new bistro from chef/owner Jay Carter, is now open 1198 Queen St. West.
Portuguese restaurant Iberia Sur is now open at 839 College St. replacing the short-lived rotisserie Paul S. Churrasco.
Pizza Palla is now open at 280 Augusta Ave. in the former home of Oishi Kada and, more recently, Bello Bio.
Also in Kensington Market, Moo Frites is now serving up thick-cut Belgian frites with various sauces and toppings.

Nov 13, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

2014 Restaurants and Food Store OPENINGS - Part II

Just read on BlogTo that the space will be 12,000 sq ft. Only half of it will be QMP and the other half will be an upscale Italian grocery store. Hopefully it does better than the spot on King (Alimento)


Nov 13, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Food Events - 2014 (Toronto area and rest of Ontario)

Thanks for posting about this. Decided to book the Sunday meal/event as well. Looking forward to it.

Nov 11, 2014
ylsf in Ontario (inc. Toronto)