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Chicken Fried Steak

South's, a pub in Tribeca, is pretty good. Only on Tuesdays, though. Solid....

273 Church St, New York, NY 10013

May 05, 2011
kjsnow25 in Manhattan

UWS Dinner Delivery (66th and Columbus), need rec's to add to our rotation

Haku - 88/Bway. Sushi is great, especially the Thursday (it seems ) shipments. Sushi Deluxe combo is about 12 pieces of fish and a roll, which you can sub the california roll, etc. Good selection of sushi, delivered in a hurry.

Also, I like Humus Place, 75th?/Amsterdam. Really good combo plates there, exceleent hummus (really..) and falafel

Saigon, Land are big faves....

OH - also, Rack and Soul delviers, possibly to you. Check that out. Very good BBQ...I think, esp the pulled pork - enough in one order for about 3 peeps.

Tenzan just doesn't work for me anymore....

Aug 26, 2009
kjsnow25 in Manhattan

Open kitchen aside from Degustation?

Barbuto in the W Vil has a kitchen table, does it not? I remember trying to book that a few times a while back...

Sep 23, 2008
kjsnow25 in Manhattan

Best Japanese in NYC

throwing Haru in with Sushi Ann And Sushiden is like throwing White Castle in with The Burger Joint and Molly's. If you misspeled Haku, then I apologize...

Egads. Anyhoo, Kanoyama on @nd @ 11th and Ushi Wakamaru (if you like Japanese, fairly conservative and fresh fish) are two great ones. Yasuda, Masa, Kuruma all a hefty price tag - you can do well here, esp. at Ushi with thr 10 or 15 piece tastings.....

Sep 03, 2008
kjsnow25 in Manhattan

When is Kefi moving?

it will be where Loft was, Columbus and 84/85th on the East side of the street. Should make everything better with that move...building permits have Kefi LLC on them in the window...a subtle hint....

Jul 14, 2008
kjsnow25 in Manhattan

Ushi Wakamaru question

it's 15 pieces of sushi. The good news is it is a blend of that day's fresh stuff, and some of the classics there. Ask for the white shrimp, the crab, the lobster, the ikura (they smoke it there) any of the snappers, the urchin there is great, etc. It comes out in 5, 10, or 15 pieces. I tend to order the 10 - and then do a "Greatest hits" of the first 10 for the next five. Not dressed much, but if you ask for something different, you can get it. Oh, make sure the toro is involved, too. Winner.

May 05, 2008
kjsnow25 in Manhattan

Steak for one at the bar?

Bar at Keen's does a smaller and les expensive version of their mutton chop, which is great. Bar is off to the West side of the venue. Raoul's a great idea, and Wolfgang's also has a large/new bar in Tribeca.

Dec 08, 2006
kjsnow25 in Manhattan

Expensive UWS for Birthday Dinner

I live up there, Ouest is the best up there, I think. Other "suspects" are Pair of 8's, Haku or Gari (for Sushi) and maybe....hmmmm....that's about it. Onera is excellent, but Ouest, the rib eye, a big banquette, and the soups = great, great meal.

Oct 23, 2006
kjsnow25 in Manhattan