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Bar Siena

Any experiences here that anyone can share?

about 7 hours ago
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Chicago trip restaurants

I would add Avec, it's always a top choice for me.
GATG is a great choice, truly a Chicago must.

1 day ago
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Beer Hounds from Philly

A place with great food, brewing their own & feature taps that support local brewers:

Local brewers I like:
Ale Syndicate
Temperance (Evanston


If you feel like exploring the beautiful North lake shore & it's incredibly beautiful suburbs that line the lake, take the train to Lake Bluff Brewery. Order a pizza from next door & really unwind. Brewing only their own!

Aug 24, 2015
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Coffee Beans... esp darker roasts

The Heinen's in Glenview has been roasting small batch coffee, it's outstanding.
Highly recommend the Organic Mexican.
I'm familiar with all the brands you mention...
For a small "local" roaster, I really love Bow Truss.

Aug 16, 2015
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Chicago locals - where do you go to eat in the city?

Piece Pizza

TWO is excellent

Miko's for Italian Ice
I like the Bucktown location, you can walk right up on the 606 with a great spot to sit over Damen.

Southport Grocery


Aug 15, 2015
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Noteworthy food near Chicago Botanic Gardens?

Very casual, but fantastic hot dogs, burgers & salads is Michael's. Would be best for lunch.

May 30, 2015
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Help me choose a place, please!

Foodies looking for seafood?
mfk is perfect

May 30, 2015
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Great Lakes Navy Lodge

Maevery Public House is excellent.

Right next door is the fantastic beer at Lake Bluff Brewery.
You can grab a pizza there as well

The Other Door for great burritos.

May 15, 2015
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Boneless Short Ribs in Chicago?

Heinen's in Glenview has these. They also will take any special orders & will call you when ready for pick up. I thought the quality was fantastic as well.

Feb 15, 2015
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Summer House

Outstanding service, missed in my OP.

Dec 31, 2013
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Summer House

Had an excellent meal here this past weekend. I haven't seen much about this place on the board, so I thought it deserved a post.

Excellent Starters: Cauliflower, Burrata & French Fries
Excellent Entrees: Shortrib, French Dip & Salmon.

Our table only ordered one dessert, I think it was Panna Cotta, with a very strange ice cream. It was not good.
Many other options looked good, we just struck out with this choice.

Guests loved the wine options, but we all agreed they needed a few more beers that really represent Chicago's great micro landscape.

Excellent food, ou, beautiful setting, can't wait to go back.

Dec 31, 2013
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area


My wife & I love this place, especially that Ahogado (sp?) sandwich that you get only dining in...
We went two months ago & the sandwich was so-so, the meat seemed a little tepid. Not the usual crunchy & full flavor taste we've enjoyed in the past.
Also, the churros were stale, really bad.
The kicker was the ice cream, the vanilla you can order with the churros..., it was awful, tasted so bad, like chemicals. My wife, who loves this dish, could not even finish it.
We haven't gone back.

Nov 22, 2013
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Seafood tower

Second the Publican. If I remember correctly, the Publican might require a 24 hour notice to secure the seafood tower?

Nov 21, 2013
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

best steak in chicago?

Chicago Magazine recently did a story on the 20 best steakhouses in our great city (November issue).
They picked David Burke's. I've been a few times, it seems more hype than anything to me, nothing was great.
Highly recommend Bavette's or Chicago Cut.

Nov 10, 2013
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Out-of-towners visiting in November...recs/advice?

Fits all the requirements of "not-so-fancy, not high end, not latest trend, a little hidden, very good"

Nov 04, 2013
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area


Went for the first time last week. Loved everything, fantastic service as well...
Standouts were the halibut with corn, squash blossoms with ricotta, heirloom salad, grilled octopus & the hangar steak.
Great beers & wine to compliment.
The restaurant was pretty quiet & I wanted to post to make sure this place gets all the press it deserves.
It was very, very good.

Aug 12, 2013
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Old School Italian?

Second La Scarola

Jun 10, 2013
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Spanish Store Chicago

Does Chicago have a comprehensive store for Spanish items? Bonito Tuna in oil, sardines, jarred peppers, etc.
Something like the Spanish Table in Seattle.

Apr 13, 2013
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Corporate Event Help - Ideas

Skating in the Sky @ John Hancock is awesome, perfectly Chicago & ideal for visiting Californians.
Then, put 'em all in cabs (they are used to driving) for a trip over to the Publican.
Let the mayhem resolve itself over beers & great food.
Who cares if you can't all sit together?

Mar 20, 2013
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Favorites at Publican?

Ham Chop

Mar 14, 2013
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

What's happened to Balena?

I went here with my wife about a month ago, I had heard so many good things about it, it was average to below average at best.
We ordered the Bread sampler, they were dry, tasteless, some were even hard. They actually tasted stale & old.
My wife's salad was ok, but she commented it was very, very small & didn't have enough dressing.
Our pastas were ok, not great, one came out relatively cold.
We went early, @ 5:30PM, and expected items executed well, there were less than 10 people in the restaurant at this time.
It really wasn't good, we won't be returning.

Mar 12, 2013
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Renting a commercial kitchen space

Dec 23, 2012
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Seafood markets

Drive to Fortune Fish & Gourmet, find the front door, ask for a salesperson to help you buy wholesale. They should help you COD, so bring some cash to pay, but they are the best in the city.
Better yet, call first.
Fish as good or better than either coast, I know for a fact.
1060 Thorndale Ave
Bensenville, IL (near O'hare)

Oct 03, 2012
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Casual Restaurant near Navy Pier (not those tourist traps)

Fox & Obel might work.

Jul 19, 2012
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Publican Quality Meats

My wife & I went yesterday, pretty disappointing.
The Barbacoa lunch special was "gristley", seemed very poor quality. The bread was dry, crumbly & tasteless. The sandwich was average at best.
We also had the Chicken Parmesan sandwich, same response. The meat was dry, very little flavor to the sandwich, completely forgettable.
We had the side of potato salad, which was so salty, we couldn't eat more than one bite.
The side of Kale tasted awful, like dirty paper with some lemon on it.

We were really surprised because we really like the Publican. This seemed not even close to the quality we expected.
We both agreed it did not merit a return, too bad....
Has anyone else had this experience?

Jul 16, 2012
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Help w/ not so crowded venues, pizza, and 'biblical restrictions'

"Deserving places that aren't getting much love" << Even though I understand what your asking for, unpopular places are unpopular for a reason, they stink.
There's a Chinese place by my house that is forever awful, tons of seating!
And a 19 year old in Chicago? It's a dream to visit great restaurants, with Chicago citizens, not average food tourist dumps.
Try heading to Avec, early, should have no problem getting seated right when they open.

Jul 03, 2012
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

One Night Only!

Second the Avec rec

Jun 27, 2012
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Chicago advice

The Ahogada @ Xoco? C'mon, it's outstanding.

Here are some others:
La Madia
Lillie's Q (Top Notch BBQ)
Balena (a little higher price point, but excellent food)
Publican Quality Meats
Telegraph Wine Bar
Au Cheval

Don't forget to enjoy an outstanding hot dog anywhere you get a rec, there are many, many great places.

Jun 25, 2012
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Chicago itinerary suggestions

If your Saturday night does come free, Avec for sure.

Jun 17, 2012
MahiMahiFish in Chicago Area

Last Meal in LA? Leaving after 20 Years

Funny, I'm living in Chicago now & after my departure, I found that nothing really compelled me to try the "LA" spots before I left. I spent my last evening with my wife in a favorite Mexican dive near LAX, they make an outstanding Carnita's taco.
I decided instead to spend time at the Getty & the Huntington, two "LA" places that I will miss dearly.
However, I don't think it's a secret, that the restaurants here are quietly kicking LA's culinary butt!
Avec, Balena, Ada St, Nellcote, to name a few...

Jun 01, 2012
MahiMahiFish in Los Angeles Area