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Central Wisconsin, Chowishness in General

Finally tried the Wright Place on 6th. The atmosphere is lovely, but the food and service were dismal. The neon Miller sign in the window was nearly a deal breaker. The waiter had no idea what he was talking about. Very limited wine by the glass. My companion had a chicken Caesar salad that was drowning in bland dressing. She couldn't even get through half of it. Other companion had lamb stew which he loved. My scallops in wasabi were bland – now that takes talent – making wasabi bland. Wausau is desperate for decent dining options. I hope they step it up.

In other news, there is a group of investors wanting to reopen the Wausau Club.

Jan 27, 2007
LisaS in Great Lakes

Food for one in Des Moines?

Try A Dong. It's in the Sherman Hill Historical District near downtown. Fresh, simple Vietnamese.

Oct 31, 2006
LisaS in General Midwest Archive

Central Wisconsin, Chowishness in General

I moved to CW from a large metro-area a little over 4 years. My thoughts:

Noodles & Co. was a pleasant addition although I am usually hungry an hour or so after I eat there.

I can't wait to try the Wright House.

The Mint is good for breakfast or lunch. The staff and owners are great. Good place for people watching.

The Loading Zone does Fish Tacos (very well) during the week. Typical WI bar food otherwise.

Gelato Caffe on Jefferson Street has a nice vegetarian panini.

I really like the Hiawatha. They make a yummy beef tenderloin with gorgonzola.

La Prima is a favorite. I just wish they were open longer hours. Sicilian. The owner only uses the freshest ingredients.

City Grille is hit or miss (soggy panini, suspect tuna).

I like the food at Little Italy but the service is spotty. I was there once when a fight broke out in the kitchen and another time a wait staff forgot to order my kids food.

Back When is slow and the (male) owner is arrogant. My husband won't set foot in there because we were snubbed more than once. Same with Something's Brewing.

The downtown market has good soups and dished for lunch take-out.

Freddy's is just okay. In my opinion, El Mezcal is much better.

We walked into Michael's once and had to leave because it smelled like an ashtray.

Mickeys has a tasty white pizza with kraut and brautwurst. Sounds reather gross, but it's subtle.

I wish there were more ethnic and vegetarian offerings (Indian, Vietnamese, etc.). I'm tired of the heavy-gravy Americanized Chinese.

We went to Iozzo's for our anniversary and were very disappointed. I have heard Carmello's is the best Italian in town, but we haven't made it there yet.

Wausau is a casual town. Nobody dresses up for dinner (or religious services, funerals, etc.).

Oct 21, 2006
LisaS in Great Lakes


I used to live near Burlington, IA and had chicken lips several times. They are a unbreaded chicken tender in a buffalo wing sauce. I am not a chicken or meat fan in general, but the chicken lips are amazing.

I love the spring rolls with mint and shrimp (not fried) at A Dong in Des Moines.

Rarebit form the Younkers Tea Room (RIP) in Downtown Des Moines.

I never had a ham ball and lived in Iowa over 30 years. Maybe a rural gourmet item?

Sep 18, 2006
LisaS in General Midwest Archive