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Where To Find (Small) Baby Sized Octopus and or Squid

I have never found any truly fresh octopus and squid. Almost everything you will find was previously frozen and then thawed to appear fresh. This is almost always done with the "fresh" looking shrimp you see on display.
As mentioned, Diana's is a good choice.

Where to buy the best steak?

Have you tried any T-bones from CB? I don't usually buy ribeyes as I like T-bones and I have never found them bland.

Where to buy lamb shanks?

Mr Greek Meat Market on Danforth has them.

Mr Greek Meat Market

801 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1L2

Where to buy the best steak?

It's a fair hike for me to, but there are so many good things to buy that we would usually drive there every 2 weeks. But this summer, it's been a different story with all the traffic nightmares. I am really missing a CB T-bone right now! I guess I'll have to go to Cumbrae's and try one.

Where to buy the best steak?

I'm curious, have you tried any meat from Cheese Boutique? I haven't bought any meat from Cumbrae's in many years and wonder how it compares.

Where to buy the best steak?

21 day aging is not "well aged". Is that wet, moist or dry aged?

Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

I had some very good pulled pork on the medium platter we ordered last week at Greenwood Smokehouse. We really like the place now, I'd eat there anytime.

Anatolian's Turkish Halal Restaurant - WOW!

No I have not been and am not sure I'd ever give it another try. Maybe someone else will check it out for you. Actually, since you have been to Turkey recently, I nominate you!

NEWLY Opened 2015 restaurants and food stores in Toronto, from July 1 -

One reason I have not been is that it had some very odd hours for the first year. It may even have opened three years back. I was sure I had posted here that I wanted to try it, but could not find any hits when I checked for a post. The menu seems to have gotten a bit bigger, there was much less that was of interest to me in the past. Here is an old review, so yes it has been open fir at least 3 years

Here is an article with the original menu:

And three of the of the earliest articles on it:

Looking back at the early menu, I remember why I didn't just rush over to try it.

They have 84 followers on twitter now

NEWLY Opened 2015 restaurants and food stores in Toronto, from July 1 -

That's been open for at least 2 years now, I have been passing it every time I go to the Indian area.

NEWLY Closed/Changed 2015 Restaurants in Toronto, July 1 - end of the year 2015

That's hard to believe! I wonder what sort of training that person had.

NEWLY Opened 2015 restaurants and food stores in Toronto, from July 1 -

I'll be waiting for them to open a BBQ place, I guess they will call it Pho Que

Simba Grill -- very 'hound worthy (long)

no, but it was packed because all the customers are waiting till sundown to eat during Ramadan

Port Dover Cheese Shop

what is the name of the cheese?

Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

I've never seen crocodile meat on a menu in Toronto. Perhaps it's tofu croc? :-)

ISO: Dense, chewy multigrain bread

Have a look if St John's bakery has something that would wok for you.

The "Celtic" looks like what you want

Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

I nominate you to go check it out!

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

The listing for the restaurant mentions "Very Large Net Profit". I wonder what they do that is different from other restaurants that don't make a big profit, and why they don't want to keep doing it. That's the $1M question.

Niagara on the Lake and wineries

The wineries in the Finger Lakes region are nowhere near as good as the ones in NOTL in my opinion. When I travel to Watkins Glen which is at the south end of lake Seneca, I have tried many of the wineries and they seem to be producing wine similar to what Niagara was making in the early 70's. There was one winery that had decent wine, but it was still nothing special.

Sorry I can't help much with restaurants in the area, but this post by TorontoJo will help you

Morels 2015

A few maggots never hurt anyone. Actually they are in the cheese known as "casu marzu" which you can read about at the link I provided, along with some even more interesting delicacies

Old School

Maybe this place should be called "Burning Schoolhouse" :-)

Eulalie's Corner Store, Gerrard and Coxwell

I remember Narula's and ate there about three times, but it was quite run down and I just never had the feeling while eating there that I had to come back soon.

Eulalie's Corner Store, Gerrard and Coxwell

I can't remember any place like the one you mention, do you remember roughly where it was?

Eulalie's Corner Store, Gerrard and Coxwell

Temaki Express on Danforth

That's too bad, some of the pics of their FB page looked quite good. So I would just look at the pics and sniff them, like some guy that is no longer posting here would do with the bistrot92 pics.

Sushi party trays and bento boxes

Here is another option but I see that it is much farther away than Zen or J-town from where you live. I ate at the Newmarket location once about 4 years ago and it was good.
They seem to have everything you mentioned.

Yakitori chichen skewers grilled with teriyaki sauce 6.00

Gyoza Japanese style chichen dumplings 5.50

Karaage Deep-fried chichen 6.00

Ikayaki ηƒθ³Šη„Όγ Grilled squid 10.00

Agedashi Tofu Lightly deep-fried tofu 4.50

Eda Mame 4.50

Tempura Appetizer Deep-fried shrimp & vegetables 8.00

Negima Yaki Thinly sliced beef wrapped around green onions 6.00

House Smocked Mackerel 15.00

Sushi Pizza (Salmon, flying fish roe, avocado & spicy sauce) 11.00

Softshell Crab Deep-fried softshell crab with ponzu sauce 20.00

Sushi Party Tray #1 (59 pcs) 90.00

Sushi Party Tray#2 (66 pcs) 70.00

Makimono Tray (Rolls only, 58pcs) 50.00

Has anyone tried "crazy wings"

and where else do you eat that is better, Callaflower?

Table 17...recent experiences?

Well the very recent article I mentioned makes no mention of that. Maybe they are moving to "North Toronto" :-)

Table 17...recent experiences?

I just read that Table 17 is closing

Official Alphonso Mangos 2015 discussion

it ends any day now!