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Real Sichuan (spicy) near KOP

I went there twice, once recently for take out only, and once about two months back to dine in. Had the bean noodle with minced pork, kung pao chicken, spicy wontons, and shrimp with walnuts both times. All were excellent. And yes, the Sichuan dishes were oily, but we expected that going in.

When we dined in, we also ordered fried dumplings. Somewhat incongruously, they were served after all the other dishes had been ravaged and we were almost ready to go.

Worth the trip again from DelCo, and convenient to Trader Joe's.

Jun 20, 2012
tardis52 in Philadelphia

Five Guys vs. In-N-Out

Sorry In-N-Out lovers, I just came back from San Diego and a trip to INO. SO and I had two good Double-Doubles but some really average and small fries (and lukewarm after less than a 10 min drive down I-8). We sampled Five Guys in Deptford, NJ and Moorestown, NJ in the past month. Five Guys definitely won out on fries and just slightly won out on the burger. On the other hand, it only cost us $12 at In-N-Out and over $20 for the same meal at Five Guys. Plus, In-N-Out has shakes too. Since Five Guys is now in California, more head-to-head taste tests are possible. Hopefully this was a once-in-a-while glitch for INO.

Dec 12, 2010
tardis52 in Chains

Plaza Azteca in Plymouth Meeting

Had takeout from there about two weeks ago. The cost for two chicken burritos and two seafood burritos (all a la carte) plus chips and salsa was around $17.00. Wife and I thought it was pretty good, and cheaper than Qdoba, Baja Fresh, etc...They looked more like enchiladas, but big enchiladas nonetheless. Would go back for more.

May 24, 2009
tardis52 in Pennsylvania

PIZZA! In Chapel Hill or Durham

Just went to Sal's in Chapel Hill this weekend. We had slices of ham, mushrooms, anchovies and meatballs. The meatball slice I had almost fell apart because of too many meatball slices. Not that that's a bad thing...I should have eaten it right away instead of yapping. Crunchy yet chewy crust. Very prompt and friendly service. They had wine, but we did not partake. Would go there again. Well, not specifically Eastgate, because...

They will be moving out of Eastgate soon and going near the Burger King down 15-501. Don't quote me but I think that's either on Elliott Rd or S Estes Dr...there's a sign by the front door as you check out that has the new address. One employee I spoke with said they just didn't get enough foot traffic, because unless you know where they are [or see the banner that says "Sal's Pizza"] you can't find it. New location should be easier to find and get a parking space, too.

What's the best Mexican fast food chain?

I'll nominate two from the Southwest:
Roberto's (San Diego, Las Vegas and a few locations in Florida) - no web site (the Northern San Diego County small chain you can find on Google is related by family, but is not the same as the larger, cheaper, mostly 24-hr chain) - but here's a sample menu from one in Vegas:


Filiberto's (Arizona and California
...which now has carne asada fries (diced carne asada, guac, sour cream and cheese over fries).

My preference is Roberto's: lots of late night studying fueled by chorizo and egg burritos, carne asada and guac burritos and the classic three rolled tacos with guac and sprinkled cotija cheese. Mmmmmm.

Dec 14, 2007
tardis52 in Chains

british cold groceries?

Right, it's called The British Store. 609-654-4622. Linda Phillips is the owner.

Aug 19, 2007
tardis52 in Pennsylvania

Best Pizza in Delaware County PA

Just went there last week. The sausage pizza was awesome as advertised.

Mar 24, 2007
tardis52 in Philadelphia

Hidalgo Mexican Restaurant

My wife and I went this past weekend. It was rather late (about 9:15), so we just ordered appetizers. We had chorizo nachos (good, though burned a little), chicken flautas (also good) and some steak soft tacos with cilantro & onions. Overall, not bad. One weird thing: we asked for water along with our drinks and were told they don't serve water. Puzzled, we asked to speak with someone else. A manager came by (note: not the owner, who was busy) and explained that since they do not have a filter, they are unable to serve water "because we'll get in trouble." We never heard of that before - it's not like Delco is at the shore or has water unfit for human consumption. I also wonder where their ice comes from if the filter situation is true.

Jan 02, 2007
tardis52 in Philadelphia

Trader Joe's in Cary-- not seeing what the big deal is...

I agree 100% with Atlantis. TJ's is a small, specialized gourmet food store with (mostly) cheap prices. WF is pricier and has a bigger (but not necessarily better) selection. I've been going to different TJ's for over 20 years and always get psyched up when one opens closer to me (I'm in Philly now and we have 5 or so). Enjoy it for what it is.

Dec 09, 2006
tardis52 in Chains

AERO bars

Delfino Imports (70 E Main St., Marlton, NJ 08053, 856-596-3366) has multiple varities of Aero bars. Normally open Tues-Fri.

Sep 19, 2006
tardis52 in Mid-Atlantic