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Vegan in Kelowna/Penticton


Four of us will be traveling from Vancouver, BC, to Kelowna and Penticton in early August. 1 in our group is vegetarian, and 2 are vegan. We know about the vegan thai place in kelowna, but was wondering what other chowhounders can suggest for vegan food options in the area.

We are considering calling some of the winery restaurants to ask if they can make vegan food for us. Has anyone had any experience in doing that? Any recommendation?


Jul 05, 2013
Kittina in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Casual Options on Denman/Davie/Robson

Hi: We recently moved to West End (West of Denman). We are looking for casual eating recommendations, brunch/lunch/dinner. All price ranges/all types of food. What are people's thoughts on Central, Khunnai Chang, Swagat, etc.?

Mar 12, 2009
Kittina in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

iso great food in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Original Bangladeshi food is an interesting mix of local flavors (rice, daal, river fish and veggies, eaten daily by locals ) and the meat-heavy muslim influence (biriyani, haleem and kababs). Of course you have your usual array of chinese and thai which have been around for a long time.

For fiery street side style kababs, ask your friend to try 'Star Kabab.' They have various locations, including the original one in old Dhaka. The ones in Dhanmondi (on Rd. 2 and also on Sat Masjid Road, opposite Abahoni field) would be easy to access. Their chicken jhal fry, chicken tikka are awesome. When I took my american friends home, they would take a rickshaw and go to star kabab every day, without speaking a word in bangla. i get homesick (have been living abroad for many years now) whenever I think of star kabab...:(

For good indian, Sajna (already mentioned) and Santoor (on Mirpur Road, intersection of Dhanmondi old Rd. 32) are good. I understand there are many other options available, especially, lined up along kamal ataturk ave.

Streetside delicacies like chotpoti and phuchka also should not be missed. I would not recommend having them just from anywhere though, as it would lead to immediate diarrhoea. However, a place called 'Dhaba' (two locations, one on Banani Rd. 4 and another inside Rifles Square mall), has sanitized but still very tasty versions. Whenever I've made chotpoti at home here, my american friends have swooned, but my version is nowhere near the original!

For authentic biriyani, Fakhruddin baburchi (means chef in bangla) is the best. Think he has an outlet on Sat Masjid Road. Legendary is also Haji's biriyani, a lighter style biriyani, but available in this alley in old dhaka, and is hard to get to.

Sorry I can't provide exact street addresses, but most of these places are very well known to foodie locals, and usually have listings in local guide books.

Chow on!

Aug 13, 2008
Kittina in India & South Asia

ISO SF romantic vegetarian

I'm planning to take my boyfriend out for his birthday. He's vegetarian, and has been to Greens but was underwhelmed. What do people think of Millennium? A pure vegetarian place would be ideal, but what are some great places that don't have just one veggie entree in the menu? Please help!