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Zen News

I was in that plaza a few days ago and it looked like it was close to opening - will have to try it soon for lunch.

about 10 hours ago
foodyDudey in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

ISO: Whole dried bananas

I saw a small bag ( 150 g) at BJ Supermarket for $3.69

Looked like the fancy type you would find in a hipster food store.

Espresso machine repair

You will find this on kijiji easily with GOOGLE, it's a search engine

It's was posted by Nella Cutlery

AUTHORIZED SAECO REPAIR FACILITY Have your Saeco machine repaired by the professionals. We have skilled, experienced, and courteous staff who will tend to all of your espresso needs. Your satisfaction is our goal. We stock an extensive amount of parts to help expedite your repair time. Please call us at 416-740-2424 or visit us at 148 Norfinch Drive, Toronto See the full Phillips-Saeco espresso machine line on display

Morels 2015

I have seen them at the Big Carrot last year but have not checked there this year. I also had some in an appetiser at Globe Bistro last week, so they are out there.

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

It may be better to go to Lahore Tikka House, I bet they at least return phone calls.

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

I called as soon as I saw your post, at that time you had posted 5 minutes before I called. Nothing yet, they must be busy. :-)

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

I didn't receive anything at all after leaving a msg on the VM 2 weeks back. I'm not too impressed with them. When I called Pukka about a week back for a special dinner they are having, Harsh was out but he called me within 10 minutes.

Any veg Chinese in Toronto that does use garlic?

I was going to post what you did, it's also a reason that certain vegetarians in India follow a Sattvik diet and don't eat garlic, onion, and other hot spices.

Padron or Shishito peppers

werrry good!

Loblaws purchase of Arz and T+T

I don't think you can compare No Frills with Loblaws. I have found that many products are now MIA at No Frills, or only available in some small sizes. For example, I used to buy Nature Valley granola bars in a large box of around 1.6 kg, they are NLA at the Carlaw No Frills. I can't even find sparkling San Benedetto water at No Frills since last fall!

Loblaws purchase of Arz and T+T

I noticed that some dips that once had olive oil in them now use canola oil. Prices have gone up a bit but that seems to be the case almost anywhere you shop. I am mainly buying marinated chicken and beef or items from the deli, plus the pita.

great appetiser of ravioli stuffed with smoked whitefish with Matane shrimp at Globe

This evening I had a very enjoyable appetiser at Globe Bistro, which I try to get to often since we can walk there. It was ravioli stuffed with smoked whitefish, accompanied by Matane shrimp, asparagus, nettle, pea shoots, fiddleheads, morels and a lemon froth. Here are twp pics since some ingredients are not visible in the first picture. This was a great appetiser and I hope it's available when I am there next. It's not on the regular menu as the Matane shrimp are only available for a short time.

T+T Cherry Street

I was there 3 weeks ago and just find it hard to believe it went down the drain since then

T+T Cherry Street

Are you sure you are shopping at T&T or ? If it was like you say, I would have noticed it. I hope my sense of smell and sight is not failing.

T+T Cherry Street

I have never noticed a seafood smell in the bakery area.

If the regular customers have decided that Spadina Avenue is a much better deal, they can't be regular customers, can they? And the stores on Spadina aren't dingy?

Best cafe with wifi to do online job hunting?

Some of the coffee shops on Danforth Ave in the vicinity of the Big Carrot have free wifi

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

I called last Friday and left my contact info and have not heard back yet. I wonder if they still have room - I'll have to call again.

British sweets and savouries.

Here is a list of stores which sell that sort of thing


A Bit of Home

600 Burnhamthorpe Rd West
Unit 4
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L5B 2C4
T: 905 804 1731
T: 800 889 9121

Mrs. Bridges' British Bakery

322 Eddystone Rd.
Toronto, ON
M3N 1H7
T: 416 661 8663
Eglinton Square Shopping Centre
1 Eglinton Square, Unit 119
Scarborough, ON
M1L 2K1
T: 416 701 9851

The Scottish Company

1989 Leslie Street
T: 416 223 1314

Sweet Temptations

130 King St. W
The Exchange Tower
Concourse Level
M5X 1A9
T: 416 364 1461

But'N'Ben Scottish Bakery

619 Kingston Road
Pickering, ON
T: 905 420 6200

But 'N' Ben Butchers

1601 Ellesmere Road
Scarborough, ON
T: 416 438 4214

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

Tell me how many other "fine dining" restaurants you know of that serve Muslim influenced food, and you will probably see why the museum decided this was not viable. They don't tend to spend much to go out and eat, and many Indian families also don't spend a lot in restaurants.

Temaki Express on Danforth

Too far? I thought you once posted roughly where you live and it didn't seem far at all. I am near Carlaw and walk to almost Broadview for Happy hour and dinner once or twice a week in the summer! I'm not sure what "old school" sushi is. Aji Sai is not tired looking inside.

Temaki Express on Danforth

Have you tried Aji Sai just a bit east of Pape? That is where we usually go if we want Japanese food. The portions are good and so is the price and quality.

RIP Scott Hunter - Grinder Coffee Shop / House on Parliament

That's really unfortunate - and to think my wife keeps saying she wants to go to Kentucky again to watch some equestrian events!

At least those three are off the streets for awhile.

Zen News

I thought she was "Asian" :-)

Anyone know where to buy Kaffir lime tree in GTA?

Have you tried this place?

Zen News

I have never been to Zen because it's very inconvenient for me although I've wanted to eat there for years. I am up in that same plaza than Zen is moving to about once or twice a month during the summer, so hope to be having lunch there at least a few times by July. I've seen a lot of work going on inside and had thought it may be open soon.

Temaki Express on Danforth

When I dropped in and talked to the owner last summer, she said that what they had was quite unique and I think she said it was a style they have in Brazil. Did you find that it was different from anything offered in Toronto?

Back of House - Leslieville

Anyone know if this place is still open? It seems to have secret hours - nothing posted on the website and "customer not available" when I called the listed number. I guess I won't be trying it out today.

Temaki Express on Danforth

Lots of places don't get Chowhound reviews and that does not mean they aren't good. Why not be the first to give us the scoop? That's what reporters like to do! As an example, Tilde taco is quite good and Sher-E-Punjab is turning out some great food but you will have a hard time finding a review of those two places here.

7 Dim Sum Danforth

We went about 10 days back but I've been so busy that I didn't post here, but meant to. The food was good and we had the xlb, eggplant appetiser which we really enjoyed, and some other dish which was good but I forget now.

Worth a visit, and the owner is very friendly.

restaurants that don't take reservations, that will seat you before the rest of your party has arrived

You should have asked for a Thai place that meets that criteria