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Key Lime Pie

I was just on Floribbean's website (they produce a fairly nice bottled key lime juice that has no preservatives... when key limes are hard to come by. I think William-Sonoma and King Arthur's Catalog sells it) and their key lime pie uses much less of everything... and is uncooked. Has anyone made a key lime pie with uncooked eggs? Do you feel they are using the same concept of chemically "cooking" the eggs, the way ceviche does fish, thereby making them safe to eat uncooked by heat? (They also use bloomed but unheated gelatin, which I think is strange, because gelatin is grainy when not unheated... again, is it the acidic juice that dissolves it by breaking down the granules? I must experiment.) It's not the first time I've seen a key lime recipe with uncooked eggs... there's a woman down in the Keys (I believe) who makes frozen pie wedges covered in chocolate-- she doesn't cook hers batter either.

Bottled key lime juice is a pretty decent substitute for the actual thing, but I think by the heating process, it kills some of the original flavor, as all things pasteurized don't taste exactly like the "real" thing. Another good substitute for key limes is regular limes (still hard suckers to juice) with a bit of lemon juice for the missing additional tartness. Insofar as crusts go, I've used a bit of crushed ginger cookies and some coconut (fresh, sweetened, unsweetened-- depends on one's preference really) mixed in with the graham crackers, and it gives it a nice twist.

Jul 12, 2007
cheftoni55 in Recipes

best unique restaurant

Marc Samuelsson has a great pair of eateries uptown. Excellent food and service and a combination of Scandanavian and modern approach... Aquavit or Scandanavian House is worth checking out. And it's definitely not Italian. Little high end, but you won't be disappointed. Cut and paste the url to check it out:
Good luck and hope your family enjoys the city. On a side note, you may want to check out the outer boroughs... there are wonderful restaurants in all of them.

Jun 21, 2007
cheftoni55 in Manhattan

Apple Tarts with Apple Ice

Lovely recipe. But frangipane is not almond paste, nor a type of almond paste. Almond paste is one of the ingredients in it. To achieve *sort of* similar flavor (but not the same consistency) people could substitute marzipan.

Oct 03, 2006
cheftoni55 in Recipes

CHOW Ginger Beer

I think they mean six inches measured, not including the nubs. Take a piece of fresh ginger (make sure that the "skin" is a uniform color--no mold and no mushiness--basically, it shouldn't look old and dried out. If you break off a nub around the edge, the area where you broke it off should be moist with a nice zingy scent), snap off the smallest nubs, use a ruler and measure it lengthwise to about six inches (it's not going to be exact, because ginger grows curvy sometimes, and sticks out all over the place) and then peel/cut off the skin (you can use a good sharp peeler, the edge of a spoon, a really sharp knife) then grate.

Sep 30, 2006
cheftoni55 in Recipes

Make Your Own Soda Pop

Awesome. =)

Sep 30, 2006
cheftoni55 in Features

Won't Work for Food

This is hard work?...perhaps you're too privileged and a whiner. There are people in far worse situations that work 12 - 14 hour days, and live in an apartment that is the size of your closet, and they still don't make enough money to be able to afford food, so they go to their local soup kitchen or local food bank. Be grateful you live in an area with nice neigborhoods, where people spend more on their rent then some people get paid in 2 or 3 months, where there is a sense of community....hell, where you can get adzuki beans and organic blueberries that don't ask for the soul of your first born. So you had to work for your food *gasp*...what an unusual idea. Your husband had to walk 15 minutes from the subway after having come from a desk job and the gym? Get a small wire cart, and he can stash it in his office--problem solved. Couldn't go to the Fairway, because you didn't have a car? Take the may shock you, but *hundreds* of people do this. And the next time you want to complain (even in jest) about your unfortunate luck in having to move to such an "incovenient" area, remember that about a 1/3 of New York City's children and adults live below the poverty level, and cannot buy food at all.

Sep 28, 2006
cheftoni55 in Features


Overall, I like the new design--and I like that it is not at all like CNET. CHOWHOUND had managed to keep its' identity, which is nice.

But I'm going to be nitpicky here...and I know I will be hated, because with your recent overhaul, I know everyone behind the scenes is working extra hard.

Today, the graphics were not aligne--the paste up was "crooked" (does that even make sense?). And whomever is in charge of, you spelled Valrhona wrong.

Other than that, I think you guys over there are doing a great job. And for those folks who said something negative about big photos, etc., etc....I think they are wonderful--not at all precious or cutesy. Love them.

Sep 19, 2006
cheftoni55 in Site Talk