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' La Croisee ' - Leaside's new French Bistro with cozy, romantic ambiance and delectable Burgundian Food!

I was also thinking that many young families may not have much of a dining out budget left after they spend around a mil minimum for a house. And La Croisee is not where you would usually go with the kids.

about 11 hours ago
foodyDudey in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

' La Croisee ' - Leaside's new French Bistro with cozy, romantic ambiance and delectable Burgundian Food!

When did Bistrot92 close? A friend ate there only 14 days ago, he and his wife can afford to eat anywhere they like and he told me he enjoyed the food, but was the only customer until three workers came in and ordered hamburgers. So unless Bistrot92 closed in the last two weeks, they should still be open.

I am surprised that in Leaside, they are not getting the customers.

about 12 hours ago
foodyDudey in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

ISO: Malaysian Fish Curry Powder

Any Indian grocery store has tamarind paste.

New bar Danforth bar/restaurant Local 1794??

I read that, but 26 days have passed since that update. Now if you were the owner of a soon-to-open "boite" as Steven Davey would have called it, wouldn't you at least spend 2 minutes each week to tweet an update? I would.

New bar Danforth bar/restaurant Local 1794??

Call them up and you can tell us the story!

Local 17940
1794 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON
M4C 1H8
Phone: 416-463-1794

The fact that their twitter account has not twitted :-) for months is a bit odd

American Thanksgiving celebrated on Canadian Chowhound Community Boards Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Gale's snack bar probably still has the turkey sandwich available for less!

American Thanksgiving celebrated on Canadian Chowhound Community Boards Ontario (inc. Toronto)

For most Americans, it's a bigger holiday than Christmas.

Quiet Restaurant!

Maybe not in the area you are looking for (or the type of food) but bistro92 and Bistro Camino are both very quiet.

Tortuga rum cakes in GTA?

Someone gave it to my wife, so I am waiting for her to open it. I'm not sure what is causing the delay! I'll ask her to open it up soon as now I am thinking it may actually be worth eating, with the hounds here talking about it.

Tortuga rum cakes in GTA?

What size is a large? Someone gave us a 1lb cake that has been sitting here a few months, and now after seeing this thread I am wondering if we should try it out. I assume it must be something worth eating.

How Good Was Susur Lee's "Susur?"


here is a tasting menu coupon deal for you and anyone else who is interested:

Where do you get your lamb spieducci?

You may find a place that is cheaper by the piece, but I'd have to wonder what actual weight of meat is on each stick, and what is the quality and fat content of the meat? I'd be more concerned about that, and if I was happy where I was buying it I wouldn't be looking too much, especially when you are only paying $1 a stick now. Even if you were buying 100 pcs from Nardini in Hamilton, is saving $25 worth the trip? Just the gas alone will be around $20 round trip and I'm sure free your time is worth more than $30 /hr!

Why are wine stores in grocery stores closing?

Why do stores usually close? Not enough business to make a decent profit is the #1 reason!

2014 Best Butter Tart Discussion

How about trying the ones at 13th Street winery, I'd like to know what you think of those as Mrs fD and I think those are great.

$7.90 for cup of takeout soup!

You should try making chicken soup from the roasted chickens you can get at the Pape Foodland (formerly Pape IGA). I put half of a chicken in my pressure cooker, braise it a bit, add whatever vegetables and seasonings I want and cook under pressure for about 90 minutes, then add pasta for the last 20 mins. It's better than any chicken soup I've bought in a store, and I get the equivalent of 3 or 4 soup bottles worth.

$7.90 for cup of takeout soup!

How about at dinner then?

Goldin's Smoked Meat no longer available

Whatever the reason, it was the tastiest smoked meat I had ever bought in Toronto. Too bad, I hadn't been over to pick some up since February.

Washing chicken poll?

I rinse chicken with chardonnay before cooking it.

Nov 18, 2014
foodyDudey in Home Cooking

Not a fan of Burger Priest or Holy Chuck? Wanted to be but....

Make some if you can't find them

Lucifer on the Danforth

Poorboy wrote about it on 4 Nov 930 pm and liked it

Chowfind of the Eon: Cafe Fiorentina

But the buttertarts I like are from 13th St bakery! And I will have to check if she saw buttertarts, or some other tarts. I usually see other tarts when I am walking around Danforth...

I was meaning to ask, has anyone noticed that Googs has done the exit, stage left a few months back? A few others too, such as the guy that could get to Buster Rhinos in 20 mins from Greektown. I guess the OPP finally got him!

Chowfind of the Eon: Cafe Fiorentina

There appears to be very little to take out for the mornings. They used to bake muffins but no longer. My wife just stopped in there at 10:30 and all they had were banana bread and some tarts. No muffins, croissants, or other things you would want to eat in the morning with a coffee.

Is there a place where can I rent a sausage stuffer?

Thanks, I didn't realise it was manual. Is one arm bigger than the other yet?

Is there a place where can I rent a sausage stuffer?

Not only do they have auto parts and sausage stuffers, they have a section with items for horses, at least they did a few years back. Mrs fD liked that. Can you post a picture? I'd like to see if it is similar or better than the one I bought at Canadian Tire a few years ago.

St. Marcellin cheese in Toronto?

Did you try Alex Farm Products? I am sure I have bought that cheese there in the past, I still have the ceramic containers it came in. Or try Cheese Boutique. Also, some spots at St Lawrence Market probably have it.

ISO: italian butcher for whole-muscle cuts

Did you already try the usual places around here such as Maselli's?

Otherwise I'd call Grace Meats and check if they can help you.

Anyone going to the Royal Winter?

We were going to the horse show each year, but there's only so much of that you can look at. This is the first year in about 15 that we aren't going to the horse show. I only spent maybe 30 minutes at the rest of the show and food area, mainly to get the smoked fish. Yes it is for kids. Except the time in 2002 when Bo Derek was there, I still remember that year well.

Anyone going to the Royal Winter?

Did you try the underground parking or the outdoor lots? I have never had a problem with the underground parking which is in the main building, we enter at the Prince's Gates and then make a right, then a left into the underground parking.

Chowfind of the Eon: Cafe Fiorentina

No I have not been for dinner, but often pass it when I am going to Globe Bistro for dinner - I passed by again yesterday. I have tried the food a few times, and they had a very good pulled pork sandwich during "Taste of the Danforth", I had one each day and it was one of the top 3 items I ate that weekend.

There are various places that nobody mentions or tries in this area, Cafe Fiorentina is not the only one but it is worth a mention. Now that you mention "Michelin star" I will have to wait till Charles tries it at dinner before I go :-)

Chowfind of the Eon: Cafe Fiorentina

It's a secret? They have been open for at least 2 years and have had those dinners running for at least 6 months if not longer.

They are in the location formerly occupied by Dash Kitchen, and I think there was something else there after Dash.

P.S. I haven't seen the word "boƮte" since Steven Davey's reviews.