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visiting downtown portland

Actually no. Downtown is downtown. Close-in is close-in. Nkeane, if you've ever flown to another city on a junket, meeting or conference, it makes a big difference whether you can walk or need to take public transportation or drive. "Downtown" Portland is where the tall buildings are - end of story. Cross the bridge and you're not downtown. That's like saying Brooklyn is "actually" Manhattan. What????

PDX - Favorite Dive Bars - now smoke-free!

Great call on Marathona - although IMHO, Bar of Gods is a little too "hipster."

Get to the bar at the Pagoda at around 39th and Broadway before they tear it down for another soul-sucking bank...

Which Italian Restaurant in Portland is this?


Best Espresso - PSU/Downtown PDX/Hawthorne

I just noticed that The Vanguard had a write-up about Java Man on 6th and Taylor, saying they have "great coffee" and Russian food. (??)

Also, I remembered there's a cool Italian pastry - espresso place in an office building at around 6th and Columbia. The building on the NE corner of the intersection, and the place is in the SW corner of the building (if that makes sense). They have great little pastries and take their espresso seriously.

Best Espresso - PSU/Downtown PDX/Hawthorne

As a PSU habitue, I can tell you that the campus is sorely lacking a good coffee experience. I've been a fan of Stumptown since being one of the first regulars at the original store on Division.

Having said that, there are plenty of other great coffee places in town. Try Ristretto Roasters on Fremont, Albina Press on Albina, Common Grounds on Hawthorne, World Cup on Glisan at around 19th. The Fresh Pot in the Powells on Hawthorne is home to the guy who I think won best barista in the NW or something like that...

Happy Hour/Light Dinner PDX

Clyde Common is way too crowded. It would be a nightmare, IMHO. For a bachorette party, Saucebox seems like a good choice. Teardrop too. But unless you like large crowds at close quarters with deafening noise, you'd do well to skip the overly trendy Clyde Common - Food is great, but at a cost of conversation and convenience.

Best Tapas in PDX?

I agree that it's off-putting when people say "get more specific." Keep in mind that if you answer X and they come back with "I was looking for Y," at least other readers will have learned about your appreciation for X. What's really annoying is to read a post and then look forward to the response, only to get "well, how much do you want to spend? Do you want east side or west side? Do you want strict vegetarian...." Just answer the question to the best of your ability!!!

Recommend me... Northwestern Beers

Alaskan Amber: Deschutes Mirror Pond Ale or MacTarnahan's Ale
Fosters: Session Ale

Dec 04, 2008
AlbertaHound in Beer

Country Cat... overrated

I'm looking forward to trying the fried chicken.

Help plan our trip to NYC more inside

Blue Smoke definitely for 'cue. For a truly NY experience, check out a set at the Jazz Standard downstairs, where I believe they serve the complete Blue Smoke menu.

Nov 21, 2008
AlbertaHound in Manhattan

PDX - Chinese in SW

I haven't found the ideal place, but better than average is the Szechuan place (Szech Palace?) on Barbur across the street from Original Pancake House, and in the same building as the Boom Boom Room. Not the best Chinese you'll ever eat, but possibly the best in the area based on my limited research.

Affordable Awesome in PDX?

The Ringside is a great birthday place and their happy hour menu prices are amazing. If you can come in late enough for the HH (I think it starts at 9), this might just be your ticket.

Anniversary dinner in Portland

Southpark is right downtown and features great seafood. Maybe the best raw oysters in town if that's your thing.

In Search Of....The Utimate Gyro (in Portland)

I love the gyros at the festival. But be warned that they are not as the OP described: a "two-fisted gyro sandwich that is heavy (because it's bursting with 1/4" thick slices of seasoned lamb) and then smothered with tomatoes, onions, lettuce and gobs of sauce."

The ones at the Greek Fesitval are on the small side, but taste delicious. I usually eat two at a time, and then move on to the Souvlaki and Spanikopita before finishing things off with some baklava.

Oct 02, 2008
AlbertaHound in Metro Portland

Weekday lunch Higgens or Wildwood

Higgins is an excellent lunch choice. I'd go there if I were you. After lunch (or before), you can check out the Portland art Museum or the Oregon Historical Society, both within four blocks walk.

Top-notch, affordable, sublime Portland spots?

Just go to Toro Bravo.

Coming to Boston - Look at my list?

Thanks ghostcat, and everyone else. And per drewames03's question, no, I don't want to limit the recommendations to the N. End. I'll be coming from Portland, OR, though, where we have limited Italian options. But I'd certainly be open to anything that's especially "Boston," especially those in the midrange to upper-midrange pricewise. Thanks!

Astoria, Oregon

If you are looking for a good microbrewery, the Fort George Brewery has a friendly atmosphere and good beer. The food's better than average too, IMHO.

Coming to Boston - Look at my list?

We'll be looking to have a couple of nice meals in Boston in a couple of weeks. After some research, we;'ve narrowed it down to the following places. Do you folks have experiences with any of the following? Thanks!

Mamma Maria

best soul food in Harlem

I hear Amy Ruth's is better than Sylvia's. True?

Jul 30, 2008
AlbertaHound in Manhattan

Noisy Restaurants: A painful experiance

In Portland, Clyde Common was an offender the last time I was in, about six moths ago. Not sure if they did anything to improve the situation. Nice place, nice vibe, but not a place to take mom or grandma if they like quiet.

Portland Thai & Indian

I've heard that Swagat at Orenco Station is great, but the one in Beaverton is only mediocre. Also Chaba Thai on Sandy is good.

Best for Chowhounds: Washington or Oregon?

Actually, as a Porltlander, I fall into the category of rather die than live in Seattle - mostly because of crowds, downtown filth, and traffic.

Three days in Chinatown

Is it as good as the Flushing location? Because the latter was the best Chinese I've ever experienced in the USA.

Jul 22, 2008
AlbertaHound in Manhattan

Three days in Chinatown

If you're that serious about it, you need to expand beyond Chinatown. For the complete NY experience, you might try Szechuan Gourmet in Flushing for the full-blown Szechuan experience, plus one of the classic Cantonese places in Chinatown, plus some of the other recommendations for Shanghai that have already been posted. Then maybe even hit Shun Lee Palace for the classic old-school Chinese-American grand restaurant. If you do all this, your family will be reminiscing, discussing and arguing about which was their faves for years.

Jul 22, 2008
AlbertaHound in Manhattan

Best for Chowhounds: Washington or Oregon?

Lighten up Dr. Chow, it was a joke. But as for comparisons between the cities, they both are pretty amazing compared to other cities of their size in the country. Seatte has better Chinese, and Portland has a better collection of eccentric spots, but between the two, most needs can be satsfied. One obvious exception would be the need to go to Vancouver for Vij's.

Best for Chowhounds: Washington or Oregon?

Notice that the Portlanders on this board are saying great things about Seattle (-;

Best Beer Bars in Portland, OR?

Horse Brass is great but smokey.

Higgins has an outstanding selection of bottled beers as well as a few choice taps.

If you happen to be in SW/Beaverton, you might stop at the Dublin Pub which has several dozen on tap.

Convention Center area - Portland, Or

As mentioned, it's nearly as easy to take the light rail downtown.

Also Nicolas is a short wak from the CC, and offers above average Lebanese food.

Best Papaya and Dog

Now that we've narrowed it down to Gray's in the Village and PK on 86th, I'm curious how people think the papaya drinks themselves compare between the two. After all, the NY Mag article linked below says the drink itself tastes like pizza - I guess that scores one for PK on 86th....

Jul 18, 2008
AlbertaHound in Manhattan