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(MSP) Best buffalo wings?

My favorite wings in town are at the Leaning Tower on University. Hot, tangy, usually not too wet, crispy skin. Perfect.

Joseph Catering?

I would recommend checking out The Knot or Indie Bride message boards to see if anyone local has feedback. I don't know anything about Joseph specifically, but I will say that Chowgirls consistently serves far and away the best catered food I have ever had. I'd advise meeting with them if you haven't already and maybe together you can come up with a solution.

If it is the kind of thing that's important to you, Chowgirls is also able to accomodate vegetarian and vegan guests in addition to the omnivores, and uses local and organic ingredients.

Awesome Fried Chicken MSP?

I agree! I love Rooster's chicken. I believe it is of the "broasted" variety.

Wild Rice Pancakes in Twin Cities Vicinity

Disclaimer: It is a coincidence that my name is similar to the cafe. I have no affiliation with them and do not work in the food/restaurant industry at all.

Wild Rice Pancakes in Twin Cities Vicinity

I like the wild rice pancakes at Mill City, but I can't say how they compare to the others as I haven't eaten the others. I haven't been there for a while, but the last time I had them at Mill City they came with nuts and fruit in them, and were very good.

Mill City Cafe
2205 California St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

9 Cooking Apps Worth Downloading to Your iPhone

The omission of How to Cook Everything is bizarre. It includes every recipe in the book—around 2,000—and many helpful features, such as the timer, kitchen basics, and helpful categories (quick dinners, your favorites, most popular, vegetarian, etc). It's also one of the best values out there. $5 for 2,000 recipes, as opposed to $8 for 60 of Jamie Oliver's.

Jun 22, 2010
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Hibbing, MN area recs?

I'm from the Range. Everyone up there seems to love the Whistling Bird in Gilbert. Caribbean food & libations.

I haven't eaten there myself, but like I said, everyone seems to love it. I even saw it on the Food Network once ;-)

MSP-Eat Street Seafood and/or Vietnamese

I think Pho Tau Bay is excellent. Low on atmosphere, but the food is great.

I've also had some really good seafood dishes (scallops, in particular) at Rainbow, but I haven't been there for around six months, so I can't vouch for the quality as of today.

MSP April Mid Month UPDATE

I definitely agree about the Modern for dinner, but it does a very good breakfast. My favorites there are the Modern hash, the French toast, the biscuits & gravy, and the pampered eggs.

Bull Dog-Twin Cities

I still have never made it to the Spring Street, but now I'm moving in down the block. What else is good there?

Southern fried catfish in Twin Cities area?

Mama Taught Me How To Cook is no longer open.

It's not fried, but the catfish po'boy at Sea Salt is terrific.

Taste of Thailand in St Paul...

I'm glad it's open! What is the exact address/intersection?

I love the food from ToT, but the service at the St. Paul location is terrible, and over the past few years the quality of the food has been uneven. We usually get takeout from the Fridley location, and the food is consistently excellent.

[MSP] Seasonal venues in Twin Cities, outstate MN, Western WI?

We just ate at Sea Salt last night Very good. We were going to get an oil pan, but they were out of oysters, so we ended up with catfish po boys instead.

suggestions for minneapolis?

I'd suggest Hell's Kitchen (on 9th just off Nicollet, downtown) for breakfast. It's not cheap, but the food is excellent. You may want to call ahead or make a reservation.

I like Pho Tau Bay on Nicollet for Vietnamese. You may be interested in trying Spoonriver (near the Guthrie) for vegetarian goodies, but that's not cheap either.

ETA: Lucia's is also excellent, and has a lovely take away bakery.

[MSP] Dieting (gasp!) deliciously in the Twin Cities?

I am 99% sure that Spokes Pizza closed.

Dashen-Worst Service EVER (MSP)

I just ate there two weekends ago. Food was great. We were waited on by two different people, and one of them (the bartender) was much more helpful than the waiter. There is some variation in the waitstaff; some are more helpful than others, some speak far better English than others. Service was slow. Slow to get drinks, slow to get food, slow to get the check.

And it always will be, and I don't care. Having had a lot of personal experience with east African immigrants, Somalis in particular, to them the concept of time is very different than it is to Westerners. When I make a trip to an east African restaurant, I expect the experience to be very, ah, unrushed, shall we say.

Dashen uses teff, not wheat.

The plates on top of the injera is weird though, I've never had that happen to me there.

MSP: Brunch recommendations

We eat frequently at Mill City. The food is good, but be aware that service can be rather slow. Not a problem for us as we like to relax and read the paper anyway, but if you are in a hurry, I wouldn't recommend it.

We used to go to the Modern a lot, and their food is just excellent. Pampered eggs! Banana French Toast! Modern hash! Mmmmmm.

I still haven't gotten over to the Sample Room brunch. Maybe this weekend.

MSP: Brunch recommendations

I live in NE too. I had brunch at the Times last weekend, and it was very good. Limited menu, but the eggs Benedict were excellent.

Crispy, Creepy

Old Dutch also makes a dill pickle chip. I can't buy them because I will eat the whole bag.

Mar 14, 2007
Mill City Modern in Features

MSP: Searching for neighborhood cafe on Summer St (Spring St?) NE

Get there early; I think they close at 5 or 6.

MSP: Searching for neighborhood cafe on Summer St (Spring St?) NE

Delmonico's is still there. I love it. It's an absolute treasure. Do yourself a favor and make a trip there soon! They have great prosciutto and other cured meats, as well as homemade pasta (yum!) and sauce, and meatballs (double yum!)

They also make sandwiches as big as your head.

Vegetarian Restaurants - MSP

If you liked Udupi, check out The Vegetarian. It's on Central as well (nearest cross street is 40th, I think). All veg menu of north and south Indian food, and very very good.

New Thai in Downtown Minneapolis

Haha, I almost could have written that post myself! I used to get takeout from the Selby location, but since moving to NE Minneapolis, we get takeout from the Fridley location weekly. We usually get spring rolls, green papaya salad, peanut curry, and pad thai. I think their food is excellent, but the service definitely dictates that this is food best enjoyed in the comfort of one's own home.

A tip: the Selby location used to mess up my order on the regular. I don't think we've ever gotten a wrong order from the Fridley one, though.

Does anybody know when this downtown location might be opening?

Great ingredient combos

Chèvre, beets, and balsamic vinegar.

Mar 12, 2007
Mill City Modern in Home Cooking


I don't even like eggs benny (or at least I thought I didn't), so I'm not sure why I ordered it, but we went to brunch yesterday at the Times and it was absolutely excellent. Very, very good. Perfectly cooked eggs, and nice light hollandaise.

Kudos to Barley John's New Brighton MN!

If you eat red meat, you absolutely must try the hamburger. Perfectly medium rare, and excellent every time I've had it. We went on Saturday...I tried the brat, which was quite good.

MSP Month End UPDATE - inform your fellow chowhounds

Thanks! All the great University Ave food makes me sad I don't live in St. Paul anymore. I wish some great Vietnamese places would hang a shingle in NE Minneapolis!

MSP Month End UPDATE - inform your fellow chowhounds

Where is Pho Ca Dao located?

Kudos to Barley John's New Brighton MN!

Here are links to a couple of other threads in which Barley John's is discussed. We go there often. The beer is fantastic, I love the waitress, and the burgers are absolutely incredible.

Any WNY transplants in TC? Missing Buffalo regional food

Ugh, breaded wings are the worst. Gross. I haven't tried Runyon's yet, but maybe will give it a shot this weekend. Strangely, the Green Mill in St. Paul used to do some decent Buffalo wings, but I haven't had them in a few years.