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Are pomegranates available anywhere yet?

Saw them on Saturday at the grand lake farmers market. Didn't try any of the samples, but a friend did and purchased one.

10 best milkshakes in SF from EaterSF

I have to agree. My milkshake of choice is extra thick and never consumed with a straw

Ice Cream at Chocolatier Blue (Fourth Street in Berkeley)

I have never found the ice cream bitter, but a bit lacking in flavor. I confess to being an ice cream addict and I continue to get the ice cream there as the toppings are consistently excellent, but I'm usually underwhelmed by the ice cream itself. The cookies are very good, though. The ice cream at mr. & mrs. Misc. is my favorite for flavor and texture.

Rockridge/Oak/Berk Area-What is the best taco truck?

That is Tacos El Rey. The owner, Ausencio, is the nicest guy possible. The number to reach him is 510-593-1020

In search of caramel sauce for ice cream sundaes in Berkeley

I've been to Tara's and have missed the caramel sauce. I know chocolatier blue has the option of caramel sauce on all their ice cream creations, but they aren't open late enough. I should have made that part of my requirement. We usually start looking at around 9pm. Is iScream open late? I'll have to check. I've been there during the day and stupidly didn't think to check their hours. Thanks for the reminders.

In search of caramel sauce for ice cream sundaes in Berkeley

Thank you for all the suggestions! I will have to check with the burger depot as I've driven by occasionally but never actually gone inside. Tucker's sounds like just the place I was looking for, I only wish they were open a bit later. As for making and/or purchasing caramel sauce, I've done both, but we are looking to go out and get ice cream sundaes and have been surprised at the dirth of possibilities. I've alao found that having caramel sauce at home in quantity to be a bit dangerous.

If there are more options out there, I'd love to hear them. We've gone as far afield as San leandro for our fix, but was hoping for a more local option. Tucker's is the next place to try!

In search of caramel sauce for ice cream sundaes in Berkeley

Every Friday night we find ourselves driving around looking for a place that serves caramel sauce on their ice cream sundae. The wait at Femton's is off the hook. The line at Ici snakes around the block. What other spots in the north Oakland, Berkeley, Albany area serves caramel sauce with their sundae? I love the one at Zut, but I think we are wanting something a bit more customizable and casual. Thanks for any help you can give!

"Gaumenkitzel" West Berkeley

I tried them out at lunchtime on opening day and was less ithan mpressed. They were out of the bread and rolls by 12:30. I ordered the creamed spinach, potatoes and two fried eggs. Nothing was seasoned and the cubed potatoes were just that, plain cubes of lightly pan fried potatoes. Portions were small and I felt nothing warranted my breakfast's price of $9. The latte I ordered was basically warm milk slightly flavored with coffee. Truly bad. I also took a few desserts to go, slices of the butter cake and the cake with hazelnuts as well as the caramel pudding and while the flavors were passable, the tiny portions and not so timy prices made me sure to never return ($8.50). On the topic of portion size, the gentleman seated at an adjacent table ordered a second beef dish after finishing his first small plate of the same, basically spending $36 for a lot of mashed potatoes and two small pieces of beef. Being a frequent visitor to the neighborhood, living only two miles away, I was sincerely hoping to love this place. I'm hoping for better luck with the new Italian place.

In search of cookie platter

Do you have any suggestions for the east bay? Ideally Berkeley, Albany, N Oakland area?

Any bakery in the east bay have a great coconut cake?

I just had amazing coconut cupcakes from Teacake in Emeryville. Perhaps those would do?

Wedding in Yosemite- Food recs?

I'm curious what you ended up doing for your wedding. I am having my wedding celebration in Yosemite West - renting a few houses up there in a few months and am debating between catering and doing it ourselves. We are hosting between 50 to 80 people for an afternoon/evening dinner. Any tips you might share would be much appreciated. We spend A LOT of time in the valley and I've looked into the Ahwahnee - highway robbery and as I've eaten there for dinner several times, I know it is absolutely not worth the price. The Mountain room is a possibility, but the prices are still not great and the time - out by 5PM - not ideal. The DNC is a crappy company and I would prefer not to use them to cater any party, much less my wedding celebration. IMHO, the fact that they have a monopoly on concessions in the valley give them zero incentive to run a quality operation.

Feb 22, 2010
Hungrymama in California

Valentine's Day Dinner in East Bay?

I just had an amazing meal at Marica on College. They have a special Valentine's menu that you can read on their website. It's quite a bit pricier than their regular menu, but sounds great. It's a very nice neighborhood restaurant with excellent service and delicious seafood. Their lobster was really out of this world!

Suggestions for a Non-Dairy Cake in Berkeley

Sorry for the incredibly late response. I did go to Crixa and picked up their ginger cake which I'd had before. It is a good tasting cake, but it isn't particularly festive looking. I also prefer my cake to be of the chocolate variety. When not accommodating vegans or my gluten intolerant friends, I exclusively buy cakes from Masse's. They are my hands down favorite for cake. I also really like La Farine's fruit tarts with the cream base.

I've done the flourless chocolate cake at Masse's for the gluten intolerant but still have yet to find a really excellent vegan cake in the east bay. I hear Millennium does cakes, but I rarely am planning far enough ahead or make it to the city to make that work.

Thanks for all the suggestions. BTW, I did ask Crixa about vegan cakes other than the ginger and they weren't particularly helpful. I also need to check out Mariposa for gluten free cakes.

a taste of "Gather"

I also ate at Gather last night. We were a large party celebrating birthdays and, to our chagrin, were split into two tables though we had not been informed that they would be unable to seat us all together.

The vegan "charcuterie" (my SO found that to be a bizarre term) was the highlight for me. I especially liked the mushroom crostini and the beets with citrus. The cauliflower with garlic bread crumbs was also delicious.

The special pizza, however, was a huge disappointment. The crust was flavorless, limp, thick and doughy. The topping was flavored mainly by the bacon and I couldn't discern any cabbage. One of my dining mates mentioned that he had been to Gather a few weeks before and had been similarly disappointed in the pizza. He had warned his table away from ordering the pizza, but unfortunately I was sitting at table number 2.

My SO's fries and burger were solid, particularly the fries. The homemade tomato chutney they serve on the side was delicious. They did run out of buns and subbed with grilled Acme bread slices (again with no explanation or warning), which made the aioli ooze out of the bread holes. My son's chicken under a brick was fine, though nothing special.

I like the concept and atmosphere and the service was very friendly so I'm sure I'll be back to try the other menu items, but not the pizza.

Can anyone recommend a premade birthday cake available in Oakland/Berkeley?

The Just Dessert chocolate cake is really quite delicious and the lemon is also quite good. I second the Masse's recommendation, though they are expensive, but I wouldn't go with Sweet Adeline unless you were feeding a lot more people as their sheet cakes are a great value but aren't as tasty as some of your other options. At Masse's I've always enjoyed their opera cake and their chocolate cakes are always a hit. For a different kind of dessert, La Farine's tarts with their pastry creme are amazing.

Dinner in Fremont to Milpitas zone

Thanks everyone for the great recommendations. I guess I'll have to stop in Fremont to eat more often. Our group ended up at Salang Pass around 7:30pm last Monday night. The restaurant was very quiet and no one was seated in the pillow dining area, so we made ourselves at home. I would hesitate to have anyone not very agile sit there as it took some work to get comfortable.

As for the food, it was quite delicious. We started with the eggplant appetizer, the pumpkin appetizer, the bolani and hummus. I thought the bolani was especially good, but then I'm a sucker for pan-fried bread stuffed with seasoned pototoes. It was slightly hot-spicy, which I liked, but it did not remind me of a calzone at all, which was how it was described on the menu. The eggplant also really stood out. The hummus was nothing special, perhaps a lack of garlic? and the bread they brought was mediocre. I've had fresh pita at other places (Turkish Kitchen for one) that came out warm and was much more flavorful with a better texture.

For mains, we had the Quabili Pallow and the rice really is outstanding. I actually preferred the chicken kabob plate, which was our other main except I would have hated to miss the rice with all its raisiny, carroty goodness. We finished off with mint tea - not on the menu, but they were very accommodating with our request for a hot decaffeinated beverage - their baklava, which I did not try as it looked rather dry and hard, and mango ice cream, pretty average.

The service was attentive and swift, most likely due to the emptiness of the restaurant. We also were not in a hurry since there was much catching up to do among all of us.

Salang Pass
37462 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94536

Ice Cream Cafe
536 Davis St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Dinner in Fremont to Milpitas zone

I like it. I'm not sure how I missed it in my search of "Fremont". Thank you!

Dinner in Fremont to Milpitas zone

Could anyone suggest a great restaurant off of 880 anywhere between Fremont and Milpitas? We will be driving from Sunnyvale and Berkeley respectively. Good food is the priority with a nice atmosphere a plus. We are a group of four good friends who love food, haven't seen each other in a while and enjoy ethnic cuisine. This part of the bay area remains a culinary mystery to me, though I've heard rumors of good Indian. I've checked the board for past reviews but didn't find a place that garnered consensus or seemed just right for us. Thanks for any assistance you can give.

best donuts in Berkeley?

Although not in Berkeley, All Star Donuts in El Cerrito is just a hop, skip and jump away and I've always enjoyed their chocolate and glazed old fashioned donuts. They also do a delicious, apple fritter though some might find it a bit too sweet. The folks who own/run the shop are really nice as well.

Don't go for the coffee.

Banquet room in Berkeley / Emeryville

I am looking for a banquet room in Berkeley or Emeryville that meets the following criteria:

1) Can hold 30-40 people
2) Has privacy (a separate room)
3) Has a bar on the premises
4) Has a parking lot for easy parking

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for you help.

Suggestions for a Non-Dairy Cake in Berkeley

I'm looking for an AMAZING non-dairy cake for a birthday tomorrow. Does anyone have a recommendation for a place in Berkeley that makes something truly, mouthwateringly great? Chocolate is a plus!

I do see vegan cakes all the time at Whole Foods, but have never been brave enough to try one to see if it's any good (I'm not vegan). The birthday girl can eat eggs, just no dairy.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Best Indian Buffet

Sorry, but I just went to Khana Peena's lunch buffet on Friday at your recommendation, and I found it to be mediocre, shading to bad. There were few complex flavors, spice or distinction between the dishes. I've had dinner here a few times and found it adequate; much better than the buffet. There was quite a variety of dishes, but none stood out. I would love to find a good Indian Buffet place in Berkeley, but this is just not it.

Oliveto's: who loves it and why?

I took my boyfriend and his family to Oliveto's for his birthday several months ago and had a very disappointing meal. Perhaps it was because our party didn't look particularly fashionable (not a surprise for the east bay), but the server was quite brief, and frankly, unfriendly. He became even unfriendlier when we declined to order wine - some in the party do not drink, making it uncomfortable for others to do so.

Having had many an enjoyable meal at Oliveto's in my 7 years of living in the east bay, I was eager to have my new family try the food. More disappointment was in store - my salad showed up as a few greens with a lackluster vinaigrette and looked liked it had been plated by a 3-year-old. My fish was incredibly, inedibly salty, and my fellow diners' suppers were no better.

Sadly, one of the few restaurants I have highly recommended to friends and visitors must be struck off my list of places to eat. For the price, it's not worth sitting through rude service and uninspired cooking.