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market gardens in restos / organic seeds

I"m curious of any favorite restaurants maintain their own market gardens (都市農園?) where they grow their own veggies & other edibles. I would be delighted for any recommendations...also, I"m curious if there are any gardeners out there who might recommend places to buy organic/heirloom seeds. I have looked at the catalogs for Tane no mori, Sakata, and a bunch of other places, but was surprised to see mostly "garden variety" veggies, not the special Tokyo breeds (even Tokyo negi, but much much more...)I expected. But, maybe they are sold at smaller markets. I would love any suggestions--whether reachable by foot or on line or by post. Thanks!

Mar 15, 2013
akmck in Japan

Reimen in LA

Has anyone seen the cold, spicy noodles known as _reimen_ in any Japanese or Korean restaurants around here?
Reimen means cold noodles. I'm not sure of the exact algorithm of Japanese-Korean relations in the dish itself, but reimen is basically (in Tokyo anyway) the Japanese interpretation of what spicy summer noodles are in Korea.
The soup is a red broth, and contains noodles, maybe some hard-boiled egg, cucumbers, maybe some ice cubes.
They're a seasonal thing, and like hiyashi chûka râmen (the Japanese interpretation of what Chinese summer noodles are...) is often found at mom-and-pop râmen shops.
Thanks for any leads...


Jul 03, 2007
akmck in Los Angeles Area

French groceries in LA / lentilles du Puy

Can anyone suggest where I might buy imported French groceries in LA?-- on the east side, if possible. I'm looking for green lentils, the lentilles du Puy variety.

Or, if there's a comparable equivalent (e.g. latin, middle eastern) that's more easily available, that'd be great, too....The lentils don't necessarily need to be French, just green, hearty and tasty.


May 13, 2007
akmck in Los Angeles Area

asian market in silver lake / atwater

Can anyone remind me of the name and location of a big Asian market or grocery near Silver Lake? As I recalled, it has 2 initials. I heard about it from a friend who lived in SL, and drove there within 10-15 minutes, and haven't been able to ocate it. Thanks for any leads!

Sep 17, 2006
akmck in Los Angeles Area