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Where can I find cake flour?

I'm new to this whole baking thing, so have been paying attention to when and where I find certain ingredients. I've seen it at Foodie's in the South End if that helps. Good luck!

Sushi with great decor, good food, reservations...

I recommend Douzo. It's delicious, sleek, hip, swanky. Admittedly, I somehow always end up there on nights when I am feeling the dumpiest (on the way to a World Series Sox game so wearing a frumpy Red Sox sweatshirt, after a day of intense shopping, on any given Tuesday) but no matter how out of place I've looked crossing the threshold into the place, even a lame outfit cannot deter me from their fabulous food. If you are looking to get dressed up hip-casual, drink a delicious vodka based cocktail, and eat some amazing raw fish, Douzo is the spot. It's on Dartmouth right by Back Bay station & Copley mall, so also centrally located.

Not to be missed: wild salmon nigri, the spicy tuna roll (a usually good but pedestrian roll but theirs is amazing), & both sea& water eel.

Persephone - where is it

I heard from a friend that this place is finally opening next week! The menu looks very interesting -- sorted as small, medium, large, and extra large items. Sounds like it's going to be very different from Leviton's other spot, Lumiere.

goose for Xmas dinner

Hi hounds,

My old man wants a goose for Xmas dinner. He's had a rough year, so I told him I'd see what I could do. I've found a recipe that looks like it will be good, but have no idea where to go to buy one. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


restaurants with EXCELLENT dessert menus?

Profiteroles at Petit Robert will melt your face. In a good way.

A Week in Boston

I liked Ten Tables, but don't think it's that similar to or that much better than Tremont 647. There's also literally only 10 tables inside, so you'll want to make a reso before trekking all the way out to Jamaica Plain. JP is okay, but the South End is definitely where it's at food/cocktail-wise. Tremont 647 also has a great brunch if you have a Saturday/Sunday daytime meal open. Also awesome in the South End is Toro for Tapas.

Definitely have a mojito at Chez Henri-they're the best in the city.

Have fun--you are going to eat so well!!!