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Chicago Beers in DC/VA/MD

I know with Obama's recent entrance into DC, there was talk about Chicago beers being brought into DC. Does anyone know if they are still around and if so where can they be found? Specifically I was looking to buy them in bottle form but if not I will drag myself to a bar. Goose Island anyone?

For that matter, where is the best place to buy unique beers in this area?

Cushaw in NOVA, MD or DC

I think this is seriously the oddest request I have had for this board. I was wondering if anyone has seen Cushaw squash in farmer’s markets or road side stands. They are some what rare but I did find one last year in Leesburg. They are white with green stripes. They are long and have a crooked neck. They are relatives of the pumpkin and make yummy pies! Please let me know, thanks.

Cheese Curds in DC

Thanks everyone for the great recs. I went to the Dupont Farmers Market a few weeks back and they said the guy that sold them is no longer there. I am going to the Market in Arlington near Court House tomorrow. Then Maryland Amish Markets the next weekend. I will let everyone know how the curds I find stand up to midwestern ones.
I may even have to go get some fried ones at A&W!

Cheese Curds in DC

I am a Chicago transplant who has been fine with getting curds on my returns to the Windy City. I would now like to find some cheese curds in the DC (NOVA, MD, even WV) area. Anyone have ideas where they might be found?

Best Lobster in Town

Thanks for the comments already.

DC, Alexandria and Arlington Areas are perfered. Steamed whole lobster, is what I am looking for. If someone knows of a place with a dish featuring lobster, that is not whole that would be good as well.

Best Lobster in Town


I have seen a lot of Best Seafood but I realized after looking at the menus some didn't have what I was really looking for. I have a birthday dinner that I have to plan soon. I know the birthday girl's main course will be Lobster. That leads me to the question of. Where can you get the best lobster in town? I realize this might not come cheap. Would like any suggestions on this topic.