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Where to find lebanese style shawarma?

Which area are you in? Sultan Shawarma & Falafel is on Pape just a 30 second walk north of Danforth that cuts the meat off the vertical spit when you order. I don't know if it is Lebanese style, but they have all the additional items you mentioned.

Anne's Magic Kitchen

do you use Google? It took 0.107 mS to find this:

Anne's Magic Kitchen
Address: 414 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M5T 1G7
Phone:(647) 523-5555

Lactantia® My Country Cultured Unsalted Butter STICKS - WHAT is going on???

Why does the brick format not really work? I just cut off what I need and weigh it. The rest gets wrapped up with plastic wrap and back in the refrigerator.

Fabulous dinner at Mamakas

The price seems OK for 4 people and all those drinks. I am wondering why there are no prices on the menu.

I bought a new-fangled bee hive

Sure, why not dream - it doesn't cost anything. I had realised last week when I saw this article by Jamie Drummond about bee keeping
that you need a licence to keep bees. So then I also figured that thousands of bees flying into my backyard may not be what the neighbours want. The aricle I mentioned has some useful info.

Feb 24, 2015
foodyDudey in Cookware

I bought a new-fangled bee hive

but do they have guns?

Feb 24, 2015
foodyDudey in Cookware

If you are looking for the post I made about the honeyflow beehive...

A moderator figured it was COOKWARE, so it's now here!

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Globe Bistro??

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Globe Bistro??

Last night I could not find the menu for the Norman Hardie dinner, here is what we had:

2013 Calcaire
Ontario’s Bounty Seasonal Canapés

- oyster, pork crackling, elk tartare
- beet infused scallop

2014 County Riesling / Niagara Riesling
Heirloom roots, walnut clay, herbs, hay infused pork broth

2013 County Chardonnay/ Niagara Chardonnay
Charcoal Roasted Lobster
Variety of squash, cinnamon cap mushrooms, lobster froth

2012 County Pinot Noir / Niagara Pinot Noir
House prosciutto, arugula purée, sunflower earth, Pinot reduction
Dry-aged duck breast, leg, black walnut foie gras terrine, apple, celery, Périgord truffle jus

2013 County Cabernet Franc
Artisanal Goat’s Cheese
Wild plum compote, sourdough crisps

I bought a new-fangled bee hive

After ordering I realised it would not be a good idea to put it in the backyard but I really wanted one and figured I'll find someone with land. I sent an email to some friends who have 50 acres near Stirling but no answer yet... But another friend who lives near African Lion Safari says he has loads of bees around his barns and they would be better in hives so I may be in luck. My hive only arrives in September so I doubt I'll be getting any honey in 2015.

Feb 24, 2015
foodyDudey in Cookware

I bought a new-fangled bee hive

I am not sure if any of you have heard about a new type of bee hive that you just turn a tap on to extract honey. The company launched a fund raiser on indiegogo yesterday and raised over $2M in 24 hours! I ordered a full hive kit that should arrive in September. When I first went on the site a few minutes after orders were being accepted, only 4 of the $600 full hive kits were sold and 15 minutes later over 200 were sold!
You can still get one if you are interested.

Globe Bistro??

I was going to have the tasting menu on Wednesday as it was my birthday, but then it was so cold and I was very tired so we only went on Thursday and had the 6 course tasting menu. We had a great meal! I didn't take pictures of it. Greenwoodgerrard, I am glad you liked it. I post about my meals there on occasion as it's our favourite place to eat on Danforth. But I find it does not seem to be mentioned much here. We always have great service, and enjoy the food. Hint: I try to go to the Winemaker's dinners as often as possible as the food at those is even more interesting than usual - actually we have been to every one! Here are a few random pics from the Norman Hardie dinner. I was a bit worried when Kevin McKenna left but Executive chef Dan Sanders has been keeping us very happy and I think he has even elevated the winemaker's dinners to a new energy level. (that's my physics speak :-) I will post separately with pictures of the recent bees and honey dinner.

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

Now I understand why you didn't post a link to the FB page. It's completely useless, doesn't even mention what they sell and the map indicates they are near Castlefrank subway station!

David Lee-new Nota Bene?

Thanks, I see it now. It was so far to the right that I missed it when quickly scanning the menu. I think I have to go visit

David Lee-new Nota Bene?

That looks good but I don't see it on the menu you posted - was it a special?

Obituary: Amar Singh, 76, was the public face of Danforth institution Sher-E-Punjab

I just saw this in the paperand thought I'd post it as Sher-E-Punjab has been around for a long time. I've eaten there 3 times since early October and the food is quite good. He passed away on Jan 7 but this obituary was published on Sunday. One thing that I never knew is that his sister ran the Indian Rice Factory. The IRF is where I often ate with some friends in the late 70's mainly because it was a favourite of theirs.

Mezes: Another one bites the dust on the Danforth

What boring hipster crap? I have not seen "sheep dip" on the menu anywhere!

Picko Lime Vietnamese Cuisine --- Vaughn Mills

The menu looks good, too bad I am never in that area.
Here is the menu:

Mezes: Another one bites the dust on the Danforth

I may try Megas again some time, but is there anything else you think stands out there? I never order souvlaki at any Greek restaurant as I find there are more interesting things on most menus.

Danforth for Sunday Night

I just realised that today is the last day of Winterlicious! So maybe you will be OK on Sunday. One appetiser that is on the main menu which I like is the pork belly gnocchi. They may have reduced the size, but it's woth a try and can probably be split by two people. As I mentioned, the regular menu is not on the site right now so I can't easily remember all that is available. If you like oysters, they have them from $1 eash from 4 to 6pm every day and at this time of year they are good. The elk tartar appetizer is a good choice. Sorry I can't be of more help.

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

OK, let's see what happens, my vote is that it opens with a new name and owner.

Mezes: Another one bites the dust on the Danforth

As I have mentioned before, Avli was a favourite until around 2002 or so. I've tried it a few times since then - the last time was 3 years back, but we've never been happy with the food the on those visits. Pantheon is fine, but really like Mezes. And Pan is good but not the same food as Mezes.

Danforth for Sunday Night

I read that twice before responding and missed that part, probably because I scanned it quickly and the placement of "Greek" at the beginning of the line. And yes, Globe has some Greek influenced items at certain times, such as the Mediterranean dip platter!

I was at the Bees and Honey dinner which was part of Winterlicious on Tuesday and it was spectacular, I plan to post some pictures of that and the Norman Hardie winemaker's dinner from a few weeks back when I have a chance.

Mezes: Another one bites the dust on the Danforth

I just looked back at my old post and realised I made BIG MISTAKE - I said we had a really bad meal at Mezes when it was actually MEGAS (across the street from Avli) where we had the worst Greek meal ever! I have never had a bad meal at Mezes, they have always been very good.

Danforth for Sunday Night

Of the places you mentioned, Mezes would be a good choice since you are going with teens. You generally won't find teens at Pan. Mezes is my current top choice for Greek food.

Normally I would mention Globe Bistro as they have a more economical "Bistro menu" but it appears to be unavailable during winterlicious.

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

That is a standard message that is used when a restaurant closes.

West African restaurants in GTA?

Are they not under Aji Sai? I am sure they are, and that place was definitely not open. The fact that you had not posted anything after you said you would also seemed to indicate that you had not received any response, so I was sure that was the place. The pictures on their website looked very similar to the room I saw under Aji Sai.

West African restaurants in GTA?

You won't hear back as they are long gone, I walked past today and checked.

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

I have a feeling that the planned new store at 298 Danforth Ave has closed before it opened, if that is even possible. It used to be Thuna Herbals, but signs on it said Four Corners Culinary was opening there.

Recently that address has been listed as available for rent, so it looks like plans have changed

Is Carman's steakhouse really back?

Here is the menu, you can check it out and see if it is the same