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Back of House - Leslieville

It never seems to be open when we drive by. Mrs fD just pointed that out again a few days ago. Are they still open?

Tich? Anyone been?

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Tich? Anyone been?

Read that TL advertisement again, it says "this is not a review". If I was picking between the two, I'd try Pukka first as it has had many good reviews. Then I'd try the new place after the dust settles.

Looking for the best smoked meat in Toronto

What are your second and third choices and which was your fav before 420 opened?

Any indian buffets actually worthwhile?

Well I'm glad someone else here agrees that it is worth eating at.
For non-buffet Indian, Sher-E-Punjab is good, I'd have no reservations about eating there or recommending it. I've eaten there a few times after the Oct 9 dinner with a few people from CH, and it has been fine.

2015 - Grocery store finds (Ontario)

Yesterday I bought a 300 g box of hickory smoked duck breast, had it today for dinner and it was good. It's being cleared out for $7.99 at the Cherry St T&T

Any indian buffets actually worthwhile?

I have not eaten there recently, but the buffet at Gautama has been good in the past. I'd imagine that it is still worth a visit. This is also one of the few places on Gerrard St that is bright and clean looking.

1416 Gerrard Street East Toronto, ON M4L1Z6

Where to buy liquid glucose (glucose syrup)?

Were you looking for L-glucose or D-glucose? If you had specified which one, we could have told you if you should turn left or right to find it.

East Asian grocery near east Danforth (Greenwood-Coxwell)?

Ocean Treasures is at the south east corner of Danforth and Carlaw, just to the east of the St. Louis Bar and Grill.

Best place for tacos in the east end?

When I visited Tilde Taco a few days after they opened, I was not crazy about it but have been there around 10 times since then, at least 4 times with the same group of friends. It's improved to the point that it's consistently very good, although not mentioned by anyone else here. All the salsas are made in house, but they salsas you try this week may not be what they offer next week. My half Mexican- half German friend loves it, and usually orders four different tacos on each visit!

Salt Wine Bar

There are many places that are worth eating at that are not reviewed here. CH is not the center of the food universe as some people may assume.

Is Scarborough the dining capital of the world?

I'm not too sure about that. Bombay had a better transit system in 1899

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

Apparently "four corners culinary concourse" has closed before they opened.

More info here:

Big Development at Simple Bistro

Actually it's the pattern for the plates and cutlery.

Big Development at Simple Bistro

The Chowfind was the chef, not the physical location!

Licks Guk sauce.

Lactantia® My Country Cultured Unsalted Butter STICKS - WHAT is going on???

I just read and article where Lactantia was rated much lower than President’s Choice Normandy-style, Cultured butter!

You can read it here:

Licks Guk sauce.

I forget exactly what it tastes like but I recall it is similar to Rene's Caesar salad dressing with a lot of garlic added. Maybe you can try making it.

Where to dine near the Aga Khan Museum (Don Mills & Eglinton)?

I hope they somehow improved for the owner's sake, it was our worst restaurant meal of 2014

Where to dine near the Aga Khan Museum (Don Mills & Eglinton)?

Have you eaten there recently and if so, how does it compare to last September? I read that it has improved in another thread, but it better be 25x better than my last visit for me to consider it again. I'd rather eat at Micky Dee's and I can't remember when I was there last!

Where to find lebanese style shawarma?

Which area are you in? Sultan Shawarma & Falafel is on Pape just a 30 second walk north of Danforth that cuts the meat off the vertical spit when you order. I don't know if it is Lebanese style, but they have all the additional items you mentioned.

Anne's Magic Kitchen

do you use Google? It took 0.107 mS to find this:

Anne's Magic Kitchen
Address: 414 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M5T 1G7
Phone:(647) 523-5555

Lactantia® My Country Cultured Unsalted Butter STICKS - WHAT is going on???

Why does the brick format not really work? I just cut off what I need and weigh it. The rest gets wrapped up with plastic wrap and back in the refrigerator.

Fabulous dinner at Mamakas

The price seems OK for 4 people and all those drinks. I am wondering why there are no prices on the menu.

I bought a new-fangled bee hive

Sure, why not dream - it doesn't cost anything. I had realised last week when I saw this article by Jamie Drummond about bee keeping
that you need a licence to keep bees. So then I also figured that thousands of bees flying into my backyard may not be what the neighbours want. The aricle I mentioned has some useful info.

Feb 24, 2015
foodyDudey in Cookware

I bought a new-fangled bee hive

but do they have guns?

Feb 24, 2015
foodyDudey in Cookware

If you are looking for the post I made about the honeyflow beehive...

A moderator figured it was COOKWARE, so it's now here!

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Globe Bistro??

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Globe Bistro??

Last night I could not find the menu for the Norman Hardie dinner, here is what we had:

2013 Calcaire
Ontario’s Bounty Seasonal Canapés

- oyster, pork crackling, elk tartare
- beet infused scallop

2014 County Riesling / Niagara Riesling
Heirloom roots, walnut clay, herbs, hay infused pork broth

2013 County Chardonnay/ Niagara Chardonnay
Charcoal Roasted Lobster
Variety of squash, cinnamon cap mushrooms, lobster froth

2012 County Pinot Noir / Niagara Pinot Noir
House prosciutto, arugula purée, sunflower earth, Pinot reduction
Dry-aged duck breast, leg, black walnut foie gras terrine, apple, celery, Périgord truffle jus

2013 County Cabernet Franc
Artisanal Goat’s Cheese
Wild plum compote, sourdough crisps

I bought a new-fangled bee hive

After ordering I realised it would not be a good idea to put it in the backyard but I really wanted one and figured I'll find someone with land. I sent an email to some friends who have 50 acres near Stirling but no answer yet... But another friend who lives near African Lion Safari says he has loads of bees around his barns and they would be better in hives so I may be in luck. My hive only arrives in September so I doubt I'll be getting any honey in 2015.

Feb 24, 2015
foodyDudey in Cookware